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Outlander S3 Epi4 – Of Lost Things

Directed by Brendan Maher      Written by Toni Graphia


T: Aww! He’s making a Sawny! It’s an adorable, yet gripping way to start the episode.

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Iris (has not read the books), Marva and Tami. Edited by Vida – Again, she interrupts here and there; she just can’t help herself!


Iris: Claire and Jamie shake off the shackles of their complicated circumstances for a chance at some happiness.  Claire is free from the bargain she made with Frank and free to search for Jamie in the Culloden historical records.  Jamie is freer to move on from the devastation of Culloden and Ardsmuir. They are both closer to leaving the limbo of the past years and building on the opportunities of their present circumstances.

This episode title, Of Lost Things, reminds us not only how far away Claire and Jamie are from each other, but also how they both carry the hope that they may one day be together again. The best parts of this episode were the healing and strengthening of Claire’s relationship with Briana and Jamie saving his son Willie and the chance helping to raise him.


Marva: Of Lost Things was a packed episode and is a microcosm of everything Outlander is. The episode has everything – sex, violence, heartbreak, the love and loss of family and the meaning of true love. It also features several sides of Jamie – lover, father, murderer and lost soul. If this is not the best episode of the series so far, it is in the top 5.


Tami: From the preview last week, I knew this episode was going to be difficult to watch. Claire and Jamie are still apart but mourning each other. Jamie is finally finding his footing in life. He’s not whole, but he’s able to continue living. Claire, Brianna and Roger have begun their search for Jamie. This episode was fast paced, yet everything was important and will have rippling effects.

I did a ton of research. The time period itself, I wanted to obviously have an awareness of the ‘60s and where we find Roger, the culture, the music, the political scene at the time, what was going on, major historical events just to give yourself a sense of place. This is what any actor does I suppose, but I read a lot of the books to give myself a sense of Roger, give myself a flavor of what he’s about. Obviously, he’s a historian so I ventured off into more remote parts of Scotland that I thought Roger might have because he’s so passionate about that field, I thought I’ll give myself an idea of what that would be. I think because the piece – a lot of it is historically accurate and obviously we’re touching on major historical events throughout the story which is one of the things I think is great about it, then I think it’s important we have an awareness of these elements of the story that we’re telling.

~ Richard Rankin, Showbiz Junkies

T: It’s starting in the 20th century. They’re definitely not wasting any time. The search for Jamie has begun!

I: Yes it has and Rodger, Claire and Briana make a dynamic historical detective trio; searching the prison records for any sign of James Fraser. I love their version of an evidence board. I got goosebumps, when Claire announced she found Jamie’s name on the prisoner’s log, but as soon as she finds him, he disappears from the records. So close and yet so far away!

M: I agree and couldn’t believe how fast of a start the search was, with Claire finding Jamie’s name on the Ardsmuir rolls from 1756. I liked that they establish a rule for time travel… that time passes at the same rate in both centuries.

At the end of season two, they now finally believe this information, this story that Claire has been telling about Jamie. In season three, you’ll get to see, initially, a very bubbly side of Roger and Bree. Episode 13 was quite a heavy episode but the first one we’re in this season, you’ll get to see them delving into the history of Jamie and it’s really nice. Obviously, they’re both avid historians so for them it’s really exciting to get to really go on this quest for Jamie. … It’s every historian’s dream, isn’t it, for this to become a factual event?

~ Sophie Skelton, Pop Yowza!

Have some cream on your scone, Roger. You’re much too thin.

T: Fiona’s comment to Roger made me chuckle. Two women after him; I don’t blame them.

[V: Nope, not at all. Remember in S2 how she gave Brianna the once over. She is trying to ‘mark her territory’ by trying to ensure he eats and fattening him up. LOL]

It’s the ultimate project for Roger. There’s a million and one things going on for Roger and Brianna when we pick them up. And then there’s the chemistry that’s going on underneath for them, and it’s evolving as you move through this season.

~ Richard Rankin, Pop Yowza!

I found him. Ardsmuir Prison.

T: Claire searching that list and finding his name made me cheer. Hurry Claire, don’t waste any more time! It’s already been 20 years! And, it’s good to see that Brianna is no longer a brat.

[V: The idea that she actually saw his name on the paper made my heart drop. And that look . .  now what?! If it were me, I wouldn’t know what to do. I think Bree is this way because she now understands why Claire was emotionally distant when she was growing up.]

