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Outlander S5 Epi2 – Between Two Fires

Written by Toni Graphia & Luke Schelhaas | Directed by Stephen Woolfenden

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Ayana, Lorinda and Olivia. Arranged and edited by Vida. And, for those who don’t know, Vida [V:] interrupts sometimes.


Ayana:  Outlander is back y’all. These characters are seriously between two fires. The costumes are growing on me, especially with those wool knit splashes from the past. It seems this show is hitting on all cylinders and I’m here for it.


Lorinda: OUTLANDER is on and popping.  All the characters have a secret mission to accomplish without being found out. Yes, they are between Two Fires.


Olivia: This episode illustrates the tricky maneuvering Claire & Jamie must undertake because of the knowledge of the future they possess. Jamie knows which side is going to win, but he must first place his lot in with the British, something that goes against his entire history. Claire is battling ignorance of medical practices. We understand what she’s doing, but citizens of the 18th Century surely won’t.

A: A second cold open in a row. I don’t think Outlander has done that before. I wonder if this will become the regular. I’m so glad it was an effigy burning and not a real person. I have had enough of that.


L: Yes, it was Ayana, I’m liking this season. Being a book reader, it’s interesting to see the changes and not knowing exactly what’s going to take place.  The Regulators aren’t playing around, but that opening scene was hard to watch. I was taught about tar and feathers, but to see it in action, ugh!


O: The cold open showing the regulators engaging in violence, with Murtagh clearly in charge is unsettling. We like our heroes to be above reproach. And, this kind of violence that’s not on the battlefield looks like one of our heroes, Murtagh, has gone over the edge.


A: I wondered if Raya would be singing through the title cards now that she isn’t featured in the Opening Theme. I love that she is, I believe this marks the first time we have had repeating music through the title card.


The problem is there are people that just watch the show, so they don’t have that book knowledge, so you can’t jump over things. Book fans can fill in gaps. They’ll go, “Oh, yeah, that’s what happened,” so, we can make the leap. But in the writer’s room and when we’re doing cuts, we have to make sure that someone who has never read the books understands the story and that’s always a balance. ~ Matthew B. Roberts

[V: I love these scenery, transition shots.]

L: Brianna is using art for therapy. The demons in her head must be screaming. Everyone deals with trauma in different ways. The darkness in her art speaks volumes.


It’s one thing that I really wanted to make sure that we don’t lose sight of through the season. Even sometimes when it’s not in the writing, I’ll make sure that we have flashes of Bree’s pain. In Season 4, Bree always put on a very good facade and the audience didn’t really know Brianna very well. It was only when we got those quiet moments with Bree on her own that we got to then see what she was feeling. In Season 5, now that the audience knows her a lot better, we know what she’s going through the whole time. So it’s easier to embed that in the performance, knowing that the audience is feeling Bree’s emotions. ~ Sophie Skelton

A: Another member of Blacklanderz, Jess, pointed out this sketch book may take the place of Brianna’s dream journal of the books. I love that change. It’s also good of the show to ‘show’ not just tell us that Bree is an artist. Side note: Take care of your mental health; it’s just as important as your physical health. Love that Outlander brings that to the fore in several seasons now.

O: That black portrait of Bonnet really gets at the black heart of Bonnet. I would’ve like more of that scene, to show how Brianna is dealing with her trauma. It was cut too short for me.

Now that he is alive, the main thing for Bree is fear. Obviously, she’s still suffering tremendous trauma from [the rape], but her priority is Jemmy, and now, because of that diamond and because of that day, in the present, she is aware that Bonnet might be coming around. ~ Sophie Skelton

L: I wonder if that scream was symbolic to what was going on in Brianna’s head.  (Side Note: Is that Archie Bug, he looks a bit feeble to me.) Ah, so we understand that Claire is a second resort healer. I guess times haven’t changed. We will self-treat before we go to the doctor’s office. The magic word in this scene is MERCURY. It’s poisonous and here Mrs. Farrish is using it as a healing property. It’s amazing how many years had to pass to find cures and poisons for the body.  Poor Mrs. Farrish doesn’t realize she has contributed to quickening her husband’s death.

