Blacklanderz™ Speak!

Yes, we are a real group of people, as we mention on our website, and now it’s time to hear from some of us and see who we are!

When we created the blog and website several months ago, the purpose was to get more Black people (as well as others) to watch intellectual television shows, such as Outlander – see About for more information. Although we have not collected all of the clan Blacklanderz™ feedback after watching Outlander Season 1, we wanted to post a few comments of what some had to say about the show. We will add more when we receive them.

Note: If you’ve recently gotten into Outlander with the Starz version and would like us to add your quote (again, only from Season 1 Starz version – no book spoilers), please email it to us at with a head shot and we will kindly add it.


I can’t remember a show I enjoyed as much as Outlander!

Outlander is smart storytelling, intellectually written, emotionally immersive, thought provoking, brave, raw and intense. I truly appreciate how Diana Gabaldon made Claire a strong, intelligent, capable and confident female regardless of the era!

The chemistry between Caitriona and Sam is so palpable, you can’t help but root for them and their relationship. Their characters also show us what it really means to love someone – body, mind and soul til death you part – and, at what lengths a person is willing to go to protect the one person or people he/she loves the most.

I absolutely LOVE Jamie . . . natural leader of men – KING OF MEN!, fighter, loyalist, and above all protector. And, the way he says Sassenach (among other things) is so damn sexy!

I read Dragonfly in Amber immediately after S1 because I didn’t want their story to end; then, I read Voyager! I’m giving myself a break before Drums of Autumn.

More importantly than anything else, being a part of this Outlander fandom has allowed us to connect with fans from all across the globe through social media (we thank ye verra much), and I can’t say that any other book or television series has ever done that . . . Sláinte, Diana Gabaldon!

Can’t wait til Season 2!

 ~ Vida – Houston, Texas


I watched Outlander when the house was quiet so that I could enjoy the entire show. It’s the best writing and plot on television. I was often on the edge of my seat, of course with a glass in hand! Claire is a 21st century woman then and now!

~ Jacqueline – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

DD1 Florida

Outlander is a man’s man series (yeah, I still have my man’s card) that portrays how a real man cares and sacrifices for, respects, protects and loves his woman – a partner and soul mate – at no matter the cost.

Spellbinding! Fierce! Riveting!

Looking forward to Season 2!

~ Dwight – Plantation, Florida


Outlander is one of the best shows ever written – period! It’s provocative, intelligent and a great love story.

Good idea to watch it with your significant other (as I did with my husband) because it can be quite therapeutic for your relationship. Can’t wait for Season 2!

Sam Heughan . . . Sexy, Sexy, Sexy. Need I say more! I love his innocence!

~ Dianne – Atlanta, Georgia


My wife and I haven’t finished watching the first season yet. So, all I will say for now is . . . My real last name is Frazier (Je Suis Prest), my wife’s name is Claire and is originally from France, and I’m a Mason!

To be continued . . . .

~ Santel – Houston, Texas


It was such a roller coaster ride of emotions. I loved every minute of it. After watching Outlander with my husband (though it was hard to watch the last episode), I was disgusted, sad and happy. I even had nightmares.

Outlander is truly a masterpiece!

All of the elements used were so tightly interconnected and authentic from the scenery of Scotland and costumes to the language/dialect. We can’t wait until Season 2.

 ~ Kristal – Houston, Texas

F & M

What a portrait of specticism!

Outlander is a masterpiece that captured my attention, both visually and emotionally. This production allowed me (and us) to observe an historical journey with characters who brought sheer artistry to resurrecting people and events of by-gone years. The writing of intricate lines showcased dialog as authentic and relatable.

All the actors perfected a necessary understanding of their character and the time-period. Remarkably, each one provided a distinctive command of his/her role, which seamlessly allowed his or her relationship with one another, to bounce off the screen, as a finely painted story.

The cinematography had brushed-strokes that were significant, startling, and strong – which complemented the interaction of the characters, yet was viable and essential, as the actors themselves. This artwork, titled Outlander, touched my senses and certainly left me in awe and desiring more.

Its creator, Diana Gabaldon, had a really raw, poignant vision for her canvass. Its producers, writers and editors shared that vision by cultivating and tweaking the story, which enhanced the painting. Its actors masterfully breathed life and soul, with skill and precision, to this work of art; and yet, the eye for attention and details – locations, scenery, dialects and the wardrobe – all framed this picture, as Outlander.

This series is priceless and most definitely worth the escape!

~ Fredi P. (& Mani-San) – New York, New York

H & B

We have become fans of Outlander because it is such a unique drama!

We have never seen a show that combines a love story, full of suspense and intrigue, which also captures the imagination with time travel.

Outlander is one of a kind!

~ Hugh & Blyss – Houston, Texas


I started watching Outlander on Starz the first episode of the first season after seeing the previews. It was so intriguing that I couldn’t wait for the next episode. I remembered reading a book jacket with the same plot so I searched for it on my Kindle. I found the first book, read it in two weeks; then, I read the remaining books within two months.

I’ve been hooked ever since!

I love Jamie; he is a man’s man. Claire is a bold woman, who’s not afraid to get in the mix of anything. This historical fiction is excellent.

~ Lorinda – Houston, Texas

Diana Gabaldon’s series catapulted me into a world filled with history, intrigue, love, loss and triumph. She’s one of the few authors that has the power to make me laugh and cry in one simple paragraph.


Eight books in and I’m still as obsessed and captivated by Jamie and Claire’s adventures. Outlander is one of the few TV shows that is true to the books.

There is so much to love about the show from the cast (LOVE EVERY. Single. One. Of. Them), the costumes (Terry Dresbach), to the music (Bear!!)! I am eagerly awaiting S3 and I know it’s worth the wait. Let’s not forget Book 9: Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone.

~ Tami – Montreal, Canada



Loving/reading Outlander reignited my childhood dream of living in the mountains with magical beings…albeit more tantalizing! #CocoaLassie

~ Jean – Houston, Texas

I was honored to add my contributions to the Blacklanderz blog in 2016 as this was my first time contributing to blog. I look forward to experiencing the Outlander 2017 season with the Blacklanderz family.  What I love most about the Blacklanderz family is that it provides a forum for us to express our views on intellectual TV without judgment.

If you are not watching Outlander you are missing out on one of the most well written, acted, costumed and scored dramas on TV today! I’m impatiently awaiting Season 3.

~ Iris – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 It’s always been forever, Sassenach.  ~ Jamie to Claire.
From the books to the screen, Outlander is a unique journey of love, family, sacrifice and a bit of magic. It’s been a joy to have this space to converse about our love of Claire and Jamie.
~ Michelle – Washington, DC

I am a twenty-something-year-old Outlander fan that likes to wear my fandom on my sleeve. L-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y!

I have recreated several of Claire’s dresses that are based on Terry Dresbach’s designs.

In the colder seasons in New York City, I can often be spotted wearing Outlander coats and scarves. I love to blog and tweet; my current focus is Outlander and the other major period dramas and cosplay. I am also working on the Poldark Costuming Project using a Tumblr blog where I analyze costumes for historical accuracy and teach people how to make their own Poldark inspired recreations. See you around for Outlander S4.

~ Amanda – Brooklyn, New York



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