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Outlander S2 Ep1 – Through a Glass, Darkly

Just as we suspected, we decided we could not wait to discuss two episodes after Epi2, but rather wanted to do it now. Again, these will not be complete recaps of the episodes, too many other people do that and do it well.

We just wanted to post reactions or conversations about them. Blacklanderz Kristal and Vida posted their reaction to the first episode. Kristal has not read the book; Vida has read the book, but will give no spoilers. Edited by Vida.


Kristal: I am over the place! It was just too much emotionally! This was by far the hardest episode to watch; even harder than the S1 finale. There were a few things that shocked me.


Vida: For me, during the opening scene, when Claire realized where she was and let out that gut-wrenching scream, I felt the pain in my stomach and it almost took me over the top. Yeah, I felt several emotions with this episode too; I think we are feeling what Claire felt. Kudos to Cait for her acting chops!


Though I had no idea that it would be this emotional, I thought it was an excellent way to start the season. Tobias and Caitriona were outstanding in their performances. Let me just say, Bear McCreary also did an outstanding job with the revision of the main title theme, the Sky Boat Song by adding the lyrics in French, and with the music throughout this episode that moves the storyline.

K: The show began with Claire waking up in the 1940s. I was not expecting that. What surprised me most was Frank’s reaction. He went from accepting Claire was in love with another man to a fit of rage when he found out she was pregnant.


V: It was a surprise to me too. Ron and crew set it up pretty well with the trailer. There was no way to know how it would start. I thought it would begin in France as they indicated after last season, so starting this way was a surprise; but in a good way! I really liked the beginning of the TV season opener better than the way the book started. I think if they had started with the book version, so far in the future, the television audience would have been lost. At least, with the TV version, we saw Frank’s reaction to Claire’s return.



Their reunion scenes were the most riveting, raw and authentic that I have seen from television characters. Tobias truly performed at his best with his facial expressions and emotional range. For Claire, I felt for her in this episode because she constantly has to adjust to her environment and the emotional toll it takes on her is just too much. She had already given up a life of comfort with Frank in the 1940s, now returning to it is most unnerving for her. She found the love of her life – Jamie – and has to leave him behind, and only a week after returning, mourn his death. And, to add one more layer, she’s pregnant. I am just glad she found a little solace in speaking with Mrs. Graham. That made me feel a little better.

   Outlander-S2 Epi1

K: Frank does not realize the kind of love Claire and Jamie have. It’s beyond anything Claire had or has with him. One of Frank’s conditions to Claire is, she has to let the memory of Jamie go; this will not work. Claire is an inquisitive and determined woman. I don’t believe she will really honor this condition.



V: Yeah, she agreed with Frank’s condition; however, she only agreed because she promised Jamie that she would do as he asked – to let him go. So, this was really for Jamie and not for Frank.

K: From Claire’s perspective, I felt her heart was breaking a thousand times. With everything that was happening with her, I particularly felt for her as she looked out the window and at Frank was he was burning her clothes. It was gut-wrenching to watch.

V: I agree. It felt like a funeral, burning any reminisces of her past life with Jamie. Again, I have to credit Bear McCreary for the beautiful musical selection during that scene that needed no dialog to let the audience know how she felt at that moment.

And that hand off at the airport to Jamie’s hand was cinematically beautiful. I had wondered if Jamie would be in this episode. The way it was going, I really thought it was going to be a whole episode about Frank and Claire adjusting to each other again. But, I have to admit, I exhaled when Claire landed in Jamie’s hands. I had not realized I’d been holding my breath, off and on, during those scenes with Claire and Frank.





K: Did you notice there was a difference between the two halves of the episode. With Claire and Frank, there appeared to be a grayish, hazy tone, like a filter was used on the camera lens. But after the hand off to Jamie, it appeared to brighten up.

V: I think that might have been on purpose. But if it wasn’t, it surely created a more somber mood, which was fitting for all that was happening.


V: On another note: Even though Claire and Jamie’s scenes were sort of the introduction for the episodes to come, the story moved too quickly to introduce Jamie’s cousin, Jared, and the new villain, Le Comte St. Germain.

Le Comte St Germain

K: That’s true. But, I enjoyed watching Jaime run after Claire on the docks; made me smile. Claire was determined to take care of the ill man, even though there was nothing she could do for him.


V: That seems to be her nature as a healer. But once again, she just takes off, head-strong, in the direction of trouble or danger – a conflict plot device, I guess.

K: Jamie’s assault has fueled him to want to fight and protect his family. He is excited that they are having a baby and ready to fight in this war. Claire still has the same potty mouth and determined flare as in S1. I’m looking forward to seeing how Claire and Jamie grow in their relationship and how she acclimates to life in the 1940s after being away so long if story even goes back to the 1940s.

V: For me, I am just interested in seeing how much the adaptation will differ from the book. Understandably, what works on paper in a book, doesn’t always transfer visually on the screen. I trust Ron, Maril, the directors, and the writers will continue to be true to the characters and maintain the basic storyline. I also look forward to the costumes that will be in full force starting with the next episode.