A: I would never willingly go back to the past if given a choice, I would willingly go into the future though. One of the main reasons is this scene right here. There are so many people in this surgery at the moment, this room needed to be cleared. Bree’s face when Claire asked, “Mercury”?

O: You can see the frustration in Claire mount as she listens to Mrs. Farrish recite how she tried to ease her husband’s pain. Mercury, good God.

But Claire’s mindset to do something about this ignorance can get her into trouble!

L: I can’t figure Knox out. I think he wants to get on Tryon’s good side and to move up. He thinks he knows Jamie; his industry to cultivate the land has nothing to do service to the King. It’s for his family.  After watching this, I see the precarious situation Jamie is in. It’s a game of chess trying to outthink and outmaneuver your opponent. Keep stroking Knox’s ego Jamie.

A: He seems to be walking this tightrope well. He needs to keep an eye on Knox; he’s too keen to find a way into Tryon good graces and a patch of land. Those types of co-workers can be insufferable.

O: I agree with you, Ayana. He is surely walking a tightrope. This is playing out differently from the books, so I’ll be interested to see how Jamie makes the shift to the rebel side. What will be the catalyst?

L: Knox believes he’s still in England. Man, you can’t go flicking coins at hard working citizens as if they are Pampers. The reason they’re in the situation now is because of the hard taxation the King has established.  He has some nerve. Jamie’s wisdom helps him to see the error of his thoughts. We know Jamie wasn’t rushing to town for the security of the people.

A: How are you just going to assume someone is begging? I get the show of compassion on one hand, but you could have waited to be asked. These are great ways to show character and a lead into an insightful conversation between the co-corkers. Knox is measuring up to be a compassionate asshole.


O: Man, Knox.  I didn’t find that compassionate. Flicking the coins at the man like he was a king showering the peasants with a bit of coin was downright insulting. It was a vivid illustration that he holds these people in contempt. I don’t blame the man for spitting back, showing his own contempt for the British soldier.

The writers are showing us Jamie’s wiles here as he susses out Knox’s character. A costume note here: Jamie’s leather coat is beautiful. It’s sturdy, manly, well made, utilitarian. And putting him on that white horse with Knox on the black one is nice, if obvious, symbolism.

L: Okay, I wasn’t expecting to see Mr. Farrish on display like this. Wow, Claire is on a secret mission. If she gets caught, they’re going to hang her. I can understand her medical background kicking in, but at what cost? Brianna is right this isn’t the 1960’s Claire; you must be careful. On another note, shouldn’t he ‘stinketh’ by now? How is she preserving him?


A: WTF is Claire doing? This bish is gonna catch a Witch Trial case, like for real for real. I get it but this shit is risky. She has locks on the doors and curtains, but wow, I’m scared all of a sudden. She doesn’t have any gloves on. Did she get Mrs. Farrish’s consent for this? She got Mr. Farrish all kinds of exposed. Thanks, Bree, for expressing our sentiments.


Claire . . .  really investing time again in her role as a surgeon, and really expanding as a healer in this community. I think because she has so much knowledge from the 20th century, she feels that she could really help this community and the people around her…but obviously, that comes with a lot of risks. ~ Caitriona Balfe

O: Yeah, this is how Claire can get in trouble, and Jamie isn’t around. I hope nobody outside the family sees the body has been autopsied. We all remember S1 when she and Geillis were tried as witches. I like Bree’s voice of wisdom here. Claire is so sure of her rightness that she doesn’t really think of the consequences of her actions. It’s a character trait that annoys me. On the other, I also acknowledge you need people to stretch the bounds of propriety to effect change.


