It’s OFFICIAL Outlander is TV Madness 2016 Champion!

WAY TO GO CLAN!! Whoo-Hoo.

Over the past three weeks, tens of thousands of votes have been cast in our TV Madness show tournament, and we’re very pleased now to confirm the results that many poll-trackers may have already been aware of:

“Outlander” is the 2016 champion!

We’re not going to pretend as though we’re surprised that the Starz drama ended up winning the tournament. It has an enormous following, and we knew that going in. It’s only real challenge came ironically in the very first week, when fans of “Longmire” on Netflix really pushed hard and at one point had a short lead. If these two shows remain in the tournament next year, “Longmire” probably showed that it was worthy of a higher seed than #7 to start off with.


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