Episode Rating (1-5): 4 – Shots

Shot GlassesSince this is the first episode, with 12 more to go, we could not give it 5-shots. Overall, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. It is probably the BEST season opener of a television show that we have ever seen; and, we have seen a lot!

What are your thoughts of the first episode?

Did you like the TV version better than how the second book started?

Sound off in the comments section.

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Outlander S2 Epi2 – “Not in Scotland Anymore” ~ via Starz

Life in Paris is not without its trials as Jamie struggles to triumph over the traumas of his past. A fortunate meeting with Jacobite leader Prince Charles presents opportunities, while the Duke of Sandringham’s presence brings complications.



Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures; most are from Starz. For some, we simply found them on the Internet. If the picture had a watermark, it remains. Thanks Dawn for letting us use your two. No copyright infringement intended.


14 thoughts on “Blacklanderz® Convos! Outlander S2 Ep1

  1. Disappointed that they will not be using the iconic J & C scars on the hands. It looks like the ring will take its place. Maril mentioned it in a radio interview. Another moment that has been cut…so sad!
    After so many months of waiting, I am looking forward to watching how Jamie, Claire, and Murtagh navigate through the murky waters of political intrigue in the Paris of 1745. I wish I could slow down time to make it last longer.
    Now, if Starz would announce season three, my happiness will be complete…Tulach Ard!!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I was a little heart broken to hear no cuts/scars will be used. But, Oh, the signet ring with the missing stone!! (NO SPOILERS) Let’s just say, I am looking forward to the story of the signet ring! Why is the stone missing? Where does it come from? Why does Claire let Frank, the historian, burn her 18th century garb, yet she covets the ring and hides it away in her luggage without a word to Frank about it? This done after the promise to “Frank” to put the past behind her. Seems pretty significant to me! Also, did she carry her precious Scotch pearls she received on her wedding night from Jamie with her through the stones? I can’t way to see the story of these items unfold. It’s gonna be so good!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, have had some of the same thoughts, especially about the pearls. Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Was really upset that he burned the clothes, like that would make Claire forget about Jamie. Seriously?!


  2. I loved Ron’s adaptation. He explained that for those who hadn’t read the books, opening the new season with a grown up Roger, and Bree, Claire 20 years older, and Frank dead, would be too much to take in. Tobias and Cait’s acting was just wonderful.

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  3. It allowed the bookend with less exposition. In the novel, the agony of Claire’s return is muted by this device. I watched this episode a number of times, like picking at the scab of my own widowhood. Although some people feel Claire was heartless to accept Frank’s conditions, I can tell you from experience that grief can be so overwhelming that you just tend to go along because you are incapable of decisionmaking. The cut to Jamie was a relief of the tension of the earlier part of the episode. We could not leave the audience on such a somber note and gave the sense that Claire would not forget him, after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We didn’t believe she was heartless. We liked the tv version better too. So sorry for your loss. We believe she was totally devastated and heartbroken, yet knows she has a child on the way. Plus, she had already mourned her life with Frank and had moved on. Additionally, it’s 200 years in the future and, as she said, Jamie is buried and gone.

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  4. I agree with you that the way they began episode 1 was very refreshing and better than it was in the book. I felt Claire’s pain and how being in the 18th century made it had for her to be in the 20th century, “too noisy”. I watched the season opener with so much anticipation I was shaking a little. All in all I like the direction TallShips team has taken this episode. I also liked the tone change in the colors from Claire and Frank to Claire and Jamie. C/F Sepia tones; C/J Bright and shiny!

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  5. I love the way Season Deux began with episode one! Yes, I’m a DG mega fan. I’ve read all of her novels multiple times. I named my 24 yo son after JAMMF! I was ecstatic when I found out my favorite books would come to life on screen. It has far surpassed my expectations, as well as my dreams! Season One was AMAZING! Season Deux has started with fresh an exciting beginning! It will be an emotional journey to say the least! I am so glad the first episode started on a fresh note and in a time and place not necessarily expected. I love it! I was in tears with Claire right from the start! That first guttural cry! (I honestly need a gut wrenching, crying Claire emoji on my computer at work) I can only imagine what’s to come. I am looking forward to the journey of Jamie and Claire as they become “settled” into married life and create memories to last a lifetime. The adventure, the action, the sets, the costumes, and most of all the story of a love that transcends time. Then, there is Murtagh… Dear, sweet, ever faithful, scowling Murtagh… I can’t wait to see how is character will come to life this season! (enter starry eyes and hearts here) The development for all main and supporting characters is an exciting way to shed new light on an old love. I enjoy every minute! Can hardly contain myself when I think of what’s to come. The next episode promises to be EPIC! Vive Les Frasers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are hilarious (Claire emoji). We appreciate your excitement and don’t mind that you cannot contain it. You are in good company with that one. We are also looking forward to all the new characters and seeing some old. We absolutely luvbs us some Murtagh.


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