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Outlander S4 Epi6 – Blood of My Blood

Written by Shaina Fewell | Directed by Denise Di Novi

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Margot (hasn’t read the book), Helina and Ayana. Arranged and edited by Vida. [For those who don’t know, I also interrupt at times – just because.]

A: Beware of snakes, with and without legs. This is the first time I have heard the clarinet, and it isn’t Frank related. It is in the upper register, however, and makes me wonder if it isn’t an oboe I’m hearing. I’m happy to have a nod to the book here.

M: Who or what is this snake representing?

H: The saying goes, “Red on black, venom lack; red on yellow, kill a fellow.” And when I first saw the snake, I thought of that saying, then Sawny! But who just pulled the snake out from the privy?!?

A: As a book reader, this makes me ecstatic to see. It is one of my favorite scenes of the entire Outlander series. I wish it ended up in the episode somehow. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another title card that ended up solely as a nod or book reader’s Easter Egg.


Margot: This episode tied up a few loose ends. We got to see Willie and John Grey again, which I was surprised by, but I should have seen them coming. My distaste for Willie comes from the intense dislike I held for his mother, which I why I mostly refer to him as Spawn. His attitude isn’t the best either, so it just reinforces the use of the word for me.

John and Claire interacting with each other was very interesting. At some point, it looked like John was trying to hurt Claire’s feelings. For that, he is petty; but, Claire took some shots too. I did enjoy watching how suspicious she was of him and called him out on everything she thought.

Overall, Willie is Jamie’s family and I am happy that he got to spend some time with him. It must have been hard walking that fine line between being an ‘acquaintance’ and a caregiver. Also, THE RING was amazing. Jamie and Claire’s relationship in unmatched.


Helina: Jamie has not one, but two children out in the world, and through no fault of his own is unable to care and provide for them must be an excruciating feeling. This episode beautifully captures healing moments for the viewers to witness that love really comes in all forms, and that a child does not have to have biological ties to be loved and cared for.

During several moments, it made me wonder how many of us would take care of someone, who not only symbolized the reason behind my separation from my loved one, and do it with grace. This episode was definitely a lesson in humility, with a touch of sass while mustering courage in the face of danger!


Ayana: I have such overwhelming joy in my heart after watching ‘Blood of My Blood.’ The themes of not only family, but also respect and disrespect were explored during this episode. I have to say my own too! I came into this episode ready to disrespect Willie; I’m sorry William, at every point and left feeling hopeful.

Claire did a masterful job of jumping from doctor and nurse to interrogator. Her bedside manner was stellar considering the circumstances. In the end, bonds were formed between her and Lord John.

A: I hear the French Horn; Lord John Grey is here! I’m genuinely surprised he didn’t check out Jamie for longer. I wonder what Jamie is building?

M: John really just came out of the shadows and presented himself to Fraser’s Ridge. Not going to lie, I’m not THAT excited to see him. I do like him, but I wouldn’t have minded not seeing him. UGH Spawn is there too?

I think he does have feelings for him, and he does want to see Jamie and so on and so forth, and that may be a motivator for him being there. But I think that there’s also a deeply compassionate reason for him to be there, which is, as he says quite fed up, that it’s to allow Jamie to see his son and for [Willie] to see Jamie, even though, unbeknownst to him, Jamie is his real father.

~ David Berry

H: Oh Grey, must you be so obtuse? You can look all you want, but Jamie is off limits. On the other hand, though, I am happy to see you…now where is Willie?!?!?

What the devil –

What are ye doing in the backcountry?

A: Right Helina, how do you just leave a child alone in those unknown woods?

Your letter painted such a beautiful
picture that I was determined to see
your land with my own eyes. And
I’ve business in Virginia.

Typically, the show starts and ends on scenes from the point of view of the lead characters, but in this case, we made an exception. Lord John Grey is a beloved character by all the writers. We did not want to miss the moment his eyes light up when he first sees Jamie.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

M: Ayana, I agree with that. John Grey is already proving to be annoying.

Virginia’s some ways north, John . . .

He’s here with me, however.

