Outlander Postmortem: Q&A With New French Foe Stanley Weber

This is a pretty good interview Yahoo had with Stanley Weber.

How familiar were you with the Outlander series before you applied for the job?

I only knew a little bit about the series because a friend of mine directed a few episodes in Season 1, and when they started working on Season 2, I heard they were looking for some French people. When I got the part, I watched the entire first season to do my homework and learn about this thing I was now on board of. I watched it in two days, not because I had to but because I loved it. Then I read the second book, and I felt even more grateful because this is a cracking part to get your teeth into.

Rumor has it you first auditioned for another part, but producers asked you back for St. Germain. What part did you first try for, and why do you think Germain was ultimately the better choice for you?

For Louis XV, the king. I don’t know why they thought of me for this part more than the other one, but I am glad they called me back. I take every part that has been given to me as gifts, as jewels. I think the Comte St. Germain has a little more to do and a little more contact with the two leads. Not that the king doesn’t, but he is so above the other characters. He is playing in another zone. St. Germain is very interesting because he is a real enemy for Claire and Jamie.

How would you describe the character to someone who has not seen the show or read the books?

He is a business man, a wine merchant. He is ready and capable of anything to achieve his goals. And if the job requires him to be really nasty, then he’s gotta do it. He is smart and elegant and desires success.


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