Outlander Season 3? Outlander Ends with Book 10?

Will there be an Outlander Season 3? Diana Gabaldon thinks there could be!

Will the series end with a 10th book? She thinks so; but, there is also more to come  . . . a prequel.

Ms Gabaldon, speaking from her home in Arizona, said she is thrilled by the quality of the second series of Outlander, which once again stars Sam Heughan as Highland warrior Jamie Fraser and Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, a 1940s nurse who is thrown back to an earlier time after stepping into a stone circle.

As a consultant on the show I have seen it being made, I have seen edit, and really, it has been really well done, she said.

It is a moving story and it attends very closely to the chronology of the book.

Ms Gabaldon said she thinks the Outlander series will finish with ten books.

I think it will be ten, she said, but I don’t plan it out, although I have a rough notion – I think there will probably be a book ten.

Then I am planning on a sequel, which will be about Jamie Fraser’s parents and the rising of the [17]15.

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