I don’t know if he’ll remember you.

He was barely six when I left Helwater
— a lifetime ago, to a lad.

Best he doesna remember, perhaps.
For his sake.

[Claire at the stream] gives us a chance to show that Claire has settled into Fraser’s Ridge and has embraced her new life in the 18th Century. Murtagh wasn’t in this episode when we first started breaking it. In fact, the first outline started with Claire facing down the snake in the privy—we even had a toy snake in the writers’ room for inspiration. Ultimately, having a boy fall down a privy wasn’t as practical as we hoped, so we leaned into the moment with the leeches. We paid homage to the snake in the privy in the title card.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

M: I spy a scene seen in the opening.

A: Margot, spying that scene has made me extra attentive to the opening scene every re-watch since then.

A: It seems that Murtagh’s not planning to stay. I want Claire’s wardrobe. She mixes and matches like nobody’s business. You can always be sure of death and taxes, sometimes taxes after death. I’m behind you Murtagh all the way in this fight.

M: I love having him back. It’s kind of like old times, but things are so different with him being a regulator now. I am happy about the stance he has taken though, fighting for fewer taxes.

I like how mentioning taxes regularly indicates that this will have something to do with a huge theme for the rest of the season or series.

H: Definitely agree with you Margot. With the living conditions being what they were in the New World / backcountry in the 18th century, I’m glad Claire and Jamie have him to rely on. Ain’t nothing like a loved one to make tough times bearable!

Something we tried to do with a lot of our characters this season is that everything is mix and match. No one really has outfits that stand alone, as in ‘I am wearing this outfit today,’ unless it’s a ball or a party. Everyone has a wardrobe like anyone would have a wardrobe and we are flexible with how looks are put together.

~ Nina Ayres

A: I can’t express how much I hate Master William’s hair. It seems he’s telling her to remove the leeches not asking per say. This is when I start calling for his parents.

M: Okay, so we meet Spawn. I don’t like his hair either. He takes after his mother; that’s not a compliment. He seems like a miserable brat. Well, he does have leeches on him, so I guess that makes sense.

H: Ok, so the kid clearly is asking for help and yes, leeches can be a nuisance. But, how he managed to exude arrogance in the midst of his need is beyond me!

We’d be honored if you’d stayed for a while, as guests. Is Isobel with you?

M: Jamie did you discuss with Claire, if John could stay?

No . . . Isobel . . . has died.
on the ship between England and Jamaica.
she and William were coming to join
me there and she took ill.

M: OMG, Isobel is dead? That’s sad, I liked her. She was a gentle spirit. I don’t know how to feel if spawn remembers Jamie or not. Would it be easier or harder?

H: And yea, I was wondering the same thing…when did Jamie discuss the sleeping arrangements with Claire?

A: My friends have learned not to just drop by. You need to text first. It seems Jamie wrote, but there wasn’t an invitation. Murtagh is an exception!

This reminds me of high school and learning who is more friend to a friend than another.

M: SURPRISE CLAIRE. Yes, I was surprised too.

Introduction scenes tend to be boring and waste valuable time, but there is just too much history between these characters to skip it.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

Our biggest challenge was sequencing all of these pivotal moments: 1) Jamie hasn’t laid eyes on his son since Helwater; 2) Claire connecting the dots as she sees John Grey and realizes that this boy is Jamie’s son; 3) Murtagh’s surprise at seeing his former warden from Ardsmuir Prison; and 4) Will the boy remember Jamie?

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

I think the only worries he would have is that William may [find out] that Jamie is his real father, and the effect that that would have on the child. And of course, what would John say? I think he knows that it’s selfish of him.

~ David Berry

What if he found out the truth? But I don’t think that phases Lord John. I think he’s thinking long-term. He’s thinking further down the track. At some stage in this child’s life, he may reveal to him that Jamie is his real father. I think that’s his secret hope, that they could have a relationship, that is William and Jamie.

~ David Berry

H: I don’t like how at ease Grey is inside Jamie and Claire’s cabin. This tête-à-tête feels waaaay too intimate! Also, this reunion/scene is just bursting with so much angst and emotion by all parties that it’s palpable!