L: Marsali is very industrious. Claire’s gears are turning and mine are too. Jamie said she needed a lieutenant in episode one. I believe she would be a great candidate the way she’s carving up that deer. She’s not squeamish like Bree.


A: A light bulb went off. I can’t wait to see how Claire approaches ‘this ask’ of Marsali.


O: I was wondering why Claire was watching Marsali, so intensely as she was butchering that deer.

L: The regulators tore that little town up. This must be full of wealthy people. What is civility Knox? I believe the high taxation isn’t civility. Plus, the King is imposing these taxes on people who have nothing. You shipped most of them over there without any capital.

On top of the fact that most of them were soldiers, they aren’t afraid to fight for their rights. The force of the regulators was a bit extreme, but the people in power were doing what is required of them. Jamie is in the same boat as they are. In order to keep his land, he has to do as Tryon requires of him.


A: I’m already missing Jon Gary Steele y’all. Learning that we’re losing him this season is going to make me appreciate his Outlander aesthetics all the more. It’s great to know that Claire’s physicians’ skills are getting known across the land.


O: As I watched this scene, I wondered how Jamie would feel when he found out Murtagh had led the carnage. Does he condone the violence, even though it’s for a just cause? And how does he feel to see his fellow Highlanders now hate him and see him as a traitor because he’s on the side of the British?


L: Jamie is just like you said, Ayana, between a Rock and a Hard Place. He’s damned if he does and damned if he ain’t. I like how he speaks with others with his facial gestures.  He’s trying to work this out the best way he can. His kinsmen see him as a turncoat. Knox you failed step one in interrogations and de-escalating the situation.


A: The tightrope Jamie’s walking on this episode, someone just set it on fire as if it’s a wick. It’s getting hot up in here. I’m not selling the King of Men short though. I think he got this. It pays to be a decent human being everywhere you go and with whom you interact. It pays dividends.


I am Murtagh Fitzgibbon.

It was great to bring back these Regulator characters: Ethan and Bryan. The tension of the scene was in Jamie hoping against hope that he wasn’t going to see Murtagh in the jail cell; waiting as each man came out, relieved that Murtagh isn’t one of them, only to realize that he knows these guys—and more importantly, they know him and may blow his cover with Knox. Fun to write. Fun to shoot. Fun to watch.

~ Toni Graphia & Luke Schelhaas, Annotation

O: I heard echoes of I am Spartacus, when one of the captives says he’s Murtagh.

L: Now, you’ve killed an unarmed shackled man. Jamie, what kind of game are you playing?


O: When Jamie announces he’s shocked that Knox has executed the man without a trial, my thoughts turned to present day events with many unarmed black men killed in encounters with police. I doubt the writers intended this—since so far, they have shied away from dealing with how The Fiery Cross will be used by the KKK to terrorize blacks in the future—but that’s where my mind went.

L: Roger is a 20th century, city, educated man. He doesn’t know anything about roughing it. He feels inadequate as a captain and in the field of men who surround him. Bree can outshoot him and hunt. I know how Bree attained her skills. She had someone looking out for her, who knew what her future held. Family drama unfolds. The question is who is family? I think Bree would rather stay; and Roger, you all don’t have any family in the future.


Roger is a captain of Jamie’s militia, a huge role, one he’s honored by but knows is beyond him. Roger will receive marksmanship lessons from Bree. He goes on an incredible journey, and in later episodes, he can handle himself. ~ Richard Rankin

A: I LOVE Bree’s outfit here. Bree’s Catholic? Nice to see them talk about this now and not let it fester. I don’t remember this being an issue in the book The Fiery Cross, this seems like a show construct that I enjoy. We the audience have been having this conversation within ourselves since episode one.


O: I’m not sure Sophie is believable here as a kind of Annie Oakley teaching Roger to shoot. Nevertheless, Roger’s green suit is top notch, another hat tip to costume designer Trisha Biggar.


A: When Roger fails at this, I don’t want to see him pout.

