The Most Powerful Showrunners 2015

Hope this means people in the industry will start paying closer attention to Outlander and acknowledge the work in front of and behind the camera! Congrats to Ron D. Moore for being acknowledged and featured!

THR’s annual rundown of TV’s most valuable writer-producers, whose worth only keeps rising in this golden age of content — tarnish and all — as they reveal their idols and binge-watch favorites.


The Network Ambassadors — With every platform clamoring for its own scripted identity, these are the producers behind the series that have become their outlets’ creative calling cards.

The Ratings Magnets — Theirs are the biggest shows on TV, attracting huge audiences and paying the bills at their networks and studios — making them quite popular in the process.

The Heavyweights — These producers boast massive overall deals, multiple series on numerous platforms and the clout to pitch — and sell — at a rate unrivaled by their peers.

The Pop Icons — Their cultural footprint extends far beyond Hollywood, with critical and awards cachet that allows them to court A-list talent and envy among their competitors.



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