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Outlander S5 Epi12 – Never My Love

Written by Matthew B. Roberts & Toni Graphia | Directed by Jamie Payne

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Jessica L, Margot (has not read TFC) and Jessica H (has not read TFC). Arranged and edited by Vida.

There is quite a lot of rape in this book series, and as a show and as actors, we all feel the responsibility of not taking those storylines lightly and approaching them with sensitivity. We worked so hard to make sure that every single beat felt true and honest and respectful. We can hopefully shed a light on something that people go through in real life and in some way, then, be part of a positive conversation about it. ~ Caitriona Balfe

It’s such a powerful and difficult subject. We all wanted to get it right. The times have changed. I think the show has changed. Jamie gets raped in Season 1, and it was very graphic. Now, I don’t know if I would have done that. But it is what it is, and I think at that time we felt it was the right thing to do. This time, I think very cleverly, the writers have done something different. I think it’s a really emotional and very hard-to-watch episode, but it’s stylized. We were very involved in that, myself and Caitriona. We really tried to find the right tone to it and make it less about the brutality and more about Claire trying to find some comfort and escapism in her mind during this trauma, and she of course goes back to Jamie and tries to imagine a world with him. ~ Sam Heughan


Jessica L (JL): S5 finale of Outlander served everything a viewer could ask for. The episode contains dream sequences that offer Claire an escape from the pain and violation she is suffering due to Lionel Brown. Through editing, cinematography, and music, theme elements help to set the tone for a captivating episode. Within an hour, Outlander takes us on a traumatic journey, as Claire tries to cope with her abuse and torture at the hands of Lionel Brown and his men.

Through the utilization of dream sequences, Claire imagines Jamie in the 60/70s as she attempts to dissociate from the abuse she is experiencing. While she is trying to survive, Roger and Bree find themselves back on the ridge. Their journey back home through the stones does not go as planned as they find themselves realizing what exactly is home for them. Overall, the season finale is the best episode and the season and viewers will not be disappointed.


Margot: I can’t believe we’re already at the finale. It’s been an insane 13 weeks (one was the hiatus). I can literally mark the beginning of S5 with me scheduling my medical school rotations and freaking out over the early release of 5×01 and now we’re in a full pandemic, social distancing. The finale was an amazing conclusion to S5, and Outlander has definitely helped make quarantine better. We see our leading lady Claire at one of the lowest points of despair in her life. Throughout the whole sequence she is resilient and uses her dream sequence as an escape to maintain her sense of dignity, composure and fierceness. Caitriona Balfe portrayed all of this beautifully.

The rescue sequence – watching the men of the Ridge fight for, defend and avenge Claire’s honor was one of the best fight sequences I have ever seen. The episode was 50 mins long so I was concerned how they would fit everything in. But they showed us enough of the ‘after’ of Claire’s assault and ended on a hopeful note. This helped me understand that the road to Claire’s recovery will be a long, yet satisfying one, that will be a huge part of S6. This season did not disappoint. It has been a privilege experiencing the season and working with my fellow Blacklanderz members on these Convos.


Jessica H (JH): There was so much content in this episode, but the writers managed to fit everything in without making it seem rushed. The actors brilliantly portrayed some of the most traumatic events of the series, so far, and the viewer feels like they’re right there with them. This show unflinchingly shows us some of the worst things people can do to their fellow humans but still finds beauty in the ordinary. I’m so glad I got to watch this season alongside the Blacklanderz family and I’m happy we’ll be there to support each other through the long wait for S6!

JL: THE. DRUMS. The music and the editing of the previously/recap was so captivating, grabbing the viewer’s attention from the very first second of the episode.

M: Only music for the previously on. The sound of drums. There’s nothing to say. Let’s start this EPICsode.

JH: Yes, these flashbacks speak for themselves! Great way to start the finale.

JL: The record player, the nails, and the shot of the hallway of the beautiful 60/70s home. I knew that we were about to see Claire in the 60/70s. I love and appreciate all the these scenes.

M: Okay, this is interesting. I’m sorry. When we go to modern times in Outlander, I get thrown off.  I’m seeing a painting of Fraser’s Ridge, and a vase and an orange. Okay, so we’re doing call backs to previous episodes now?

JH: I love the song choice. It’s cheerful, but there’s something a bit haunting and off about it.

JL: The orange Claire got from the King of France. OMG, I was not readyyyyyyy.

M: I thought the same thing! I knew we were referencing 2×07 when I saw the orange. 

M: All of this just makes me think Claire is in some serious mess right now. This little world she has constructed for herself is her form of escapism. She finally bought a vase from 1×01 to show she has a home.

JL: I first saw that vase and immediately flashed back to the opening scene in 1×01 when Claire is gazing at the vase through the window. Made me so emotional.

M: Looks like we’re on the same page, Jess L!

JH: I was also thinking of that scene! I guess in her idealized imagination, she can have all the vases she wants.

JL: An abstract painting of the big house. I AM SHOOK. This painting made me realize this has to be a dream-type sequence. The contrast of the lighting and the red she is wearing. This is amazing camera work.

JH: I love this concept. She is gazing at the house painting as an outside observer from the safety of a beautiful home. Really encapsulates the whole dissociation thing.

JL: The fading of Claire in the 60/70s to the present of her so beaten is jarring and heartbreaking. The dissociation from her present situation in contrast to the dreamy 60/70s is so effectively used.

M: I’m not going to lie, popping back and forth between her escapism and the situation was erratic. But, I suppose that was the intention.


M: Can we talk about how he’s still dressed in 18th century clothes though? No matter what she imagines, she can’t place him anywhere else. Also, note his hair and the bangs. He looks like he did when they first met.

JH: Yes! I guess we are seeing Claire’s idealized version of Jamie, young and wearing what he wore when they first met, except for that sexy 60s moto jacket!

M: Every time I watch Claire get slapped, I LITERALLY flinch. I don’t know if it would have been worse if Claire had denied she was Dr. Rawlings. She could have said she just got the medical box with the name and it doesn’t mean anything else to her. However, little brother Brown just does not like Claire, in general, so it probably wouldn’t have done much.

M: Lionel is such an ass. Maybe if he were actually a good person, his current wife would want children with him. He’s putting his issues on Claire. Toxic chauvinist man not wanting to acknowledge his own faults.

JL: There is a filter that makes the scene appear drained of some of its color. This, mixed with Lionel’s cruel treatment of Claire, heightens the emotions of the scene.

JH: The timeline of the scenes is all jumbled. We hear the still exploding as Claire is lying gagged and bound. Then we see Lionel abusing Claire. The sharp cuts make each scene more jarring and reflects how trauma can scatter your memories.

JL: Claire’s face is half lit, one side dark and the other lit up. There is a shadow cast along with the light as she turns her head towards the door.

JH: I love how Claire cautiously turns around. It’s like she’s aware that this is some kind of dream and doesn’t want to break the illusion.

M: Nice catch Jess L!

JL: Ian coming home from what most likely would’ve been the Vietnam War. I found this to be a great choice because he came home from the Mohawks.

JH: He says, “Happy Thanksgiving, Uncle,” which gives us another snippet of context. Claire is imaging her whole family coming together for the holidays in a safer timeline.

M: I’m glad they showed her trying to escape. Showing that she did everything she could to save herself. These men are awful, the man really threw himself on her like that.

JH: It shows how futile all her efforts are. She has been through so much, but I don’t think she’s ever been in a worse situation.

JL: The fact that he cut her breast shows the deep seeded hatred of women. Lionel only kidnapped her to teach her a lesson and does not reveal her to be a charlatan. He purposely wanted to teach her a lesson and put her in her place.

It’s a curse! Hodge, you’ve done  
it now. Don’t touch that woman!  
And don’t draw her blood! I’ve  
heard talk of her — she’s a  
conjure woman.  