[V: This was such a beautiful shot, highlighting the wildness of the area, I just had to include it.]

A: Happy to see this couple talk this out. Not happy to see Pouty Petty Roger.

O: His desire to go back to the 20th century is playing out differently than in the books. Considering what he’s been through, it’s understandable. I am interested how the show will develop this tension between Roger and Bree on this issue.

L: It’s good to hear them discussing their choice to stay or to go back to the future. On the one hand, Roger isn’t cut out for cultivating rough backhand terrain. On the other hand, Bree is prepared and wants to stay with her mom and da. It’s still up in the air if they can leave or not because little Jeremiah may not be able to travel through the stones.

L: Lieutenant Knox, you messed up and Jamie saved your behind. Yeah, you gave him a cruel soldier’s death. He’s a bit impulsive and all over the place. If it weren’t for Jamie, you’d be swinging from a rope with the rest of them.


A: Welp. That escalated quickly. Can we all say blackmail? This scene gave me the slightest, minuscule sliver of hope that Murtagh may make it out of this season alive.


O: At first, I thought Knox might be a decent sort after all when he seems forlorn about killing the prisoner. But then he does an about face and says the man deserved to die, and in fact he got better than he deserved because he got a soldier’s death. WHAT? No, he’s not decent!

L: Change and decay in that song, all I can think about is the decaying corpse, I’m glad they finally buried him. Marsali has two children already and another on the way. They don’t play around, do they? I would be pulling out my hair. Too close together for me.

A: Rogers has a great voice. The wife didn’t see the stitches in the body as they put him in the coffin? Didn’t the body get dressed in a suit? Outlander can’t skip over that. I thought the family handled body preparation when you live in the backcountry. Wool callback, that shawl looks familiar around Claire. I forgot the actual name; I don’t think it’s a shawl.

O: I think the name of the garment you’re looking for, Ayana, is cowl. And, good point about the body preparation. This whole thread is different from the book.

L: Dun-dun-dunnn! Here comes Claire’s proposal talking about trust me.

A: Never trust a person who opens the conversation with, “do you trust me?” The answer should always be, DEPENDS…

O: So, Claire seeking out Marsali as an apprentice is interesting. But I wonder how do you make someone from an earlier time accept modern medical practice, in this something that is 200 years in the future? The show is doing this vastly different from the books and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

 L: I would do the same thing Marsali!! LAWD-HAVE-MERCY!!! This is beyond anything she’s ever experienced. It goes beyond the traditions of her time. I’m surprised she didn’t cross herself and run out of the room throwing up those horns that ward off evil, lol! Her curiosity wins out! Again, I must ask, shouldn’t that body be reeking and decomposing by now and what’s that black strip around his chest?

A: So, Outlander didn’t skip over shit. Marsali’s face is ALL OF US. She’s going to catch a Witch Trial y’all. This is what Sam and Caitriona alluded to about the finale. Claire is going to be swinging next to Murtagh.


A: I’m legit scared for Claire, but I LOVE ME SOME MARSALI. Now she’s in between two fires. She has to contend with two crazy-ass moms. Her letter to her mom, Laoghaire, is about to be funny as all hell. Knowing Nell Hudson is reprising her roll this season, I pray it has something to do with this scene. Her conversation with Fergus about this day . . . I need to see that Outlander STARZ. The smell though. Roger in on this too? These time travelers need to just calm down. Where is Jamie?

O: It has the potential for witch trial all over it.

L: Jamie loves breaking people out of jail. Only these two don’t seem pleased to see him. My husband said, Jamie’s the man!! He wants to save lives; everyone thinks he’s being paid off. No, he swore an oath and he stands by what he says.


He cares about the regulators, but he believes they can do things in a different way. These regulators are serious. They have an army that’s ready to go; the redcoats have to wait for backup to come over the waters.