T: Now, we’re at Helwater. The name alone describes how I feel about this place.

I: I see that Geneva will be a challenge.

T: I’m not going to lie, but when Lord Dunsany asked to speak with Jamie, I was like: “Can’t Jamie catch a break?”

I: Well, I found myself holding my breath until it’s revealed that Lord Dunsany will be a stern, but fair master to Jamie. I thought Helwater would be harsh, but it seems as though LJG’s solution was a merciful one.

So, you’re the Scottish Prisoner.

Alexander MacKenzie. Your servant, my Lord.

[V: I surely hope Jon Gary Steele and the art/set departments win some awards for these beautiful set designs!]

T: Jamie’s words to Lord Dunsany broke my heart. He’s still grieving.

The pain of losing a child never leaves you. I’ve lost two children myself.

You are a prisoner, MacKenzie. Mind you don’t forget it.

[V: In other words, you might not be wearing any shackles, but don’t get it confused . . . you are NOT a free man.]

I: I had to laugh at Bree teasing him about Fiona’s unrequited crush. She is a modern American woman, who knows a thing or two about distributor caps, starting cars and wanting Rodger Wakefield.  Fiona doesn’t stand a chance.

T: Yes, she is and does. They were both totally flirting with each other and I love it! She’s not only beauty, but also has brains! Brianna is such an efficient young lady.

Girlfr –? No . . . I have girls who are friends, but not one I’d call a ‘girlfriend.’

You know what is great about it? There’s just so much to play. It’s an awesome opportunity as an actor because even individually these guys have so much going on in their lives before you even get to the aspect of their chemistry. Roger just lost his dad at the end of season 2 and he hasn’t had the time to process that. All of a sudden you have Claire and Brianna on the scene with all the circumstances. The drama that unfolds with time travel and historical fathers, 18th-century warriors and politics … I think you get a really profound glimpse of what’s going on for him and Bri.

~ Richard Rankin, Entertainment Weekly

Yeah, I think for Brianna and Roger — at least I know for Bri — we start to peel away the layers of Brianna so the audience can see a little more of her. Bri’s a very stoic person, very much like Jamie, and it’s nice to let the viewers see more of her inner thoughts and inner emotions. She’s a very strong character and outwardly strong too, but she doesn’t let a lot on. She’s very good at hiding her emotions so it’s very nice this season to see a bit more. With Brianna and Roger, we see that relationship develop. They get closer, they get torn apart, and there’s a lot of that dynamic in this season which I think makes it really interesting because it’s not as straightforward as you would expect.

~Sophie Skelton, Entertainment Weekly

I: Jamie sees why the grooms draw straws to avoid riding with Geneva and while he is lucky this time, it’s only a matter of time before he has to go riding with her. However, his work in the stables gives him purpose and brings meaning to his life.

T: Lady Geneva angers me. I know already I’m not going to like her.

A boot in the hindquarters is what that one needs.

I: Isobel is so idealistic and yet an animal rights advocate ahead of her time.

[V: She is . But she is also very sweet and has a good heart. She knows her sister can be difficult. I always liked her!]

Lady Jane.

I: Finally, we get to see more of the Dr. Joe and Claire’s relationship.  He seems to be her only friend in the present. It’s obvious they have a lot of respect for each other. I have the feeling that their fleeting scenes leave the book readers hungry for more of them. I have to admit their scenes seem a little rushed.

T: Yes, they are very close and respect each other. I could also tell that she is struggling between duty and love, but love always wins.

M: I have to wonder why Lord Ellesmere, that old goat, found Lady Geneva’s “pettish” personality “so appealing.” I’m sure he was looking forward to dominating her, breaking her.

T: As much as I am not fond of Lady Geneva, her fiancé is too old for her.

My God, if a child of mine had hair of that color, I’d drown him before he drew a second breath.

I: You are probably right on both points. But, what was it with marrying younger daughters to much older men?  I am not sure I would have survived one these marriages. Is the Dunsany family that hard up for cash that they would jeopardize the high-spirited Geneva’s future happiness? I don’t blame her for wanting at least one decent romp before she marries the Earl of Ellesmere.

[V: You can see the little hamster running around on the wheel in Geneva’s head.]

T: I laughed at the fact that none of the servants/grooms want to be around Geneva. I knew she was going to pick Jamie. Which young lady wouldn’t?

T: I do not like this. At least she acknowledges that she’s taken. She should take heed and leave Jamie alone. Typical spoil girl, teasing and running away.

