‘Outlander’ Costume Designer Terry Dresbach Talks Bringing History to Life

In our Review of Outlander(S1), we acknowledge the wonderful work of Terry Dresbach. She did an outstanding job and left us with memorable, beautifully hand-embroider customs. Her ability to create costumes that switched between the 1940s and 1740s made viewers feel the authenticity of each character in their time.

A recent Variety interview with Dresbach gives you insight into the her mindset for creating these beautiful, award nomination worthy costumes.

When it comes to building the many varied costumes of “Outlander,” how much do you have to create in-house versus what you can rent or buy elsewhere?

About 98.9 percent. The biggest shock upon arriving in Scotland and starting this show seven weeks before shooting was that we weren’t going to be able to do much in the way of rental and that we were going to have to build hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of costumes, not just the principal cast, but all of our extras. I don’t even know if I have a count of how many costumes we’ve built, but the majority of those extras are costumes that we made.

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