No Doubt Emmy-winning Performance

This is why we love Outlander! The grace and humbleness of the actors; they get their character and the other characters’ motives and turn around and deliver brilliant, heart-felt performances! The Daily Beast interviewed @SamHeughan to get his  take on the last episode/finale.

Interview_Daily Beast and Sam Heughan

You never know quite to what extent [we’ll go], but I knew it was coming and I was excited by it. I was also scared, but I think that’s exactly the reason why we do this job, to do those kinds of scenes. It really was a kind of gift for an actor, to play a moment with such large emotions and such big boundaries and big issues to deal with. I think that’s quite rare on TV.

For me, the whole of those episodes wasn’t just about the act that Blackjack performs on Jamie, it was about the process of torture and this chess game that they’re playing. [Blackjack] destroys Jamie physically, but more important and more interestingly, he does it mentally as well. You can pretty much do what you want to Jamie—he’s very resilient physically and he has this strong core to him that is his love for Claire and his belief in her. Blackjack recognizes that and that’s exactly what he wanted to break. He kind of dug down into Jamie’s center and broke down that kernel inside him. That was interesting, then, to see Jamie kind of reprogram and re-learn who he is and deal with this bad memory.

~ Sam Heughan, Read more>> The Daily Beast

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