Zach McGowan speaks out about ‘traumatic’ death scene

*Spoiler*: The following contains spoilers from “XXVII.,” Saturday’s episode of Black Sails.

“Get on with it, motherf—–.”

Such a Vane-like way of going out. We will miss Zach McGowan’s character, Vane, on Black Sails and were really surprised/sadden when he hung. However, after reading Kara Warner’s – Entertainment Weekly – interview with him, we feel a little better now. Thanks for embodying a character we loved and hated, at times.

I wanted people to hate Eleanor as much as possible. ~ Zach McGowan

Oh, you know we do and know she will get her comeuppance; hopefully, very soon!

I am distraught over the fact that Captain Vane is gone from Black Sails.
I agree but also, I thought I wasn’t going to last more than one, maybe two seasons. I got to play him enough to in my mind go out as a hero rather than a villain.

And I can’t think of better last words than Vane’s.
Yeah, it was very fun and not too different from my conversations with [executive producers] Jonathan Steinberg, Robert Levine and Dan Shotz, like, “When the hell are we going to do this?” If you want this to turn into a superhero show then sure, but if you want to make it reality he’s got to die. There’s only so many times you can go into certain death and survive.

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