Blacklanderz Convos! Outlander S4 Epi11

Blacklanderz Convos! Outlander S4 Epi11 – If Not for Hope Written by Shaina Fewell & Bronwyn Garrity | Directed by Mairzee Almas This conversation is between Blacklanderz Tqwana, Olivia and Vida. Arranged and edited by Vida. CONFIDENCE | HOPE | THE FUTURE  Tqwana: We’re seeing the major players, Claire, Bree, Jamie and even Fergus dealing with crises of confidence in themselves and their situations. Jamie … Continue reading Blacklanderz Convos! Outlander S4 Epi11

Outlander | Blacklanderz Interview with Wil Johnson: Insight into Dr. Joe (EXCLUSIVE)

Wil Johnson made his American debut when his character, Joe Abernathy, stepped onto the screen in Outlander S3 Epi 3, All Debts Paid. Being the first Black (‘Negro’) male in Harvard Medical School’s anatomy class and Claire Randall, being the first female, the two quickly became confidants and forged a lasting friendship. There are interviews of Wil discussing specific scenes from Outlander and even one that found … Continue reading Outlander | Blacklanderz Interview with Wil Johnson: Insight into Dr. Joe (EXCLUSIVE)

Blacklanderz Olivia’s Scottish Journey!

My Scottish Journey ~ by Olivia Winslow   “Why are you going there?” My mother asked. Various friends and colleagues wondered the same thing, their brows slightly furrowed in question. “There” is Scotland, a country I visited this summer, in what was only my second trip across “The Pond,” as they say. It was not my first international sojourn, however. I’ve vacationed in the Caribbean … Continue reading Blacklanderz Olivia’s Scottish Journey!

Blacklanderz™ Speak!

Yes, we are a real group of people, as we mention on our website, and now it’s time to hear from some of us and see who we are! When we created the blog and website several months ago, the purpose was to get more Black people (as well as others) to watch intellectual television shows, such as Outlander – see About for more information. Although … Continue reading Blacklanderz™ Speak!