JH: Yes this was all about sadism. They had a half-baked attempt of robbing some whiskey; but really, they just wanted to torture Claire. This isn’t the first time she has pretended to be a witch and it shows how double-edged taking that persona is. Witches were feared, but also hated.

M: I like how she used what Tebbe said about being a conjure woman to stop them from cutting her again. She’s thinking on her feet.

JL: Tebbe sort of confused me. Did we meet him in S3? How does he know she’s a conjure woman?

JH: Maybe Claire just has a reputation? Or could Tebbe just be making up stories to get them to leave her alone?

M: This guy is weird. If you’re not going to help her, don’t speak to her.

JL: Agreed Margot. What was the point of him asking about her being from the past, if he wasn’t going to help her?

JL: In Claire’s dream sequence, it’s raining, and Jamie comes to cover her and keep her warm. The fact that she is dreaming of Jamie comforting and protecting her proves, even more, how strong their love and connection is. It also proves how he makes her feel safe and protects her.

You’re shaking so hard it’s making  
my teeth rattle.

This is a line from 1×0. Not only is she imagining Jamie in her own time, but between the short hair and this line, she is imaging him from the first night they met. Since the first moment they met, he made her feel safe.

JH: I love this scene. It shows us how much Claire treasures these memories.

M: You two are right! That was an amazing catch. He has made her feel safe from day one.

M: Tebbe isn’t helping her either. Guilty by association. No you weren’t good to her; you’re letting them take her.

JL: Other than telling the men she will curse them and giving Claire some food, he was bloody useless honestly.

M: It’s good that she’s playing on his superstitious nature though.

JH: He is the only man in the gang showing any decency, even better than Wendigo. He also seems to be the only Black man. So, I’m guessing he isn’t treated very well. Might be part of why he sympathizes with her.

This scene was the last scene shot after three days of filming in the mid-century modern house. We only had a short window of time left after shooting all of the interior house scenes. Caitriona had to change quickly from the red dress, back into her 18th century clothes and jump inside the wagon which was parked in the backyard of the modern house. Crew members “rocked” the wagon to make it look like it was moving. It was a surreal sight and a bit of acting whiplash! ~ Matthew B. Roberts & Toni Graphia Annotation

JL: Claire begging this man to let her go in the water. It hurts to see her so desperate. Then the scene flashes back to her tied up and gagged; the way she is curled up with her hands clasped between her legs.

JH: It’s really horrifying to see Claire treated like this. We all admire her so much and watched her become a doctor and step through the stones again to be with the man she loves. She’s brilliant, brave and kind; yet, there was nothing she could do to stop this from happening from her. It’s a stark reminder of what being a woman under a patriarchy means, no matter how much you accomplish.

M: I love that Murtagh is there in her dream-scape. Even Jocasta (though I will still never like her on principle. It’s my third post of the season and yes, I have to say it).

JL: Agreed Margot! I love that they are there. And, I love even more that Jocasta is not blind and Fergus has both his hands.

JH: Yep,  also not a fan of Jocasta on principle, but it’s so nice to see her and Murtagh together and happy. Also loving that corduroy blazer.

M: I miss Murtagh. I know if he were still alive, he’d be by Jamie’s side and help him destroy people in this EPICsode.

JL: Cesar Domboy and Lauren Lyle completely own the 60/70s look!!!! Fersali hanging on to each other at the dinner table, so sweet and beautiful to see.

JH: Also loving the fashion and Marsali looks so cute with bangs! So nice to see them happy and carefree, but that haunting music is reminding us that it’s all an illusion.

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! 
Let go of me!

The “Roosevelt” line here was to catch the attention of Wendigo Donner—who already has suspicions that Claire might be a time traveler. ~ Matthew B. Roberts & Toni Graphia Annotation

M: This guy, Donner, notices something about Claire. However, he gets no good points from me at all because he’s not helping. He’s trash.

JL: AGREED! What is your point, Donner, like dude you don’t do anything? Also, when Lionel grabs her face and gags her . . . seeing a man treat her like this is so difficult and breaks my heart.

JH: Yes, I gasped when he grabbed her face like that. And Donner seems pretty useless. What is he even trying to accomplish being with Lionel’s gang?

M: I don’t know what to say. There is a part of me that is wondering why she was staring at Lionel so furiously. To me, that made it worse because that’s what made him tie her to the tree. However, Lionel is crazy AF, so he would have probably done it anyway.

I do, however appreciate, how through all of this she is maintaining some fierceness and defiance. She was staring so furiously because she was not about to let anyone break her. Lionel saw that and tied her to the tree.

JH: I’m just amazed at Catriona Balfe. I don’t think anyone has delivered a better death stare. Communicating all that hatred with half of her face covered.

JL: At this point in the episode, all I can think about is, WHEN JAMIE FRASER FINDS YOU, HE IS GOING TO TAKE YOU OUT FOR TORTURING HIS WIFE.

M: Obviously there is the physical abuse, but this is such a dehumanizing and demoralizing act towards another person. It makes me think how insecure and threatened little brother Brown must feel by her. You don’t act that harshly to someone, if you didn’t have some kind of chip on your shoulder. He’s trying to make her feel small, so that he and his tiny penis (that his wife doesn’t want) can feel big. Hate him. He’s a psychopath.

JL: Yeah Margot, I have no doubt it’s a small size. As we get further into this episode, he is just torturing and beating her and it makes me sick to my stomach. He is just a coward of a man with a small penis intimidated by an intelligent and strong woman.

JH: I was shocked that they had already bloodied her nose, gagged her, and now they’re wrapping a rope around her neck. They really don’t care if she suffocates. And if that is the case, what was the point of dragging her all this way? Brutality and stupidity are a terrifying combination.

JL: The way the sound is distorted further cements the viewer in Claire’s point of view and mindset.

M: My friend just had to tell me the importance of the name Ringo. Ha. Guess I’m either living under some rock or just super young.

JL: I love the mention of Ringo Starr, makes the viewer feel the time period.

JH: Yes, love that reference. Donner mentions Ringo, so this is showing us little bits of the horror Claire is experiencing are filtering into her dream. With this and the distorted music JL mentioned, I think Claire is reaching her limit.

M: Ah, a connection to 3×01 when Jamie fought at Culloden and to Brianna. As a little girl, her favorite toy was a bunny.

JL: Yes, Margot. And now I’m emotional all over again.  

JH: THAT RABBIT also reminded me of when Margaret Campbell saw it in a vision and shocked Jamie. What’s the deal with this psychic time traveling bunny??

JL: This moment in the book always stood out to me because the way it is described in detail. She has the gag in her mouth and her nose is swollen. She’s suffocating and, as a reader, you can’t help but to hold your breath until she finally gets help. This moment in the show perfectly captured the feelings I felt when I read this scene. Caitriona is so heartbreakingly brilliant.

JH: Yes! I don’t want to speculate why DG can so accurately describe being bound and gagged, but it was terrifying.

M: She looks so hopeful learning this man is a time traveler, but he’s not helping her. This is so discouraging. She’s trying to do everything she can to escape, fighting tooth and nail. That’s what I admire so much about her; she doesn’t give up.

He really thinks ‘it’s just talk’ what they’re planning? He might as well have said that stupid saying, ‘boys will be boys.’ He’s actually burning trash. You’re really from the future, meet a fellow traveler and you’re okay with leaving her like this? He’s just as bad as the others. He says he’ll escape with her, but I don’t believe him.

JH: He is a piece of shit. Would he have bothered helping her at all if he didn’t suspect she was a time traveler? Probably not.

M:You know, Bob?’ STFU! You’re making this whole ordeal about you and you see a woman being beaten and abused. He’s evil. I don’t care to hear anything else about him.

JH: Not sure if we already knew this, but Otter Tooth and Geillis both traveled from 1968, and I doubt that’s a coincidence. Maybe there are only certain intervals when the stones work? Is that why Roger and Brianna couldn’t go back?