A: Jamie out here breaking people out of jail. What is wrong with The Frasers, MacKenzies and Fitzgibbons? They ain’t trying to have no kind of serene life. They all ‘finna’ hang except Bree. She’s the only one being rational.

O:  I like how this played out with Jamie breaking the two surviving prisoners out of jail. He’s assuaging his guilt here, I think, though. It doesn’t make the men like him. How will Jamie handle the Highlanders who are fighting the British thinking he’s on their enemy’s side?


L: Ok, can someone explain to me how they make these candles? I see the wax, the melted down wax, but can someone tell me how does it tape like that?


A: Are they redipping along the wick? Let it dry before the next round of dipping would be my guess.

O: I know about candle making. When I was in elementary school the class made candles in art class, I think it was. You just dip the wick in the hot wax, it dries almost instantly, and you dip again, and again. So, the candle making scene was quite familiar to me.


L: These women and their home remedies, using stuff that’s deadly and, yet again, dismissing Claire’s information on healing. In their minds, they’re saying, she’s our if all else fails person. Did the King die because of his learned physician? Hmm, I’ll have to check that out.


O: Our Claire’s frustration is building, as she sees how her knowledge is simply dismissed. So how will she handle this and not get herself killed?

Dr. Rawlings Recommends.

L: Very clever Claire. They may not listen to you, but they will listen to a male doctor.  Women and men didn’t trust what a woman, if they only knew the knowledge that Claire has.


O: I agree, that was clever. Some people only listen if a man says it. Even today.

L: I guess these are new people. Claire is famous throughout the backcountry for her physician skills. I guess these newbies are ‘gonna’ have to learn today.


A: A famous composer’s (Felix Mendelssohn) sister, Fanny, did this. Whatever works, I’m glad she’s trying to save as many people as possible and this time using a much safer way. Use their dumb ass misogyny to save their dumb misogynistic asses.

It’s about the extended family. Jamie and Claire have built Fraser’s Ridge, this settlement in North Carolina, and they’ve laid down the foundations. The settlement has grown bigger. Unfortunately, we all know what is happening with history and Jamie is now being pitched against his godfather, and having to take sides. And he knows he’s siding with the British, the sort of losing side in the Revolutionary War. So, there’s a lot to look forward to. ~ Sam Heughan

L: Jamie, the double agent, work it sir! And none of those English gentlemen have caught on yet. Y’all think ya know him, but ya don’t. He is definitely between two fires; he’s playing it well! Knox, that’s the grandson of the “Old Fox;” he’s going to try to get Murtagh safe. But I believe his godfather’s stubbornness will be his (Murtagh) demise.

O: Jamie’s got to think how he’s going to do this, prepare for war, capture his godfather. It’s a tale of divided loyalties for sure.

A: He’s hoping against hope Murtagh stays a step ahead. Passing information back and forth helps. Did they have forensic investigative tools in the ‘60s? So glad he’s managing his tight-rope as the other characters are at this point. Jamie also maneuvered a way back home. Way to go.

L:  Roger’s sight is ok; his line of vision is what’s jacked up. I have the same problem, but I think I can outshoot Roger.

T… L… M… S… B… G

So, they hid the body in the root cellar?! In real life the whole place would be rancid by now, phew! Morag? What about your great, great aunt Jocasta? Claire telling Roger to take the family back is wrong. Bree Doesn’t want to leave her support system.  Like I said before, they have no family in the 20th century on either side of their families. I am glad she has Roger and Bree to think about the future. They have a great connection.

O: This was a nice scene between Claire and Roger. Their views align here.

There isn’t the tension between them like there is between Roger and Jamie, which is understandable.

A: This scene and the earlier one between Bree and Claire makes me appreciate the time travelers being in one place and able to communicate. They can shorthand stuff, no need for explanations. It was also a great idea on the shows part to let parts of The Exile into Outlander; letting Murtagh in on the future secret.

Your father… Jerry MacKenzie...  
He was a spitfire pilot? In the war?