T: Is it just me or does that scream sounds staged?

M: Yes, of course it was staged. I’ve read the book and I can’t see book Geneva handling being dropped in the mud as well as TV show Geneva. This girl is willful and spoiled, but she’s also wily and determined, intelligent, and has a good sense of humor. Perceptive too.

T: Yeah, Jamie bought it! He’s too honorable sometimes. Well, that might be the case that she would handle it another way, but I have to admit this was one of my favorite scenes! Jamie dropping her in the mud. I couldn’t stop laughing. Jamie had had enough of her, stepped over her and walked away. I think I might re-watch this scene again later.

I: LJG makes good on his promise to check up on Jamie and we can see that he is a genuine friend to him. I can’t help but to think that Lord Melton would have been a better match for Geneva.

T: Lord John and Jamie! Yes, their friendship has really developed.

And this scene had me thinking/wondering . . . Oh no! Trouble! Is Lord Milton going to speak up? And then the answer was revealed, thankfully no. However, Geneva knows something is up.

I: I didn’t think we would see Lord Melton again; this family reunion seems a little awkward. LJG and Lord Melton don’t look so pleased to see each other. And Lord Melton doesn’t look happy to see Jamie either.

[V: The way they shot some of these scenes were incredible. Look at Jamie in focus, while they are talking about him, and the others not.]

T: Again with the chasing Geneva? He does NOT want you. She’s very conniving by blackmailing him. This again boils my blood. “Making indecent proposals.” She’s threatening to expose him! Oh no! I don’t like this.

M: I understand that, but don’t you think in a century that strips women of all their rights, Geneva schemes a way to take control of her own body, her own life. She’s manipulating Jamie, yes; but, I can’t blame her for asserting what control she has.

I: Yeah, that might be true, but she also seemed bent on torturing Jamie. The little minx blackmails Jamie in to taking her maiden head. How dare she threaten to expose MacKenzie as a Jacobite Red Jamie? She leaves Jamie no choice.

I: Jamie could have been a little quitter while entering the house, I was scared someone would hear him.

[V: I thought the same thing the first time I watched it. It made an awful lot of noise. Her room must be on the other side of the estate.]

T: I kept thinking . . . Jamie no! Please don’t! I know he must do it for his family and for Lallybroch.

I: Yes, he must. But, I love that he insisted that she call him Alex, she’s not his family.

I: When he disrobes, I was hoping his back would panic her, but she doesn’t back down.

T: Part of me felt like he was getting a kick out of it because Geneva was finally nervous and a little afraid.

[V: I don’t think she thought/had any idea that Ole Alex was so . . .  well . . .  hmm  . . . endowed.]

M: OMG, that was a hot scene! Perhaps the longest sex scene since the wedding episode. I love the way the TV show handled this. Jamie understa,nds her reasons for blackmailing him into having sex with her. Perhaps the years spent with independent Claire helped him understand and even admire Geneva’s boldness. As a book reader, I didn’t expect that I’d like Geneva. But I did.

T: I didn’t like this at all. This is one scene that they could have implied and not shown. I like that Jamie only slept with Geneva once. As opposed to the book, they did it twice and I think that’s what made it a hard read. At that point, I was disappointed with Jamie. I understood the circumstances, but he somewhat marred his loyalty to Claire. I know, he thinks she’s died but have some respect for her.

I: Speaking of the wedding episode, this kind of reminded me of his first time with Claire after the wedding. The only difference is that she is not deserving of his gentleness and love making skills. I hope he was thinking of Claire.

T: I know he’s obligated to do this, but I felt like he was betraying Claire. It was hard for me to watch; it made me sad.

I love you, Alex.

It’s not love milady.

Love is . . . when you give your heart and soul to another. And they give theirs in return.

I: Of course the little minx Geneva loved every moment of it, but what woman wouldn’t.  He is so wise and kind telling Geneva it’s not love but lust. Geneva will never have his heart and soul.

T: She’s so naive but she’s also young. At least Jamie put a stop to any ideas or hopes that she may harbor. I can give him credit for that.

I: Geneva returns and she is pregnant… probably with Jamie’s baby.  I can’t wait until the Earl of Ellesmere figures out he is not the father.

T: I knew it! He knocked her up. Of course, his actions will have lasting consequences.

[V: Another beautiful sunset captured.]

T: Wait, what? Hold on! Claire, you gave those pearls away? Why? Frank didn’t have to know about them.