JL: Both of you make very good points. But, for me, this was so irritating to watch because he did not help her at all. Why ask her all these questions and never get around to helping this woman?

M: He definitely wasn’t with her. So, therefore, he was against her and he should die.

JL: Again, he is so bloody useless. She told him she had gems and knew where the stones were, and he did nothing but tie her back up. WTF.

JH: His only advice is to act more afraid, like that will help. Victim-blaming asshole. And then he gags her again, effectively shutting her up. He’s no better than any of the other men.

JL: Earlier when Jamie wraps a blanket around Claire, it was just a regular one. But in this scene, she is wrapped in the Tartan. I love that switch. As we get deeper into seeing what she has gone through, in parallel, she is adding things to her fantasy to further comfort herself. I did not get tired of this image of them in the window holding each other. Its so simple, but so beautiful. In her mind, it’s what’s comforting her and what’s helping her escape momentarily from her disturbing reality.

M: She’s trying to stay in her own happy place despite the horrifying situation and Lionel just keeps infiltrating it.

M: Lionel’s trying to break her. She won’t let him.

JL: Him appearing in the window was a perfect transition. It makes the viewers feel as if we are right there in her mind with her.

JH: This is one thing Jamie can’t protect her from, and this is the perfect symbolism of that.

M: I had to pause the episode for a bit and take a deep breath. It’s only been 11 mins into the episode. No matter what happens to Claire, we know for a fact, she fought her hardest and did everything she could to stay alive and maintain her dignity. She isn’t responsible for what evil people do to her, but she can have SOME control over how she handles it. Even though the trauma she undoubtedly has from this will affect her for a long time in ways she might not even realize.

JL: Margot you have eloquently described what I was thinking watching this scene.

JH: Yep, what Margot said.

JL: Germain is the cutest and I loved Murtagh playing with him. Really gave us the family feel atmosphere that Claire is dreaming of.

JL: She is safest when in his arms with the tartan wrapped around her.

JH: As the nephew is punching her, she’s imagining a playful pillow fight. She’s really trying her best to mentally escape the situation.

We also tried to shine a light on the fact that even though Claire is this strong character, strength isn’t just bullishness. Strength is vulnerability. Strength is also experiencing pain and allowing yourself to be broken, to a certain extent. ~ Caitriona Balfe

M: Every hit I hear that Lionel delivers I literally flinch. This is horrible. I hate seeing my favorite character suffer.

JL: This was extremely difficult to watch. I know I will not be able to watch this particular scene again when I re-watch this episode. This is the only scene that I undoubtedly will skip.

JH: Lionel says Claire was “pretending to be a man” then kicks her. This is her central crime in his mind, and he thinks he needs to brutally put her in her place.

JL: I love the way they are preparing for a Thanksgiving family dinner. It is something we have never gotten to see and Jamie in the 60/70s is perfect.

JH: When Lionel rapes her, Claire’s dream flashes back to before all the guests arrive, with just her and Jaime. I think she’s mentally trying to retreat to something Lionel can’t take away from her.

JH: I love these little details showing the cracks in the dream. And Germain with the dragonfly toy is a nice touch as well.

JL: I thought the exact same thing, JH!

JH: This is showing how much Bree and Roger’s leaving is weighing in Claire’s mind.  Even with all this horror happening to her, she is still worried about them.

My responsibility as a director is making sure that we’re not shooting anything we don’t need as far as the potential gratuitous nature of that violence. ~ Jamie Payne

JL: The way she looks at the table where Roger and Bree should be seated, I found that so heartbreaking. Before her kidnapping, she had to say goodbye to them and now in her mind, they are gone.

JH: Blood of my bone” would definitely be a weird thing to say during a 1960/70s Thanksgiving toast. The dream is starting to get too absurd to be believed, and sure enough Lionel breaks through in the next scene.

I’m grateful for my beautiful wife,  
blood of my blood and bone of my  
bone. My life is yours. My heart  
has been yers since I first saw ye.  
And ye’ve held my soul between yer  
two hands and kept it safe.

M: The dripping ceiling and little Brown showing up at the table. It must be cold and wet where they have her tied up. To me, this represents that even though Claire is trying her hardest to escape within her dream-scape, some things are starting to pierce through.

M: This is all about power with little Brown. He’s trying to take her apart, piece by piece. That’s why he says, ‘not so high and mighty now, are you?’ He’s clearly threatened by her. He’s trying to tear her apart mentally. He thinks he’s won.

JL: Margot, I like that name for Lionel, little Brown is what I am going to call him.

M: You know, I stay giving nicknames to people I don’t like in this show, Jess L.

JH: Yep, little Brown describes him perfectly.

For me, yes, it’s a horrible situation to have to go through these rape enactments, but for the guys I think it was just awful that they had to inhabit these horrible rapists. And they were all so respectful. But I think you want it to feel real and visceral. ~ Caitriona Balfe

In the time that [Marsali] lives in, she has to butcher animals and have so many children by the age of 20-odd and keep a whole Ridge afloat at times. Yet she’s very young and actually, in [the 1960s], wouldn’t be ready or prepared or expected to do any of that. ~ Lauren Lyle

M: I wonder why Murtagh mentioned Prestonpans.

JL: I love how the family is so normal and ordinary. Their presence is comforting to her and that is helping her get through.

JL: As she walks to the door, her smile fades.

Also, the wallpaper on one of the walls matches the walls of the Laird’s room in Lallybroch. That small detail SENDS ME! We are only 14 minutes into the episode and so much has happened already!!! The pacing of this episode is so good.

JH: Wow good eye JL just noticed the wallpaper! I love these little references. It shows how much care goes into each scene.

M: So I think that in her dream-scape, there are several reasons Roger, Bree and Jemmy were killed in a car accident. One, it is just to emphasize that she knows they’ve supposedly gone back to the future, knows they are never coming back, and therefore, she will never see them again.

Two, could this be a call back to discussing how Claire’s parents died? Interesting that little Brown and that asshole, Hodgepile, were the ones to deliver this news…

Notice how more unpleasant things keep seeping into her dream-scape as the night goes on. The dripping ceiling, little Brown at the window, the table and now at her front door with another one of her rapists. I know she is fighting, but this just shows how she’s slowly coming apart as the night goes on. It’s taking a lot of mental energy from her. Little Brown is trying to break her. She’s still fighting, but she is losing some steam. Horrible.

JH: Throughout the whole dream sequence everyone around her is chatting, but I don’t think Claire says a single word until she opens that door. Before this moment ,she’s been a detached observer. But now, the happy illusion comes to an end. All the dream scenes are even darker and more distorted after this.

M: Ah let’s see what happened. I hope the stone spit them right back out, like I said in the last post.

JL: The transition from Claire finding out Roger and Bree died in her dream to Roger and Bree waking up at the stones, BRILLIANT.

JH: Perfect transition! And now, we finally get to see what happened!!

M: My sister, friend and I just did a collective ‘YAAASSSS.’ Y’all are not going ANYWHERE!!!! — BACK TO FRASER’S RIDGE.

JL: I knew whomever Jemmy ran to had to be someone in the family!!!!

M: Home is Fraser’s Ridge. The stone gave them what they wanted. Question: Why did they think those stones would work the same way as the ones in Inverness? I would have been so wary of that. Someone please explain time travel to me!

JL: Well Margot, I think in this case, where they traveled heavily was dependent upon what they felt and thought at that moment. When they mention they were thinking of home, in this case, Jamie and Claire and everyone on the Ridge is their home.

JH: Wow, those stones are fickle. I guess this way, they’ll at least know they don’t have to second guess themselves if they are better off now or then. The choice has been made for them.

JL: This entire timeline does not make sense to me. It took them two weeks to get to the stones. And when they got to the stones, Claire was kidnapped. But then how long does it take for Jamie to find her? I’m confused. LOL It’s not adding up.