We, as an audience, get a voice and POV. It allows us more intimacy into this story. This conversation also seems like Outlander’s blatant request for S7 and S8. I caught the mention of Roger’s father. I’m here for it!

There’s that dilemma of wanting your family with you but knowing that they’re better off in another place, and that’s a dilemma that you just kind of put the character through. ~ Matthew B. Roberts

L: Murtagh, Mr. Husband and Mr. Hunter. Oh, so we may get to see some of the book info pertaining to the two men. I hope they let Murtagh disappear into Canada.  I can’t stand to witness the fine silver haired fox go away forever!

O: I know what you mean, Lorinda. But we’ve had a good run with Murtagh, if this is indeed his swan song. But ‘The Godfather’ is still protecting Jamie, telling the men Jamie will stand with them in the end. You just know Murtagh will help Jamie in the end, and vice versa.

A:I’m now hoping for that now too. Murtagh in Canada. I want to say more, but that would get spoilery. Let me just drop the name Duncan Innes and book readers can follow the threads.

L: I appreciate the bond between Murtagh and Jamie. They are able to communicate without Saying each other’s name and there’s trust. Both Murtagh and Jamie are caught between Two Fires. But whatever the circumstances they stand for each other. Murtagh is right they stand for their people. I can’t wait to see this outcome.

O: Me too.

A: Me three! They know each other deep down and Murtagh also knows part of the future. I need him to stay a few steps  ahead though.

L: Now I see the purpose of the title card. Claire and bread equals penicillin. I thought it needed to be set out in the elements to work. Although dark, closed-in places do cause bread to mold. Time. Space. History be Damned! Claire’s gonna do what she has to do, to save lives in this time. Mrs. Bug needs to stop being a nosey body. Bree, you played God when you crave to save your parents from the fire.  Please don’t try to discourage your mother.

Claire’s attempts to introduce modern medicine will bring her dangerously close to playing God, and playing with the course of history. Obviously, she had come back to the 18th century originally with her syringe and penicillin, and we’ve seen how she’s used that in the past to save herself when she was sick and also save Jamie. So it’s something she’s already used in the past. It’s an essential thing to fight against infection. It will become necessary again later on in certain storylines, but it will also be the cause of a lot of pain and trouble for Claire further down the line…There are always consequences to these things. ~ Caitriona Balfe

O: I understand Bree wanting to protect her mother, but objecting to the penicillin didn’t make sense to me. Of course Claire should try to make it! And we all know she’ll need it.

A: I enjoy the title cards, little nuggets before the scene. I don’t get the glass domes though. What I do appreciate is the time check, 1771. Mrs. Bug is a paid lady of the house, right? Why is she so all up in the business like that? Do your job, collect your pay, mind your business. WHERE IS THAT BODY? Let us not forget the cadaver. Mrs. Bug has proven herself to be a busy body. The nooses are flashing before my eyes y’all. Claire brought penicillin back with her already. That horse is already out of the barn. That’s rich hearing that come from Bree, she forgot why she came. Or maybe her need for her parents was all consuming and she used the fire as an excuse. Hold up, did Claire just throw Jamie under the bus? He hasn’t killed THAT many people.

L: Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine. I used to sing this song in elementary school. It’s one of my favorites. Roger is a good dad patient, kind and loving.

O: Love Jeremiah was a bullfrog.

They’re in a place now where they’re fairly secure with each other. As opposed to season 4, it’ll be clear why the relationship is the way it is, why they have that passion, and why they constantly have that need to find and to reconnect with each other. We see them from a place of having settled in, found their anchors in each other. They have a home and are trying to make home work, but they work, as a partnership. ~ Richard Rankin

L: Damn, here comes a dark cloud to muggy up a good time. Don’t over think this Roger. Bonnet is a darkness to her and you’re her light.

O: Yeah, he invades their happy home.

