Costumes (S1)

Here are some of our favorites from Season 1.

 frank-claire-outlander-episode-3-starz  1_Frank_Claire

1_Claire  1_Frank

1_Claire Frank

  6_&Claire Dougal  1_Claire & Frank


1940s  1_Frank Claire

Costumes_Jamie Claire Dougal

5_The Rent_Ladies

2_Claire Ms Fitz

       Black-Jack-Randall  The-Garrison-Commander

      Red Coats OUT_106-20140404-EM_1633.jpg

 bwz0rc1caaaikes  Geillis
The Grove Display3  90f5baf09fcb165d2c558d627463d5fa

Colum  Outlander-Hugh-Munro-03042015


 7_Claire and jamie   Photo-Oct-10-6-11-55-AM

5_The Gathering


Ron & Diana

CCBl41VWYAIRuXl.jpg large claire_0-costume_header


f0d6d8c36df1bb677c18b6a040d3f154  ff81cbf5127047b4c7df75c13545f287


Outlander 2014


12_Bedroom Lallybroch


14a_The Search

jamie-on-a-horse-outlander-will-claire-choose-frank-or-jamie-jpeg-304882 Outlander 2014

We can’t wait to see the costumes for Season 2.


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures. We simply found them on the Internet in order to highlight the story and the strengths of these actors/characters. No copyright infringement intended.

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