JH: Yeah, time jumps are great for dramatizing thing; but, it makes the timeline harder to follow.

JH: I love the shots of the moon – reminds us how much people relied on moon phases to keep track of time back then.

JH: They spent all that time in the wagon together – did they get Ian to spill about what happened with the Mohawk? GIVE US YOUR BACKSTORY ALREADY, IAN!

M: So it was two weeks to get to the stones and two weeks to get back. From the point that Claire was crying in the cabin in 5×11 after they left, it was two weeks after that when she was kidnapped. So the story should be lined up with them returning to the Ridge with Claire being abducted. In conclusion, they’re about to see that burning cross and know that shit is about to go down.

JH: That’s really good timing on their part!

JL: Jemmy is so stinking cute. I can just eat him up.

M: I’m psychic y’all. Look at it buuuurrrrrnnnnn.

JL: LOL Margot. I’m glad Bree saw that cross because Roger was trying to take a nap. LOL

JH: Fiery cross – book title reference!! Such a cool scene. I guess Scottish colonialists still had some of their old practices at this point.

M: That’s right. Ride straight home. No time to rest. We have a checklist of items to get through.

M: Jamie is in the zone right now. Ready to find his wife and f**k some people up.

JL: That shot of him walking through the corridor, with the men lining the walls, was so intense and powerful. Kilt on with his guns on his belt and his sword. LETS GOOOOO!!!!

JH: Strapped, kilt on, ready to go buck wild on some kidnappers. He is at his Jamie-est!

JL: Thanks Lizzie for remembering to feed the men. LOL.

JL: I am so glad they had Roger and Bree come back to the ridge before Jamie left to go rescue Claire.

JL: I love the look on Jamie’s face when he tells Bree, he will get her mother back.

He has a soft look in his eyes that just is only for his daughter.

JH: Bree just summarizes everything they went through with “it didn’t work.” Lol.

JH: Go Josiah! Great to see so many ready to fight for Claire.

M: The lighting of the cross and the discussion of the pledge that Roger made to Jamie shows how well they’ve book ended this entire season. S5 has been on another level since day one. I love how everyone is ready to fight for Claire. She takes care of everyone and it’s time for everyone to take care of her.

I’m coming, too.
You called me. At the Gathering.
At the fire. Stand by my side, son
of my house. Did you mean that?

JH: Roger has grown so much, he’s basically a different person from when he left Bree. DG knows how to do character development.

M: Sooooo… we haven’t heard much of what happened to Ian or what he’s learned or seen.

But this part, right here? I think we’re about to be SHOWN some of what happened to Ian. I’M SO READY!

JL: Ian putting on the war paint is ready to GET S*IT DONE!!!!


JL: Bear is a mastermind! His compositions are always on point!!!

JH: And we’re back in the dream-scape with a Dutch angle. Things are getting worse.

JL: The way the dream sequence goes back to the beginning is so telling of her mindset.

M: She’s just going to restart the dream again until Jamie finds her. That’s the plan.

JH: Yes! And now even the dream isn’t safe anymore with Bree and Roger supposedly dead.

JL: The image of them dancing is so beautiful. I could watch it all day long. Jamie and Claire slow dancing in the 60/70s is the dream and the perfect fantasy, then the lighting dims. It’s so gentle and tender when he kisses her forehead. MY ENTIRE HEART, OMG.

M: Jamie’s arms are her safe place right now. She knows he’s looking for her and is just holding on to that. I’m still not over how she only pictures him in 18th century clothing and his bangs.

JH: Yes those bangs. Lol If she likes them so much maybe she should suggest Jamie gets a new haircut?

M: Ooooohhh, what is happening? Is this it? The Rescue?

JL: As soon as I saw men running, I knew Jamie and the crew were there to rescue her. LET’SSSS GOOOOO!

JH: Man, that sideways shot with the silhouettes and red light from the gunfire looks like hell!


M: YES! They found the men. Okay am I the only one happy they didn’t waste the episode showing them looking for her? They jumped right into it. Good choice. We knew he was going to find her anyway, not concerned about the how, just about what happens when he does and afterwards. I appreciate how we see and hear the rescue from her perspective at first. I was a bit thrown off and was wondering what was happening just as I imagine Claire was too.

M: YASSS JOSIAH! YOU ARE A GREAT SHOT! Give yourself more credit.

JH: Is that his first kill? I don’t think any of our characters will be the same after this experience.

M: Ian coming out of the darkness and attacking those men is a WHOLE MOOD!

JL: Him wielding that Tomahawk was the best part of this fight sequence no doubt.

I loved the way he fought because it reminds us that he, in fact, lived with the Mohawks for quite some time.


M: Look at Fergus using that wooden hand to attack people!!! OMG, I’M SO HYPED! JAMIE TAUGHT YOU WELL!


Was that Myers knocking out little Brother Brown!? OMG, I AM LOVING THIS WHOLE SEQUENCE.

M: I literally screamed out ‘YAAASSSSSSS’ at my television. Show us what you learned with the Mohawks, my guy. Who choreographed this fight sequence? GIVE THEM A RAISE.

This raid took a great deal of choreography and rehearsal—thanks to Dominic Preece, our amazing Stunt Coordinator and our director. There were many moving parts. The lighting was also important here and Cinematographer Stijn Van der Veken did an incredible job giving the scene its moody and spooky dream-like quality, as it was important to see it from Claire’s POV and wonder if the rescue was real or if she was imagining it. ~ Matthew B. Roberts & Toni Graphia Annotation


JL: All I have to say about him killing a man is, IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME, ROGER! Jamie yelling for Claire floors me. He is so frantic searching for her.


JH: You can hear the pain in his voice, ugh!



JL: I love the vantage point from Claire’s eyes.  

M: Jamie shot a man with one hand and with his other hand he took his broad sword and CLAPPED ANOTHER. IS HE AMBIDEXTROUS!? THAT’S THAT HIGHLANDER SKILL, RIGHT THERE! EPIIIICCC!

JH: He takes out four guys in this clip, still an unbelievable fighter.

M: This is Claire’s way of showing us that she knows Jamie is here for her. She let out a sigh of relief and knows she’s saved.

JL: OMG Margot, you are right! She knows she is now safe, and she slips out of that dream for good now that he has come. Also, the way he turns her face to look at him, breaks me.

JH: Yes! This is the last dream scene we see. She is finally safe, so she can come back to the present.

Dinna be afraid.
There’s the two of us now.


In this scene, we return to the image of Jamie comforting Claire at the window. The first time he wraps a blanket around her, this time he’s wearing his kilt and wraps his tartan plaid around her. And he echoes a line from when they were first married.

Claire recalling Jamie’s unforgettable words give her strength in her darkest hour and foreshadow that he’s coming for her. ~ Matthew B. Roberts & Toni Graphia Annotation

M: Jamie’s face is all our faces. The horror.

JL: Yes, it is. His Claire, his Mo Nighean Donn, his Sassenach so beaten and hurt. We see his heart break.

JH: FINALLY! I cannot believe we are only just halfway through the episode at this point, so much has happened.

M: Also guys, I know it sounds like she was whimpering, but I think she was humming the song ‘Never My Love’…Jamie says that she is alive and whole to ground her. He brings her back to reality to show her that he and the men of the Ridge have showed up for her. I want to cry.

You are alive, you are whole, mo  
nighean donn?

JL: When I realized she was humming the song, even after he removed the gag from her mouth, I started sobbing. Poor Claire did not deserve this.

JH: Oh my god, she was humming the song! I don’t know how she is going to recover from this. And yes, the way she was in and out of the dreams, she probably had no idea if she was alive or dead. Jamie sadly has been in the same state, so he knew exactly what to say.

M: Something about this just tugs at my heart. Seeing Fergus, Ian and Myers line up around her. They are there for her and understand that she was done an injustice. And that needs to be rectified.

There are some left still alive.  

