Rupert MacKenzie & Angus Mhor

*Spoilers – If you don’t want to know what happens, stop here!*

rupert200Played by Grant O’Rourke

Rupert MacKenzie (Tacksman of Clan MacKenzie, a cousin of Colum and Dougal and Dougal’s right-hand man).



angus-mhorPlayed by Stephen Walters

Angus Mhor (part of Clan MacKenzie, one of Dougal’s men and Rupert’s side kick)


They play off of each other so well! Would they go back through the stones?

 Dougal commands one or the other, or both, to keep a watchful eye on Claire.

Watches Claire


2_Calire  2_Claire

            They fight over who gets the ‘girl’.

Who gets the girl

Warns Claire of the danger of wild boars and suggest she stay close.

4_The Hunt

Loves to drink and have a good time!



Goes with the clan to collect rent.

Watches Claire on the road

Can’t seem to keep up with Claire.

5_The Rent

5_Cant keep up wtih Claire

5_Collecting rent

Fights with Claire over a goat.

5_Trying to take back a goat

Unknowingly confronts a soldier when he interferes with Dougal and Claire arguing.

5_Unknowingly Confronts Red Coat

Shows Claire how to use a knife in order to defend herself.



Defends Claire’s honor when other Scots call her a whore.



Gets the wedding ring Jamie wants made for Claire.

  7_Wedding Ring 7_Secure ring for Wedding


Barges in on Claire and Jamie to see if they have consummated the marriage.

7_Wedding Night_Angus & Rupert

Receives some of Dougal’s wrath and goes to find Claire for a sedative or something to calm Dougal down.

Dougla going beserk

Both go with Jamie to rescue Claire from Black Jack.

Outlander 2014

Angus agrees to join Claire and Murtagh, after Willie, so Willie won’t have all the fun and to look out for him.

Then, Rupert follows and agrees to go.

16_Angus agrees to help Claire then Rupert

14_The Search_Wentworth Prison

While Willie, Murtagh and Claire think they are just drinking and gambling, they are actually getting intel on Wentworth prison in order for Claire and Murtagh to go back and try to find Jamie.

15_Getting intel


After Claire’s second attempt to free Jamie failed and Murtagh came up with another plan,they go with him to rescue Jamie.


Rupert drives the getaway wagon; while, Angus follows on horseback.

16_Rupert Driving wagon with Jamie

Both stay with Claire and Murtagh until Jamie is well enough to travel.

16_Waiting for Jamie to Heal

Angus goes overboard saying goodbye to Claire (providing comic relief).
Rupert, surprisingly, is more chivalrous.


Where did we leave Rupert and Angus at the end of Season 1?

We presume they are headed back to the camp site where Claire and Murtagh found them.

We do hope to see them again.


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures. We simply found them on the Internet in order to highlight the story and the strengths of these actors/characters. No copyright infringement intended.

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