A: THE X-FILES was my first and only thought! ‘Detour’ S5 Epi4. Brianne is a pretty good artist. I don’t know about this invasion of privacy. The top drawing is fine, flipping through is an invasion. I do hope he talks to her though.

Bree does hide her emotions very well, and I like how the audience knows what she’s hiding, so that they can see how good of a facade she really does put on to keep strong for the family. ~ Sophie Skelton

A: The joy in Bree’s face though. Roger’s face was showing a bunch of things. I hope joy at his son walking was among them.

You gotta love it when such a sweet moment is followed by such a startling and horrifying one. And the horrible moment is followed by one of the most iconic moments you get as a parent, your child’s first steps. And Roger can’t be in the moment because of what he just saw… because of how it causes him to worry about his wife.

~ Toni Graphia & Luke Schelhaas, Annotation

A: Look at that joyous look on Bree and Jemmy’s face. Too idyllic to disturb with talk of Bonnet.

O: Bree being gleeful over the baby’s first steps was well done. Sophie handled that well. And Roger trying to be joyful, after seeing Bree’s disturbing portraits of Bonnet was also good. Well done, Richard Rankin!

L: Yes, he took his first steps; and instead of them being filled with joy, they’re out of sync and it’s all because of the fiend Bonnet. I believe they both have doubts that he is truly Roger’s son.  The darkness has now overshadowed they’re joy. Stephen Bonnet has got to die! I hate what he’s caused in the newly formed marriage.

At one point this was going to be a cockfight, as in the book, but during prep we realized how difficult that would have been to shoot safely. We didn’t want the actors or the birds to be hurt, so we changed it to boxing and got stuntwomen and made it female fisticuffs—a real form of entertainment in this time period, if somewhat underground and illicit.

~ Toni Graphia & Luke Schelhaas, Annotation

L: Mention the darkness and they will show up. I can’t stand this man; and sir, he is no gentleman.

O: So, Bonnet enters the picture in all his velvet finery pretending to be a fine gentleman. But the clothing can’t hide the man’s evilness!

[V: Look, it’s Pippin. Is he asking about breakfast? Just kidding. Good to see Mr. Forbes again.]

Damn your eyes, Sir. I prefer to  
lose with honor rather than win by trickery.

L: Little dude, calm down you don’t know who you’re dealing with. He is pure evil, not his eyes!!!

A: With the show starting off with Bree drawing Bonnet, I was lulled into a sense of security. First, it was the women fighting. As I was reeling, Bonnet is now all up on my screen in the flesh. Now his gorgeous and creepy ass music is cued. It was just shock upon shock upon shock for me. Dammit Outlander, we’re in the last few minutes of the episodes and you’re not taking the foot off the gas.

You’ve insulted my honor, Sir. Let  
us settle this like gentlemen.

Troubled. I think he comes from a very troubled past, and he’s a survivor. I think in any situation that he finds himself in, he’s always looking for his way out, to see who can help him get out of that situation, and what is the best outcome for him. ~ Ed Speleers

L: He’s a sociopath and tricky and not to be trusted.

Tis not my eyes that will be damned, Sir.

O: The way he maimed that man was brutal. He’s a monster!

‘Tis unlike you, Bonnet. Why not kill the man outright?

I considered it. But I must set a better example.
I am a father now.

L: A better example, a father, ugh, just go away and die already!!!

And this moment—not from the book. But we felt strongly as we wrote this—and even as we came up with the idea of these last few lines in the writers’ room—that this moment would cap two episodes that together really set the stage (and the stakes) for the entire season.

~ Toni Graphia & Luke Schelhaas, Annotation

Episode Rating (1-5 Shots)

Rounded up, we give this episode another, we give this episode 4.5-shots!

The writing of this season reminds us of S1. Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas managed to take several characters Between Two Fires and come out the other end rather unscathed. The candle scene was so much like the Wool Waulking scene of Rent, Epi5, Rent.