JH: This scene tore at my heart more than anything else. They all love and respect her so much and to see her so brutalized is unthinkable.

Will ye have your vengeance upon  

JL: Claire is trembling and so broken when Myers tries to hand her the knife. I appreciate the gesture. He tries to give her the chance to hand out justice for the men who violated her.

She is bound by an oath. She may  
not kill, be it for mercy or her  
life. It is myself who kills for her.

M: I love this line. He understands and respects who she is and what she does. He takes her Hippocratic Oath seriously. And the fact that he has committed himself to doing the killing for her shows me that they are truly a match made in heaven. What one lacks, the other makes up for it. She can’t kill because of her oath, so he’ll do it for her. Also just shows how in that time period, your word is your bond and it should be taken seriously. Fergus and Ian saying they will also kill for her just demonstrates how loyal her family is to her. CAN WE SAY, THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF RIDE OR DIE!

And I.

And I, Milady.

JH: Iconic line. This is another detail that makes DG’s writing so great. Of course the Hippocratic Oath would have very different implications in the chaos of the 1770s compared to 1960s Boston. But she stays true to her oath no matter what time period she is in. Claire has had to kill to defend herself in this time before, but now she can’t. Did she realize this when she took the oath in case she ever went back?

How many?

I don’t know. They — it was dark.

M: Everyone has been talking about this iconic line since we heard about the possible kidnapping at the end of the season and the idea that ABOSAA would be incorporated into S5. Jamie delivered this line perfectly. My friend just yelled out, ‘That’s f***king RIGHT!’  Do you see how no one said anything after Jamie gave that order? They just walked away silently and put in that good work, ‘Our Laird has given an order, tis what must be done’.

Kill them all.

JL: This entire exchange is absolute perfection and captures exactly what happens in the book. The look in Jamie’s eyes when he says kill them all. The way Claire couldn’t bring herself to look at him and is so shaken from this entire traumatic experience.

JH: AMAZING DIALOGUE! And it really shows the two sides of a love as intense as Jamie and Claire have. You would move heaven and earth for them, but you would also do unspeakable things to protect them.

M: Oh look! It’s Tebbe. BAI TEBBE!


M: They didn’t need to show the men actually dying. We knew what was happening. Jamie looking at Claire was his way of communicating that he was delivering justice for her.

JL: I love the choice of having the camera on Claire as we hear the men being killed.

JL: His face is heartbreaking. He is looking at her with such care and tenderness while still having that look of rage and anger for those men who hurt her.

JH: Yes, he holds her gaze, telling her each death is for her.

M: Honestly, the way Ian walked back up and said, ‘It is done.” OMG. He was so unbothered by killing those men for Claire that he might as well have added, ‘Anything else? A whiskey perhaps?’

JH: Ian’s a real one.

It is done.

JL: He wraps his tartan around her, and she whimpers as he picks her up and carries her. This scene broke me because she is so bruised and bloody.

M: I’m so glad he brought the tartan for her. That’s where she feels safe.

M:You see? They are dead’ – one of my fav lines in the episode. He basically said, ‘Look. Look at what I have done for you Claire. Look at the justice.’

I think as someone who has unfortunately gone through sexual assault, he understood she needed the closure of seeing her assaulters dead just as he needed to see it done for BJR back in S2. Remember he was upset for a time because he thought he never saw with his own eyes BJR dead?

JH: I love that line. They are all dead for certain. They won’t haunt them like Stephen Bonnet and Black Jack Randall. It’s over.

JL: They deserved it.

JH: They did. And now we know there’s nothing Jamie wouldn’t do for Claire.

M: Ladies, if we’re in the 18th century and he doesn’t gather men together for you to ‘Kill them all’ for your honor after you’ve been disrespected… is he really down for you?

I wish they shot little Brown right then and there, but I kind of wanted to see him questioned. LOL Guys, my sister wants them to castrate and string him up after.

JH: Ugh, of course that asshole didn’t die.

M: This was DEFINITELY a callback to 1×11. ‘Are you ready to go home?’ Note how she can’t even look at him and her eyes are cast down. In some weird way, I’m happy Jamie understands this experience, so he knows how to be patient and sensitive with her.

JL: Yes, I thought of 1×11 too!

JH: Yes! So many callbacks to S1 here. This episode is really tying the whole series together.

M: Like I have said before, Donner didn’t help her. So he was against her. When he pops up again, like in classic Outlander fashion, I hope he gets what he deserves.

JL: The fact that he didn’t help her resonates with so many other scenes in the show. Donner didn’t help her, just watched and let others do harm without intervening. This situation reminds me of 4×08 when Bree was assaulted. Those people in the tavern let Bonnet violate her without intervening.

JH: Yes, I guess he might have some useful information about time traveling, but he was a bystander. I’m sure they’ll meet again, and it probably won’t end well for him.

JL: When she thinks her mind is playing tricks on her, but then Jamie tells her Roger and Bree are home. *Me starts to sob.*

M: Some good information. Marsali and the baby are alive, Roger and Bree have come home. Something to look forward to seeing. I’m glad she’ll have the rest of her family there for her when she gets home.

JH: Yes, that’s so sad that she doesn’t trust her own perception at the moment. It’s nice she’ll have her whole family to welcome her back. Her face is so haunting in this scene. She’s still covered in cuts and she’s so pale.

JL: Seeing this shot of the big house, made me feel emotional because it reminds me that this is the end of this season.

JH: I’m sure Claire has never been happier to see that house; she’s finally home.

M: Bree, Marsali and Claire don’t say much to each other in this scene, but their actions are all that matter. She’s home and has people there for her. Also I need the soundtrack right now because that song that was playing during that little reunion was everything.

JL: As soon as I saw Bree walk out on the front porch, I knew we were about to be served an emotional Claire and Bree scene.

JH: The look on Bree’s face kills me. She must have been waiting days for them to come back, not even knowing if Claire is alive or what happened. I’d be worried out of my mind.

JL: When Jamie gently helps Claire get down from the wagon and Bree reaches out and hugs her.

JH: She just looks so fragile. I hate seeing what they’ve done to her.

I thought I’d never see you again.

JL: I love the way Bree embraces Claire. it’s almost like she becomes the mother in this situation. The role reversal is so heartbreakingly beautiful. Then, she tells Claire she is home. *Me cries for the millionth time this episode.*

JH: Yes, this did air on Mother’s Day after all…

Shhh… Mama… I’m home.

JL: Claire reaching out to grab Marsali’s hand while hugging Bree. As Bree lets go of Claire, she puts her arm around Marsali and pushes Claire’s hair back. I love these sisters comforting their mother.

JH: Claire looks so relieved seeing Marsali. After all she’s been through, she still had room in her heart to worry about her!

JL: Claire scrubs herself as Bree washes her hair.

So upsetting. In 4×09, that is the first thing Bree did after her assault, bathe herself.

JH: I can’t imagine having to wait so long and travel so far before getting to take a bath.

She is scrubbing at her hand so harshly, but I guess she realizes she can’t scrub away what happened.

M: It’s so odd to me that Diana G. really made it so that everyone in this family is a sexual assault victim… why? Bree clearly sensed that her mother needed some time to process by herself, so that’s why she left. Also callback to what Lizzie said to Brianna in 4×09. Clearly what Lizzy said to her provided her some comfort, even though she didn’t want to talk about it at the time. Bree using that line on her mother was so sweet.

JL: Yes Margot, that line from Bree destroys me.

You have my hand, Mama, and my ear  
if you need it.

JH: I agree. I guess it was just realistic to the times that most women would be raped. But the fact that it’s consistently used as a plot point, especially for finales, bothers me. At least Claire has people in her life who have gone through the same thing and know what to say.

JL: She feels her nose. It’s all swollen and bruised, probably broken. She is so curled up into herself, all those bruises on her body. I’m getting so emotional again.

M: In some way, I think she’s momentarily slipped into her doctor self and trying to assess the damage done to her body, as well as to her own psyche.