This is where I feel like Claire kind of tainted her memory and loyalty to Jamie. Well, at least she got them back. Fiona is an honest and kind person.

[V: I was wondering where they were and now, why she gave them away. Remember, Frank wanted her to get rid of everything. He even burned her historically priceless dress – the one she returned in – to try and erase Jamie’s memory.]

I: Bree and Claire finally reconnect.  I am relieved that bitchy Bree is gone. Her concern for Claire is refreshing.

Moma, are you all right?

You haven’t called me that in a long time.

T: Aww . . .  I love passionate Brianna. Her energy makes me cheerful, gives us all hope. She referred to her mother as mama. There you can get a glimpse of her bond with Claire. Lovely scene! I agree with you, this is much better than sulky and disrespectful S2 Brianna.

Bri and Roger have this wonderful bond in that they’re trying to find Jamie and it’s this wonderful adventure, and then once they achieve that goal, their worlds crash a little bit and then they both have to deal with things that they’ve been hiding from. Bri has only let her guard down to Roger, so I think that kiss scene is really nice because it shows that vulnerability. Roger is the one person who in this situation makes her feel better. But then there’s almost some guilt there that she pushes him away. He’s this whole reminder of this hard situation. There’s so much said in that moment. It’s not just a mutual attraction kiss, it almost a reflex.

~ Sophie Skelton, Entertainment Weekly

T: Roger and Bree! They have so much on screen chemistry. I loved that she shared that with him. It is very difficult to say something like that aloud and it’s her moment where she is most vulnerable. However, that kiss was too hasty yet so comical.

I: Bree wastes no time letting Rodger know she has feelings for him now that she knows he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Sorry Fiona.

In some ways, we’re getting to see young love. With Jamie and Claire, they have a love that we’ve seen from the beginning, but this is from the perspective of seeing a parallel relationship of two people that have been together and have been separated, and then this budding romance. Roger is obviously so smitten with Brianna, and Brianna is taken with Roger, but is so hesitant because she doesn’t want to be hurt. It’s the parents and the children, and seeing those two parallels and how those relationships are going to grow, as the seasons move on.

~ Maril Davis, Collider

It’s like it runs really deep, and hopefully we convey that. We just wanted to say quite a lot in that moment because they’re forging a really strong bond that doesn’t break.

~ Richard Rankin, Entertainment Weekly

It’s an apex moment. I think for Bri and Roger, one thing in their relationship that hinders it moving forward is that they’re both stubborn, but in a way, they don’t ever tell each other how they feel. I think that kiss is the moment where Bri is saying, ‘You know what? I do have this love for you but…’ They still don’t quite sit down and say to each other, ‘Oh wow, that was wonderful, let’s continue on this road.’ Bri stands up and leaves.

~ Sophie Skelton, Entertainment Weekly

T: There’s unrest and urgency in Helwater.

[V: I loved how they intensified the magnitude of the situation by showing the horses flying down the road – posthaste.]

[V: I was totally struck by the scenery of this episode and the different colors in the sky that they were able to capture. Looked most unreal.]

T: This scene made me feel sorry for all parties involved. 1) Geneva for dying so suddenly and unexpectedly. 2) Isobel for the grief that grappled her and caused her to lash out at Jamie. 3) Poor Jamie! You can see it in his face that he blames himself for this incident. This scene was splendidly shot.

My sister’s dead.

[V: Just looking at both their faces, you could see the pain and grief they felt.]

Ellesmere knew the child wasn’t his. I knew it too, Geneva told me they had never shared a bed.

T: Again, why can’t Jamie get a break? Now his son’s life is in danger. Count on Jamie to save the day.

I: You know Jamie, always the protector and hero. Now he has to rush to the rescue of Geneva’s and his bairn from Earl Ellesmere. Good grief . . . I cannot believe that Geneva didn’t sleep with Lord Ellesmere just to seal the deal. Silly girl!  Maybe she did fall for our Scotsman after all!

You promised me a virgin. What I got was a whore.

[V: Damn, Jamie wasted no time shooting him. Perfect aim and perfect bird’s-eye shot.]

T: Jamie holding his son for the first time was heartwarming. I think he knows that this is the only time that he’s going to ever get to hold his own child. It’s beautiful, yet heartbreaking.

