Yahooies 2016: Outlander Among Winners – 2nd Annual Reader-Voted Awards

The votes are in — all 76,885 of them. Over the past two weeks, Yahoo asked its TV readers to help crown the winners in 12 categories honoring the best — and sometimes worst — of 2016 for their 2nd Annual Yahooies.

And yes, Outlander CLANdom, we won in two major categories.

Most Shocking Moment: Claire Loses the Baby, ‘Outlander’

The Sassenach and her great Scot never seem far from harm’s way. This season alone, Claire was poisoned, jumped in an alley, shunned sexually by her husband, who was suffering from PTSD after being raped, and almost died of boredom at a series of frivolous fetes she was forced to attend with gossipy shallow Frenchwomen. Just when things seemed to be turning around, Black Jack reappeared in their lives and set in motion a series of extremely unfortunate events that a) made Jamie break his promise to not fight him and b) stressed Claire so badly that she lost the baby. Book readers knew the 411, of course, but everyone else — including 35% of voters, apparently — was likely caught off-guard given that the season opened with a pregnant Claire heading back to the future. — CB


Best Sex Scene: Claire and Jamie, ‘Outlander’

For the second year in a row, this couple takes the crown — this time with an impressive 77% of the vote. S1 was full of bodice-ripping, bare butts, and baby-making, but things had been pretty darned quiet on the bedroom front in S2, thanks to Jamie’s being rendered impotent after being raped, tortured, and mentally broken by Black Jack. Things finally came to a head when Jamie came home from the brothel with teeth marks on his thigh, and an epic row ensued. Jamie finally opened up about not feeling like a man and went to sleep it off on the couch. As makeup sex is the best sex, Claire later appeared in the doorway wearing only a robe and bathed in beautiful blue light, climbed atop her soulmate, and challenged him. “Come find me, Jamie. Find us,” she purred, and, bam, Clamie was back in business. — CB


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