JH: I just can’t get over the makeup in this scene. Her injuries look so real and she’s so pale. She looks half dead. I hate seeing her like this!

M: Was Jamie asking Claire if he could kill Lionel? Yay they beat Lionel. I wish I had seen that.

M: Why? Why does she want him to live? If I were her, I’d grab my scalpel right now and get my justice. Look at how hesitant she is to have him touch her hands. This whole situation has to have changed their dynamic. Again, I’m happy that he is able to understand and therefore we know he’ll be patient and willing to support her just as she did for him.

JL: Claire, please no. This is not the move.

JH: Jamie looks surprised when she says this (and I was too), but of course respects her oath.

M: I’m upset that she’s sorry she’s happy those men are dead. Just shows how kindhearted she is. Also the fact that she doesn’t want Jamie to worry about her. She’s so selfless. It’s hard to want to accept help from others when you’re so used to providing care to everyone else. It’s hard to let yourself be the patient or victim sometimes.

This speech is it. Claire has so much pride in herself. She knows she’s been through a lot and refuses to be broken by some dumb misogynists and rapists. I have to admire her. She fights for herself no matter what.

I have lived through a fucking world war.
I have lost a child. I have lost two husbands.
I have starved with an army, been beaten,
wounded, patronized, betrayed, imprisoned,
and attacked. And I have survived.
And now I should be shattered because of this?
Well, I won’t be.

JL: This speech was one of the best parts in the book and Caitriona delivered it so perfectly. This monologue reflects so many aspects of Claire that are essential to her character.

JH: Yes, this speech shows the grit and compassion that we all love about Claire. It’s all still there; they couldn’t take it from her. And I think she’ll come out of this experience even more determined. DG definitely tends to use trauma to transform her characters this way.

M: I’m glad that Roger and Bree are back. I didn’t want them to leave. I do appreciate how everyone is aware of how difficult the road to recovery will be for Claire.

JH: Yes, Outlander wouldn’t be the same without them! For better or worse, I’m glad they’re still here.

JL: When she sits on his lap and holds him, as they discuss Claire, it was so intimate and lovely to see these two being a couple.

You haven’t asked me what happened.  
Did your father tell you?

JL: Roger, not now. LOL.

M: Not the episode, right? Guess he couldn’t wait to get it off his chest.

JL: Bree looked at him like, “boy if you don’t just say what you want to say, I’m tired” LOL.

JL: Roger, go repent and say a prayer. You will be alright lol.

I.. I killed a man.

M: Jess L, OMG! I know that he is upset that he killed someone. He knows he’s done it for Claire. However he is human, and it wouldn’t be right, if he just did it and moved on. Killing someone must be traumatic.

JH: Yes, he has been through a lot, but I guess killing someone is especially difficult. He couldn’t say it until the candle was out, so I guess he feels a lot of guilt.

Have mercy on me

JL: He needs to STFU, the audacity of this dude.

Oh, be quiet.

What d’ye think this is, if not mercy?

M: Why is Lionel so psychotic that he’s really asking for mercy after knowing what he did. The way Marsali responds to him, so venomously and quiet at the same time. She has no patience for his foolishness.

Don’t let him kill me, that husband  
of yours —

JH: Ugh, every breath he draws is a waste of air. But I saw the look on Claire’s face when he asked for his bonds to be loosened – she was remembering when she begged for the same thing. She is still empathizing with this man after everything he did to her.

M: Claire looks like she’s completely dissociated from her body with the way she’s moving around the surgery. There is no way she feels safe in that part of her house anymore. Is she trying to heal him?


JH: Claire looks so unsteady, and Marsali looks so concerned. She’s definitely never seen her like this. Comfrey is for pain relief, right? Can she really be thinking about easing his pain? But her hand is shaking, and she asks Marsali to do it.

JL: This entire time, I am just thinking, why is this man still drawing breath on this earth?!?  

M: I can’t get over how smug he is and how he thinks he can just beg for mercy. Someone should have crushed his throat!

JH: How can he possibly think an apology would change anything? He really doesn’t understand what he did – just doesn’t see her as human.

JL: Claire is the most dedicated medical professional there is, hands down. She will try to heal anyone, even a man who violated and assaulted her.

M: Oh she def is Jess L because when I tell you that would never be me…

M: There she goes back to her dream-scape again trying to make sure little Brown doesn’t break her. Her grabbing that orange is the same as when she took the orange after the King raped her back in S2. She still has her dignity. Brown won’t change her and make her break her oath. It must have been hard NOT to take that scalpel and slit his throat right there.

JH: Yes! That’s such a cool symbol with her taking the orange. I wonder if we’ll see something like this again.

JL: When she says this, my heart broke for her once again. She is trying so hard not to cry or get emotional in front of him because she does not want him to know that he broke her.

I implore you, Mistress Fraser.

M: I think Claire went into the surgery with the intention of showing him that he didn’t break her. She wanted to act like he had no effect on her and that she’s strong. However, I think it’s okay to let yourself be weak sometimes and to give into your own feelings of fear and sadness to help you process it.

I’ll not do you harm.

JH: Yes, she was doing the same thing Bree did when she visited Stephen Bonnet in jail to forgive him. And I agree, it’s good to be brave, but you can’t process your emotions if you don’t acknowledge them.

JL: When she breaks down, upstairs and cries so hard, it evoked the same feelings I got watching her break down in 2×07.

M: In addition to reacting to her trauma, is she also crying because she’s upset that she couldn’t bring herself to kill him? Even though I am all gung-ho for killing Lionel, I think it says a lot that she decided not to. He didn’t break her. He didn’t bring her down to his level. She is better than he is.

JH: At this point, she’s been holding in her grief and rage for a week at least. She finally lets herself break down, but she’s careful to be quiet and out of sight. This just breaks my heart. There’s so many people in her life that want to be there for her, but she can’t seem to let anyone take care of her. Sorry to gush over Catriona’s acting again, but she’s amazing. She just lets the pain distort her face and it looks so real.

How about a bit o’ mercy on my poor  
old appetite?

M: He’s so smug, does he really think he’s so untouchable? What? He thinks Marsali won’t kill him because she’s a woman?

You’ll take what you get, when you  
get it —

I always do —  



JH: This man’s unhinged hatred of women will literally be the death of him and I’m glad.

JL: Little Brown needs to shut his pie hole. The arrogance of this bastard floors me.

You might want to watch your  

M: I want Brownsville gone. It has a stupid name anyway. He’s acting like he’s a god who can’t be touched by women. Notice how he only thought Jamie would be the one to kill him.

JH: Where was his brother when his men were being massacred? There’s no one to save him now.


M: There is something poetic about Marsali killing little Brown with that syringe. One, Claire trained her, so it’s like her skills killed him indirectly. Two, he broke her first syringe back in 5×07, which was one of the reasons Jamie got so close to death in 5×09. Last, Marsali is a badass woman and, of course, this chauvinistic misogynist dies by a brilliant woman’s hands. It’s only right.

She took an oath to do no harm.
But I have taken no such oath.

I think everyone in the season has either taken a life or saved a life. It’s been really high stakes the whole time. ~ Lauren Lyle

You’ve hurt me, my family, my ma.  
I’ll see you burn in Hell before I  
let you harm another soul in this  
house —  

JL: Marsali is the OG/ride or die. She can be on my squad anytime. I am so glad she was the one to take his life.

JH: Yes, poetic justice!


She did what needed to be done. I’m not sorry about anything.

M: Of course she’s going to be upset at what she’s done. She’s only human.

JH: I love that Claire, Roger, and Marsali are so conflicted about killing. It shows how complex their characters are and how difficult the decision to take someone’s life is.

JL: Jamie and his honor. Of course he’s bringing Lionel’s body to Brownsville. 

JH: We all know what Jamie is capable of, but he still has a strong moral code.

