Outlander S5: Could Laoghaire MacKenzie Return?

OUTLANDER viewers could be welcoming back Laoghaire MacKenzie in the new seasons after actress Nell Hudson teased a possible return and the storyline she could be involved in.

Outlander fans have seen Laoghaire MacKenzie flit in and out of the last three seasons of the drama series.

And ahead of the fifth series returning to Starz and Amazon Prime, Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to the actress who plays the fan-favourite character about whether or not she would be making a comeback.

Discussing her future on the show, Nell said: “Well, I know that Laoghaire comes back in book seven of Outlander and Diana [Gabaldon] just keeps writing theses books! So there is a potential [of it happening].

“And also, Laoghaire has appeared in a series of Outlander on the television that she wasn’t in the book, so we never know when she’s going to rear her angry head.”

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2 thoughts on “Outlander S5: Could Laoghaire MacKenzie Return?

  1. 1) There are only 12 episodes in Season Five, unfortunately. 2) How is Laoghaire supposed to get to North Carolina? She is struggling just to keep a roof over her head. 3) They are looking at February or March of 2020 for the airing of Season Five.
    Slainte mhath! 😃


    1. Hi Sherry,

      Yes, 12 episodes is unfortunate; but, I appreciate them having more than 10. Who knows, anything can happen. She could just appear in a time jump; but, I truly hope not. Honestly, for my schedule, I hope it is in March 2020 when they start S5. That is better for me than starting in January. Slainte! ~ Vida


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