Costumes (S3)

I’ve never viewed a television series where the costumes change every season.  Though there weren’t that many changes for our main characters, there were additional ones we’d not seen before – slaves, Maroons, children etc., and this season went between centuries.

Here are some of our favorites from S3.

Every season has Redcoats.

This season we saw a more rugged Jamie depicting his life in the wilderness.

We are playing in two completely different worlds, and it makes for a very schizophrenic process for our department as we bounce back and forth between the two. And there are a lot of stunts and a lot of action, and a lot of going in water and people getting out of water, and getting shot and getting killed and so it’s a different kind of challenge.

Mad Men nailed it so beautifully, but they were on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. It’s like being in San Francisco where you would see cutting-edge. This is Boston. This is conservative, these are real people, and we are really striving on this show to stick with regular real people and to reflect that as opposed to a heightened, fashion-version of things.

~ Terry Dresbach

There are a lot of layers to that costume on purpose. The original layer is a top coat and a cape. She doesn’t peel back all the layers until she and Jamie are back together and she’s available to reclaim that part of herself, which has been pretty much dead for all those years. She’s back with Jamie and that romantic side of herself is rekindled again.

~ Terry Dresbach

Back in Scotland

We wanted Claire to be a woman of the 20th century, who knows she is going back in time. I would ask every audience member the eternal question of time travel … if you knew you were going, what would you do? If I put myself in that position, I would make sure what I was wearing was waterproof and make sure it was warm. Claire knows where she is going to, she knows what the conditions are. So she being Claire, being the queen of all women, she figures out practically what she needs.

Terry Dresbach

This season, we even had ladies of the night, who needed costumes.

There were also a number of children who were in this season.

Aboard different ships.

I watched Sex and the City like everybody else, and the clothes were so much fun. But we can’t do that. If Claire is on a ship, and every few minutes she has a new outfit, you’d be, ‘Where is she getting that from? Is there a store down there?

~ Terry Dresbach


Former slaves/Jamaicans/Maroons


The New World and colony, Georgia . . . the Americas.




Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures. No copyright infringement intended.


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