M: Why didn’t Jamie bring extra men with him to deliver the body?

JL: That is a good question, Margot. I thought the same thing.

JH: Uh, because he has the biggest balls in history! Who else do you know would ride into town ALONE just casually towing the body of the man his daughter-in-law murdered?

M: Jamie bringing his body back and dropping it on the floor in front of Big Brother Brown. He was basically saying, ‘Here, I brought you your trash. Do with it what you must.’

JL: This dude needs to thank Jamie for bringing his brother’s body to him.

M: You know it’s bad when your own sibling can’t say much over you being dead. He knew his brother was trash. Also, I just chuckled over them nodding their heads toward each other. It was like they were agreeing over some insignificant chess match.

I thank you for that. Lionel  
reaped what he sowed. And you did  
what you must.


As will I… when  
the time comes.

JH: Yes, you can tell by the look on his face that he knew his brother probably deserved it. But he’s in front of the other men in the town so he can’t just roll over. He has to threaten Jamie, even if there doesn’t seem to be much weight to it.

M: Don’t you feel like the Jamie voice over bookended the season? We started the season with a Claire voice over and now we end with a Jamie one.

I have lived through war, and lost

JL: It was so nice to hear a voice over from him. If I recall correctly, we haven’t had Jamie VO since 1×09.

I know what’s worth the
fight, and what is not.

JH: Yes, it’s definitely been a long time since we’ve heard Jamie do a voice over, and I loved this one “in her blood is his honor christened….” DAMN.

Honor and courage are matters of
the bone.

And what a man will kill for,
he will sometimes die for, too…

A man’s life springs from his
woman’s bones,

JL: Can I just mention how great it is to have Ian back on the ridge?!?!

M: I’m so happy he’s back. Now I just want to know what happened to him.

JH: Please just tell us, Ian!!!

and in her blood is
his honor christened.

JL: How can you not love Fersali and all their cute Fersali babies!?!

For the sake of love alone,
will I walk through fire again.

M: So many babies. Marsali MUST be tired.

JH: Yes, I feel like she’s constantly pregnant!

JL: I love the way these two have been written this season. Them walking arms linked towards the big house and talking. So simple, but so impactful and necessary for their developing relationship.

M: So does this mean they’re okay with staying in this time period?

JH: I guess so? At least for now, they don’t have a choice, so I guess they have to be okay with it. It’s such a nice peaceful scene. I hope they get in as many quiet walks as they can before the war starts.

JL: Claire noticing the post is crooked seems so simple, but that small detail shows how she is trying to return to normal.

M: I like how Jamie smiled at her when she said that. He knows she’s trying to be normal again like you said Jess.

JH: It’s just so good to see the bruises fading and the color back in her face. She won’t be the same, but she will recover from this.

JL: I love the mention of it being an ordinary day. They are trying to settle into a normal life again after everything she has been through.

JH: Yes, ordinary days are precious for these two.

M: They’ve been through some tough stuff this season and they both know it’s only going to get tougher. They have each other though and they know they’ll see each other and their family through.

JL: I am tired of wars…so tired. First Culloden now this war is coming.

M: Jess L. they had nothing else to do back then, but wars! There was no Animal Crossing! (Shout out to all the Outlander fans playing animal crossing btw!)

JH: We’ll meet it the best we can.” I love that phrase. That’s all they can do really, and they’ve weathered all their storms so far!

JL: The dark clouds looming in the distance, as a storm is coming, serves as a metaphor for how Claire is coping. The darkness she felt, and the trauma she experienced, is still in her mind lurking in the distance. Then, finally when she opens up to Jamie, it starts to rain.

I love you.

M: They don’t really say, I love you, often. I mean they express it, but a flat out ‘I love you’, like we got back in 1×12 and 2×13? Those don’t happen often. When they do, they have a solemnity about it. That little exchange between them kind of pierced my soul.

JH: Jamie is truly the King of Men…. Yes, I do like that they are sparing with saying “I love you.” It makes it much more meaningful when they do.

When the day shall come, that we do
part… if my last words are not ‘I
love you’ — ye ken it was because
I didna have time.

JL: That line from him IS SO PERFECT! IT MAKES ME TEAR UP.

M: After such a traumatic event, their sex life would definitely be different. Remember when he couldn’t even sleep with her for a time because of what happened to him with BJR? I think he told Claire she was a ‘brave wee thing’ because he knew that having sex again with him was going to be difficult.

Christ, ye are a brave wee thing.

The fact that she was up for it and followed through made him acknowledge that. We all already knew that Claire is a brave badass, and she knows she’s brave as well. I interpreted her response to him as a way of confirming it for herself again with Jamie.

JH: It was sad seeing the bruises still all over her, but it’s great that she’s already moving towards healing.

Am I?  

JL: The image of them skin to skin, him holding her completely naked, is so vulnerable and beautiful. She feels safest in his arms. This being the last scene of the episode is perfection. I would not have wanted it any other way.

M: His arms are where she feels safest. It was said multiple times in the episode with the dream-scape. Only now, it’s in reality that she’s in his arms. Like I mentioned in the post for 5×11, the story started with them and it has to end with them. This was a beautiful way to end the season.

JH: Yes, this was such a great way to end the season! It’s good that it ended on a somewhat happy note…and now Droughtlander begins.

How do you feel?


Episode Rating (1-5 Shots)

We give this episode 5-shots and a Kilt! This is our highest rated episode of the season. We could not believe they got so much done in 50 WHOLE MINUTES! This episode dealt with so many difficult topics – from sexual trauma to murder to how to properly present a dead man’s body to his brother.

This was such a great finale, even though the topic was so difficult. We were very nervous to watch this episode because the plot twists with rape in this series can be so off putting. However, it was handled brilliantly. It was a big improvement from the way Wentworth Prison was depicted. They managed to truthfully communicate the horror Claire was experiencing without showing so many graphic details.

The way they handled dissociation was innovative. The dream sequence threw us off, at first, but we found it a brilliant addition to the episode. It was an amazing summary of the whole series in terms of what Claire finds important, what has brought her happiness and what makes her feel safe. However, the constant juxtaposition between reality and the dream-scape showed the viewers how jostled and erratic Claire’s mind was.

Caitriona Balfe DID THAT AND MORE. We knew once this storyline would come up in the show that Caitriona could give a phenomenal performance. She did NOT disappoint. She portrayed Claire so fiercely during that whole episode. She was being physically and psychologically tortured. And the whole time, she maintained an air of dignity and composure in front of her captors and around everyone else. The facial expressions, the pain in her eyes, the body movements and the way she carries herself. All of this captures the emotions and pain she must have felt. Her delivery and the subtle movements she makes are all masterful. Caitriona truly deserves recognition for her brilliant work. Note: Claire’s story was happening from the beginning of Epi2, so that was a constant thread throughout the entire season. Fantastic.

Each character had a good storyline this season and they took care with each one. Jamie with the Regulators and Murtagh, Roger with his PTSD and Brianna with Stephen Bonnet. Rounding out the series with Claire’s story was magic. We were happy Bree and Roger didn’t go through those stones to another time period. We guessed they were secretly hoping, just like the viewers were, that they would stay, and that’s how it turned out. We love how we are slowly learning about the tricky mechanics of time travel and we are looking forward to seeing more hints.

The rescue/fight sequence was EPIC! Not many of them happen, but Outlander knows how to do fight sequences. Fergus, Ian and Roger really stood out here. Ian with that Tomahawk taking those men out. We were living for that! Also the scene with Marsali, Bree and Claire when she returned to the Ridge was emotional. We also loved how Marsali got poetic justice for them all! Of course, the final scene between Jamie and Claire really was the cherry on top of the whole episode and season.