The actors had great performances. We got to see more of Lieutenant Knox and what his agenda is (Side note: We even got a response from Michael D. Xavier, who plays Knox, when we called his character out during live tweeting!). Stephen Bonnet is back. And like BJR, but worse, he is a character we love to hate. For one of us, Claire’s character arc is a bit annoying. Yes, we know it came from the book, but annoying, nevertheless. Now, the standout this episode was Lauren Lyle. Though her character has been developing over the seasons, she was excellent in this episode. We are pleased to have more time with her character.

Trisha Biggar is still turning out great costumes, especially now that the Ridge has all these little kids. Though not a gentleman in the least respect, Bonnet’s costume surely made him look like one. We also liked seeing the costumes of the women and men on the Ridge. Bear continues to be masterful in his music selections and arrangements. Like last week, we love the incorporation of 60s music in the episode. While Three Dog Night’s Jeremiah was a Bullfrog was fun to sing along, the haunting, creepy music for Bonnet just snatched it away from us by the end of the episode. Gary, of course, never disappoints with the set design – from the details of making candles, to the equipment and instruments Claire used in her surgery. Just outstanding!!

We love when Stephen Woolfenden directs an episode. Again, the scenery and animal shots used not only to show the terrain and wildness of the colony, but also to use as scene transitions are our favorites! Now, we will really have to pay attention to see if other directors are so seamless.


What we are looking forward to in the S5 Epi3.

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Lorinda: I’m looking forward to meeting the Beardsleys, and how they deal with Bonnet. Will Jamie and Claire work this out together? Follow Lorinda on Twitter – @RindalovesBruce.

S5 Epi3 – Free Will – Synopsis

As Jamie continues to hunt Murtagh with the aid of the zealous Lieutenant Hamilton Knox, he’s forced to consider whether or not he’s on the right side of history.

Outlander | S5 Ep3 Preview ~ Video via TV Promos

See ye next week!


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4 thoughts on “Blacklanderz® Convos! Outlander S5 Epi2

  1. i find the running commentary on the episodes, on your website, to be some of the most spot-on and entertaining! I thank you!

    If I may share a few thoughts in addition to your excellent ideas:

    I have to say, I found E2 a tad boring, however I’ll take what for me was a slightly boring episode WITH Jamie and Claire over any episode sans Jamie and Claire (think S4…) a thousand times over. That will always make me happy!

    Regarding the scenes (snippets from episodes) in the episode-intro when the choir is singing The Skye Boat Song, strictly by the hands, it looks to me like Jocasta’s hand placed over Murtagh’s hand on his chest on the piece of tartan pinned to his waistcoat, perhaps in a scene saying goodbye before she marries Innes? It doesn’t look good for Murtagh, and if they kill him off this season I’ll be heartbroken (although if that is their plan I don’t think they’d do it early). Especially if he does in Jamie’s arms… 😭

    Did you notice Sam is credited as Producer on screen first this week, with Caitriona directly following, where last week it was the other way around? Perhaps the agreement was that they would trade off who would get credited first each week? All things fair in love and war? 😉

    Remembering last week as Jamie was leaving Claire’s surgery and spoke of leaving her with her “wee beasties”, he suggested she needed her own lieutenant? I remember thinking, “As in Marsali?” Tah-dah! Looking forward to watching that relationship develop. I think (hope) Lauren Lyle as Marsali is a stand out this season!

    It will indeed be interesting watching Jamie finesse his way through his almost double-agent scenes this season, making facial expressions to those he’s trying to warn/guide as he figures it all out for himself. I look forward to it, especially knowing how expressive Sam can be. He has already been so brilliant this season!

    How is it that Bonnet can keep showing up in the same town, dressed better each time, and no one says, “Hey aren’t you the guy who was supposed to hang but got away, and then was re-captured, put in jail and about to hang again, but got away (again) after the jail exploded?” And soooo smarmy. He will be up to some pretty nefarious deeds…

    Thanks, Ladies, and I look forward to next week’s synopsis!


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