Emmys for ‘Outlander’ fan support ‘astonishes’ Diana Gabaldon

Way to go, Outlander Fandom! We knew this fandom was special from the moment we started watching the series. Just glad the news coverage of it is catching up!

“Outlander” fans have launched their own campaign on social media, using the hashtag #EmmysforOutlander to rally the troops as they push for an Outstanding Drama Series nomination for the show and nods for stars Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies. In some instances, they’re going so far as to tag the Television Academy in their tweets in hopes that the right person (or people) will see them. As part of the effort, the fans organized a mass social media takeover that led to #EmmysforOutlander trending on Twitter in the United States on June 15.
“I’m frequently astonished at both the extent and the enthusiasm of the fandom, but certainly very happy that they feel that way,” author Diana Gabaldon, who published the first “Outlander” novel in 1991, tells  Zap2it.
Note: Photo from that’s-normal.com.



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