[V: These sort of situations wore me out while reading. Now, once again, he can’t catch a break and damn-near doesn’t have ANYTHING to live for, except sending money back to Lallybroch. He surely can’t raise his own child, again. I felt so badly for him.]

T: His name is William (and he’s in a beautiful pram). The irony is that Jamie’s older brother has the exact name. It takes sheer strength and self-control to mask your emotions. Jamie does it so well but you do see a bit of his tenderness and affection seeping through by his inquiries. Again, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for him.

T: I thought she was about to let him hold Willie. It was kind of Isobel to apologize to him. Hopefully, it’s enough to ease the weight of that guilt he carries.

 You’re a braw laddie, but you’re so wee! Dinna fash yourself. I am here. 

OMG, that was so moving! He meant so much with so few words.

M: I love the way he watches the baby, the way his eyes are drawn to him. Isobel probably left the baby there with him on purpose just to give him the small time with his son alone. I’m sure he’s been dreaming about going home to Scotland for a decade, and yet when offered freedom, he says no to stay with his son. I’m so glad he got those years with him.

T: Freedom! Jamie’s granted freedom. The one thing he’s yearned for many years. Parental obligation has a stronger pull than freedom. At least it’s granted to him anytime he desires to go home.  My question is: if Lady Dunsany knew all this time, then Jamie didn’t have to sleep with Geneva, right? I know the answer but still.

I: Baby William Ransom is to be raised by the Dunsanys. I can forgive Geneva after all she gave Jamie the greatest gift and happiness.  That’s a good question you ask. I don’t know. Perhaps, she just found out.

I wonder if the Dunsanys paid off the corner to find that Ellesmere killed himself in his grief. And Jamie earns his freedom, but decides to stay to help his family at Lallybroch and to be close to his bairn, Willie.

I: I loved the scene of Mac teaching Willie to ride a pony; it was beautiful.  I also liked seeing that Jamie is thriving in mentoring little Willie. Their relationship is so touching.

Oh yes, Willie loves his pony. And he’s even more fond of his groom. We joke sometimes that he spends so much time with MacKenzie that he’s starting to look like him.

Why you’re right! How funny!

I: Jamie is always leaving or sending someone away; Claire through the stones, forcing Jenny to turn him in, saying goodbye to Murtagh and now he has to leave Willie before people figure out he is Willie’s father. How many goodbyes must Jamie suffer?

T: Yes, but Willie is growing up and his resemblance to Jamie is striking! Jamie is fortunate that Willie inherited his mother’s locks. A red mane would have proven Willie’s parentage right away. Plus, observations are beginning and that can only lead to inquiries. I have to admit; the television version of Willie is less of a brat than in the book. I also noticed that Jamie is taking more of a fatherly role here.

I: Claire looks so heart broken when she realizes that Jamie’s trail has gone cold.  I can’t believe that Claire would give up on Jamie.

T: Oh no, I hated that!

Why are people staring at us?

We aren’t supposed to be sitting at the bar. You and me.

This is 1968. I have as much right as a man to sit here.

I: I love how Bree is not intimidated by the men staring at her and Claire in the bar.

T: Me too. At least Roger and Bree are still hopeful. Claire’s toast made me feel her defeat and grief.

To all of those who we have lost.

It’s time to go home.

I: Willie definitely got his mother’s spirit.  Poor boy doesn’t want the closest man he has to father to leave him.

It’s time for me to go home.

Must you truly go, Mac?

I: When he tells Jaime I am your master and you must do my bidding, we are reminded of how precarious this relationship is.  Jaime is father, mentor and servant to his own son.

Na bith còin’ a bhalaich. Bithidh e glé cheart.

(Don’t cry my lad . . . It’ll be all right.)

T: Yes, but Jamie is doing what’s right though it’s not easy. I love their little squabble. Willie was being a brat but only because he’s hurt to hear Jamie’s leaving. I love that Jamie said that he needs to get used to the word no. It’s such a parental thing to say. Jamie is a great father. He apologizes to Willie and they make up. Such a cute scene!

T: I love Lord John. “We all have our secrets but yours is walking around.” Wow! Lord John was a beautiful addition to the cast. It helps that he’s really good looking.

I: Yes, it does; but, it’s unbelievable that Jamie does the best that he can and bargains his body in exchange for LJG looking after Willie. LJG can’t believe that Jamie is willing to fulfill his fantasy, but his code of honor won’t let him accept this offer.