This show communicates so much just with clothing. The costumes all season have been amazing! We have loved the different feel to them this season and, in this finale, the costumes told a story and served a purpose. The red dress Claire wore in the dream sequence was the opposite of the blues and purples we have seen her in all season. But red symbolizes pride and strength, so seeing her in red was a nice touch. Another costume was the one she wore on the front porch with Jamie. She is covered up so much, trying to cover her body after the violation she experienced. This costume served its purpose in capturing this fear and shame Claire feels.

We love that we are still seeing tartans so far away from Scotland. When Jamie walked out in his kilt, we all knew it was vengeance time. And when he wraps Claire in it during the dream, then later when he finally finds her, it’s so symbolic. He’s literally wrapping her in his heritage, pride and endurance.

We also love how they tell a story just by the way the room is arranged, from the vase and the orange to the long hallway Claire walks down to open the door to the police officers. The 60/70s house she dreamed of was stunning. The color palette of the 60/70s was perfect and contrasted brilliantly with the red she wore. Such a modern feel with full 60/70s furniture. So many little details in the house during the dream-scape. And that curved staircase in the big house is also stunning! Jon Gary Steele never disappoints and the whole Outlander production team are amazing.

All of the directors  and the cinematography were fabulous this season. Big shout out to Jamie Payne, Stijn Van der Veken and crew for this episode! The cinematography in this episode is unmatched. The light and camera shots of the landscapes are so well-captured. The lighting and filtering in the scene near the river were so phenomenal and set a tone. Also, the way the dream-scape was filmed was especially brilliant. The rooms were a little too bright and the camera tilted or wobbled to reflect Claire’s mental instability.

From the very beginning, the music set the tone. Throughout this entire episode, the music we hear are some themes from S1 and S4. We were ecstatic to hear Raya Yarbrough singing the Skye Boat song. Her voice is iconic. Skye Boat was such a good choice for this series. The lyrics seem to gain new layers of meaning as the story progressed. It’s hard to believe it wasn’t made specifically for this show! And, after the events of this episode, just having the regular theme song would feel almost disrespectful. It was a great choice just having the vocals with the storm in the background. It’s haunting, but still hopeful. It will not be long before the S5 soundtrack is available. We cannot wait to get our hands on it.


What we are looking forward to in S6?

Jessica H: I hope in the next season we get to see Claire heal and accept support from her family. She’s cared for so many people over her life, so it’s time for her to receive some! I’m looking forward to seeing how the Revolutionary War will affect the Fraser clan and if Brown will really follow through on this threat. I haven’t read all the books yet and there doesn’t seem to be much of a point in predicting what will happen since this show always surprises me. I’m not sure how I’ll get through this Droughtlander, but I know I’ll pick up on more details re-watching this season! Follow Jessica H on Twitter – @calypsomoon9.

Jessica L: I have read all the books, so I know what we all have to look forward to in S6. But there are some things I can say I am looking forward to seeing. One thing I am looking forward to seeing is more of Caitriona’s brilliant performance as Claire copes with PTSD. Something else I am looking forward to is seeing more of the MacKenzies and Frasers being on the Ridge. Something about them being domestic and ordinary is so lovely to watch. It’s beautiful to see them as a happy family. Of course I am looking forward to seeing Jamie and Claire enjoying their privacy, as well as their family around them. There is so much more that I am looking forward to seeing. I love this show and these characters. I need S6, like yesterday, because I cannot survive this Droughtlander. Follow Jessica L on Twitter – @LOutlander.

Margot: I’m looking forward to Claire working through her PTSD and seeing Jamie and the rest of her family help her through it. Everything is going to be so different now. Outlander has always been a sort of dark show, but I feel like S6 will be on another level. Also there’s ANOTHER war coming, so it looks like that’s going to take up a lot of the story. Droughtlander will be a long one, with the COVID crisis underway, but I know it’ll all be worth it when it ends. Follow Margot on Twitter – @Margot94V.

Outlander S6 – A Breath Of Snow And Ashes (ABOSAA)


The year is 1772, and on the eve of the American Revolution, the long fuse of rebellion has already been lit. Men lie dead in the streets of Boston, and in the backwoods of North Carolina, isolated cabins burn in the forest.

With chaos brewing, the governor calls upon Jamie Fraser to unite the backcountry and safeguard the colony for King and Crown. But from his wife Jamie knows that three years hence the shot heard round the world will be fired, and the result will be independence—with those loyal to the King either dead or in exile. And there is also the matter of a tiny clipping from The Wilmington Gazette, dated 1776, which reports Jamie’s death, along with his kin. For once, he hopes, his time-traveling family may be wrong about the future.

And now . . . we enter the world of Droughtlander!

Special Note:

Make sure you check out Blacklanderz Outlander Season 5 Episode 12 Review.


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7 thoughts on “Blacklanderz® Convos! Outlander S5 Epi12 – Season Finale

  1. Bravo ladies I loved this. Thank you for calling Lionel Brown little Brown and telling him to shut his pie hole. 🤣🤣🤣
    Your point of view is outstanding. You’ve got me ending to go back and hear Claire hum the song Never My Love. This song had been in my head since Saturday evening. I can’t wait to convos with you ladies again in season 6.


  2. Fully enjoyed it Ladies. I appreciate the way you all picked up on so many details and nuanced aspects of the episode I missed, even after my second watch (which is saying a lot because I don’t miss much). I also like that you all make me think and consider deep down my innermost feelings about this brilliant piece of artistic work. After two viewings, I think what really stuck me most was the collaborative whole. All the artistry, craft and creative blood poured into this episode from top to bottom. That said if I had to hang my hat on one thing in particular, I guess it would have to be the hauntingly brilliant performance of Caitriona Balfe. WOW. I’m still unpacking it days later. With almost no dialog she held me motionless for 50 minutes. Moreover, I am a book reader and I questioned how Claire’s assault would translate to the screen and nervous about how the show would do it. The dreamscape, was not only genius, as a device, but so artistically beautiful. I guess for me, it’s that Caitriona gets Claire Fraser in way few actors are able to do with a character. As I watch her in every scene, her vulnerability and her capacity to interpret Claire’s mind for the audience I just find extraordinary. Wherever she is in time, she never ever lets us forget that Claire’s soul is fused to Jamie Fraser. I DIED when they were slow dancing in the 70’s, something we never ever get to see them do! What a gorgeous couple. Ugg, tears rolling. Just the way she was holding on to him to help her survive. I so appreciated the TV adaption better the the book. I’m also called back to S1, Lallybroch, when Jamie tells Claire “I can bear pain myself, but I could nah bear yours. It would take more strength than I have”. His terror when he saw what they did to her. Ugg! Too much. I could go on and on but I won’t lol. The rest of the cast was stellar. Great direction, script, make up and SET DESIGN, OMG. Fantastic episode. Is Outlander too rapey? Perhaps. The 18th was a very violent and dangerous century, and Diana is nothing if not historically correct. Because of the way this episode was written and produced, I will be able to rewatch it and appreciate the message it communicates.


    1. Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed our Convo for this episode!!! And I agree with everything you said! Caitriona is extraordinary and captures every aspect of what Claire is feeling and thinking; she does this so well that the viewers cant help but like we’re right there with her. The care and thought the production took with this episode is phenomenal and THIS level of excellence makes Outlander so great!!!!


  3. I have greatly enjoyed your commentaries on each episode this season, and yours has become one of the ones I look forward to reading each time. I agree that this episode was done in such a brilliant way, handling the violence and rape in a way that didn’t sensationalize it, but showed her trying to hold herself together. The entire cast works so seamlessly together to show their characters’ responses to Claire’s kidnapping. I think another of the intentional things about the 60s/70s sequences is that the red dress echoes the red dress Claire wears in Paris to the King’s palace. Red is usually seen as a color that suggests strength, so by imagining herself in red she imagines herself as strong enough to withstand the violence she is experiencing.


    1. Thank you so much. We truly appreciate you reading them and supporting what we do. Yes, I have to agree with you. That was one of the strongest finale the show has had and all the actors performed brilliantly.


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