Watchmen: Why Regina King’s Sister Night is the Best New Superhero on TV

If you haven’t started watching the show, you really should. It is sooooo good!! And, Regina King is kicking ass and taking name! ~ Vida

Sister Night is a force to be reckoned with for sure but make no mistake: Sister Night isn’t just smacking around racists in an attempt to stop their hatred and violence — or presumably any other type of bad guy. She’s so much more and it’s that complexity, nuance, relatability, and the incredible, butt-kicking performance by [Regina] King that elevates Sister Night as one of the best. ~ Nicole Drum

HBO’s Watchmen series has a lot to offer fans. Not only does the new series give fans a continuation and expansion of the world created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in the original comic book series of the same name, but it takes on issues that, despite being part of an alternate history, are as relevant as anything you’d find in current events today.

In order to take on those issues, Watchmen has also introduced new stories and new characters completely unique to the series and it’s one of those characters that may just be the best new superhero on television: Regina King’s Sister Night.

Sister Night, real name Detective Angela Abar, is Watchmen‘s central character. In the series, Angela is introduced as a retired Tulsa Police officer turned baker, having left law enforcement after surviving a massacre known as “White Night” in which the terroristic white supremacy group the Seventh Kavalry attacked the homes of all known Tulsa police, killing most of them. Of course, viewers soon learn that Angela isn’t really retired. Her bakery is largely a front, a place for her to suit up to carry out her work as a detective dressed as a nun known as Sister Night.

Spoiler: if you haven’t seen the first two episodes, you better not read any further.


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4 thoughts on “Watchmen: Why Regina King’s Sister Night is the Best New Superhero on TV

  1. I’ve mentioned before that this show is typically not my cup of tea (I’m an OUTLANDER girl), but planned to watch, at least at first, because I AM a big fan of Regina King. Decidedly a good choice because she is killing it! In Ep. 2, that guttural yell she made after the death of her friend… Oh man, I felt that to my core. This is very different, quirky for me, but I will continue to watch because of her, and a good supporting cast around her. Carry on, Regina!


      1. The costume – YES! So good! I think this is a really important show. Timely. I’ll be spreading the word.


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