I: Jamie, ever the man of honor, does his best to dissuade LJG from marrying Isobel. Jamie wishes LJG the best once he realizes LJG is acting on the best of intentions for Isobel and Willie. Jamie and LJG have managed a true friendship out of the worst circumstances.

T: I think the scene in the woods really shows us how much their friendship has deepened. Lord John is no Black Jack. He’s doing right by Jamie by taking care of Willie as his own son. This must be difficult for both of them.

I: Jamie praying for the ones he lost, Claire toasting to ones she lost . . .  and I am praying and drinking that the next episode ends with their reunion.

And it’s no heathen image – it’s St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. I light the candle, and pray for the ones I’ve lost. My brother. His name was Willie. Like you.

And my sister, my Godfather . . . my wife.

I: I love Jamie baptizing Willie; giving him the baptism name of “William James” and a sawny for Willie to remember him by.  The character that portrays Willie is wonderful! I want to be a stinking Papist too!  Where can I buy a sawny?

I baptize thee William James . . .  in

The name of the Father, and of the

Son and of the Holy Ghost.

I carved this for you. My brother Willie gave me one just like it. I etched your name on the bottom, see. Keep it to remember me by.

T: Don’t worry Willie; Jamie will always remember you and he will keep you close to his heart. I promised myself I wouldn’t tear up, but then Bob Dylan’s beautiful song, A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, covered by by Walk off the Earth, a Canadian band, started to play.

Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son?
Oh, where have you been, my darling young one?
I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains
I’ve walked and I’ve crawled on six crooked highways
I’ve stepped in the middle of seven sad forests
I’ve been out in front of a dozen dead oceans
I’ve been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard
And it’s a hard, and it’s a hard, it’s a hard, and it’s a hard
And it’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall

~ A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, Walk Off the Earth

I: It is so hard to see Claire disassembling the evidence board and Jamie saying goodbye to the LJG, Isobel and Willie.  The song was so appropriate.

T: No! Claire is giving up! She’s wasting time! It hurts to see her defeated again. Brianna still looks as though she believes that her father is alive.

It’s like Claire is withdrawing again. I can understand, but it’s not fair to her or Brianna. I wished she would share her grief with her, let her in.

T: Jamie’s final goodbyes to his son and friend. Isobel again is very kind. This show knows how make people cry. William chasing Jamie as he’s leaving on his horse broke my heart.  This whole scene was shot so rivetingly. Everyone did a great job.

M: It really was an emotional ending and to see that both Jamie and Claire decide to go home. This should be a happy thing, right? But in this case, for both of them, it just adds to their pile of lost things. Claire gives up on her dream of finding Jamie. Jamie says good bye to a beloved child.

I: Jamie has to use every bone in body to steal himself from looking back at Willie.  It is so heart breaking.

T: Jamie’s face at the end … wow! All I can say, Jamie has never had it easy. If you weren’t crying before, you’re definitely crying now. The song really made it harder to watch.

Episode Rating (1-5): 5 – Shots

We give this episode our first 5-shots (was really surprised Tami didn’t throw in a kilt – she does that occasionally). We know it might be early to give a perfect score, but when it is justified by a perfect episode, so be it! Everything about this episode was perfect. It is wonderfully written and directed. Some of the directorial choices made and the way the scenes were shot, in and of itself, tell a story. The actors performed to the height of their abilities; how they can exude so much emotion as powerfully as they do is simply unbelievable. The cinematography was breathtaking. The scenery, the set designs full of historical artwork and costumes were spectacular. We especially loved Isobel’s dress that she wore while she was pushing Willie in that pram.

The writing was very compelling. There was so much dialog, at times, we had to pause the show and reflect. They also covered a lot of material in this episode and had seamless transitions between the scenes and eras. This is no easy feat to say the least!  Although some fans have complained in the past about the adaptation, we are in agreement that some things needed to change this season to allow the characters’ arc to fully develop. The writers provided more insight into characters that we were unable to see in the book. We see Jamie’s journey and life without Claire. Throughout the season, we have been able to see his thought process, intelligence and cunning actions rather than being told about them. Even in the sex scene between Geneva and Jamie, although she blackmails him into having sex with her, we see him have patience and compassion and is very gentle with her. He even explains what she feels afterwards is not love as she thinks it is.

