The White Princess’ Stars Tease The Evolution Of Henry & Lizzie’s Intense Love Story & More

The White Princess premieres April 16, and the series features everything you’d ever want from a TV show — drama, romance, and strong women. chatted EXCLUSIVELY with stars Jodie Comer and Jacob Collins-Levy about Starz’s hottest new series. Get the scoop!

The White Princess, is based off Philippa Gregory’s 2013 novel of the same name. spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the two leads of TV’s hottest new show at Starz and Refinery29’s exclusive screening event on April 5. Jacob Collins-Levy and Jodie Comer, 24, are taking on the roles of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the parents of King Henry VIII. While their marriage was arranged to unite the warring houses of York and Lancaster, Lizzie and Henry eventually fall in love with each other. Jacob and Jodie take us inside Henry and Lizzie’s heads and tease what’s to come in the 8-episode series.

Lizzie & Henry’s relationship doesn’t start out in the best way. How are they going to evolve over the course of the season?
Jodie: In history, they were known as one if not the only kind of loving couple. That’s definitely something the series explores, which I think fans are really keen to see. It’s not smooth sailing, which I think makes it more interesting. You see such a progress of their relationship.

Jacob: It’s an arranged marriage, and there can’t not be tension. She’s forced into it. To some degree, he’s forced into it as well. It is to secure a dynasty, a reign, a monarchy. They both realize that they’re more similar than they perhaps thought they would be at the start of the show. We see their relationship grow, we see that they do end up falling very deeply in love with each other as a result of the way they compliment each other. There are certain things that she sees in him and he sees in her that allow them to finally come together and have a very deep love for each other.



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