The actors’ scenes were beautifully performed – even down to wee William. We loved the scenes between Jamie and him and could definitely feel the hurt and pain he experienced when Jamie, the only father figured he had, left. Relatively minor characters like Geneva and Isobel were given so much depth and each delivered their lines with such fervor. We also noticed the threads that tied what was happening in both centuries together: The hugs between Claire and Bree to that of Jamie and Willie; the defiance of Geneva as she takes control of her destiny, or at least her body, to the defiance of Claire as she insists on staying at the bar to that of the deep loss felt of Claire and Jamie making the decision to go home.

Despite this episode being about loss, it was also about what was gained. For Jamie, he once again lost a child, but gained his freedom, though excruciatingly painful as it was. For Isobel, she lost her sister, yet gained a family. For Willie, he lost Jamie, but gained loving parents with Isobel and Lord Grey, who will nurture and take care of him. For Claire, she has lost hope of finding Jamie, yet has gained a healthier relationship and understanding with Bree. And for Roger, he may have lost Bree temporarily, but has also gained a potential love interest.

However, what made this episode even more powerful was the last montage scene between Claire and Jamie’s going home with Walk off the Earth’s cover of Bob Dylan’s song playing in the background. The use of a 1960s song during Jamie’s 18th century scene, though anachronistic, would not have worked on any other show as perfectly as it does on Outlander. Bear McCreary is brilliant with the music selections that set the mood of each episode.


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Iris: I am looking forward to seeing more of Dr. Joe and Claire’s relationship. Claire going back through the stones. Jamie and Claire’s reunion and the two of them making a new life with each other.  I can’t wait to see their next adventure.

Marva:  I’ve had enough teases and tidbits to know the big reunion is in Epi5. I think after the long Droughtlander, and these long, heartbreaking episodes, we – the audience – have EARNED this reunion just as much as Claire and Jamie have. I can’t fathom right now how she finds Jamie now that she’s returned home to Boston. I can’t wait to see how it works out.

Tami: Claire is going to be struggling with her doubts and apprehensions. I am looking forward to seeing Claire share that with Brianna. It’s time that we got an in-depth look at Claire and Brianna’s relationship. I am also curious to see what TV Jamie is up to now that he’s back in Lallybroch. The preview focused more on Claire, but I think it will set the tone for the long awaited reunion. Is it Sunday yet?

Up next:

Outlander S3 Epi5 Preview – Freedom & Whiskey ~ Video via AresPromo

Directed by Brendan Maher      Written by Toni Graphia

Brianna grapples with life-changing revelations and Claire must help her come to terms with the fact that she is her father’s daughter. Roger brings news that forces Claire and Brianna to face an impossible choice.


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures; all are from Starz and TV Line.  No copyright infringement intended.



11 thoughts on “Blacklanderz® Convos! Outlander S3 Epi4

  1. I enjoyed this review it was par excellence!! This episode was well written, thought out and directed. We get to see Jamie and experience him up close and personal. I find it amazing that he is always losing those he loves and cherishes and he has to continue living through this pain, but he continues to live on and grow. I’m excited to see how the writers are going to handle the next episode they’ve made some changes so they will have to make adaptations. I give this episode 5 shot glasses also for the acting, writing and emotions it stirred within me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vida you are an amazing editor and blogger. The work you put into publishing our conversations along with the screen shots and weaving the interviews actor interviews are wonderful! I am honored to be apart of @Blacklanderz the blog and twitter group!


  3. Ok ladies someone Hip me to the changes. I don’t have time to read the books, but I am interested I hearing your in-depth thoughts on the book versus the show.


    1. Please do not go any further than the episodes – where we are right now in the TV series. I will provide three changes: Murtagh died at the Battle; on the show, he is still alive and I think we will see him later on, if not this season, the next. Lord Melton, LJG’s brother, did not give the information to Geneva about Jamie; she intercepted a letter Jamie sent to Lallybroch and found out who Jamie really was. Last, the sex scene with Geneva and Jamie. On the show, it was much more tasteful and amicable. In the book, Once they started, Geneva said no and Jamie kept going. Some people looked at it as rape, but I never did. Once they were finished, Geneva wanted to do it again.

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  4. So much to love about this episode. There was much conversation prior to the episode being aired about Jamie and Geneva. The adaptation was spot on. While he did not want to be there, he showed such a tenderness that made the scene loving in my opinion. I also like that there was more of Jamie here. I am a Claire fan but to have a better picture of his life apart from Claire, is just what was needed to see why he becomes the way he does by the time Claire gets back to him. Not sure if I’m ready to see Leghair and Jamie together but it’s a means to an end.


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