This scene was meant to be outside on the front porch. However, because this episode started filming in January, we only had five hours of daylight to work with. During prep, we moved this scene inside so we could shoot for day, even though the Scotland sky was dark.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

M: Why do they have to bow to Spawn? Ew.

A: He’s William Clarence Henry George Ransom, Ninth Earl of Ellesmere, Viscount Ashness and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Jamie’s still a British subject. Besides, it must be crushing to carry the weight of such a name and the weight of saying it, hence the bowing.

William’s not aware of the
circumstances of how we three
met. I’d be grateful for your
discretion in the matter.

Aye. Wouldn’t want him to
think ye keep dishonorable company . . .

The past is in the past. Lord John
is a trusted friend.

And his kindness helped preserve yer life.

M: So, John is friends with Governor Tryon. Okay, let’s put a pin in that. YAS!

Murtagh call out the BS. CLAIRE TOO. Where is the money coming from? This is a weird dinner. Am I the only one who just doesn’t like John and Spawn there? I’m cringing.

A: Don’t be an uninvited guest and then start mess at the dinner table. They’re both being rude.

But, I actually enjoy this banter at the table, Margot. Information gathering of a sort (your pin is important!). I also think it’s important that Jamie soak up as much of William as he possibly can.

The Governor’s built himself a palace, ye say.

H: So much for having left the old woes from the old world behind!

M: I wonder how John would have felt if that was a slave, instead of a Sheriff, who was dragged through the street.

Yes . . . when it is complete it will
stand as a symbol of stability in the Province,
a true monument to elegance.

A: I’m all for this tax talk an all, but who will build these estates? I know one thing for sure, none of that tax money will go to slaves in the form of wages.

Elegance? Where’s the money coming from?

H: It seems like the Redcoats are intent on taxing people heftily WHEREVER they go! And, what’s up with Grey’s rudeness about the inhabitants…didn’t he just arrive to the area?

[V: He is British and can be just as pompous as Tryon. He is only going by what he has ‘heard’, not seen or witnessed.]

Take these “Regulators” for instance – –
by all accounts they are proving
themselves to be unreasonable and dangerous.
A menace to the backcountry and given
to causing disruption by means of riot.

Have you encountered anything of the kind here?

M: ‘NO OF COURSE NOT! We haven’t seen anything like that here.’ I do like how Claire and Jamie are trying to downplay Murtagh’s reaction.

A: I don’t know Margot, Claire’s reaction seems to take a side.

Thank ye for dinner.

H: Aah! Chess and drinks! Well, it seems like Grey’s “the young man whom you crossed an ocean” comment could imply so many things! Grey, you better remember that often, blood is thicker than water. And, “there isn’t an ocean too deep, a mountain so high it can keep” Jamie away from his loved ones!

A: Imagine if he would have used the chamber pot in that small cabin, he would have ruined everyone’s meal. That’s just nasty.

There’s a privy, just behind the cabin, Master William.

There was a lot of banter in the writers’ room about what it would be like for a Lord to stay in a modest cabin in the middle of the backcountry. We’ve all had moments where unexpected guests show up—it’s an 18th century story that is very relatable.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

H: And ixnay on the indoor chamber pot! EEEEW!

Outside? Won’t someone fetch a chamber pot?

M: Spawn is spoiled. Aw, look at Jamie speaking Gaelic in front of him to try and rub some Scottish culture onto him. I get it.

Shin u, shun u m’ eudail.

There ye are, there ye are, m’ darlin’.

[V: Jamie is talking to the horses as not to spook them or calm them down. And apparently, this is what connects Jamie being a groom at Helwater to him.]

A: I’m wanting to dislike this kid so much. He’s making it hard though. His arrogance balance well with his vulnerability. He was lied to; he feels some kind of way about that. I don’t blame him.

This scene was inspired by a conversation with the director, Denise Di Novi. The dialogue was originally supposed to take place during dinner, but in an effort to make it more intimate, we moved it outside so Jamie and William could have an organic moment alone.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

M: WOW, he remembers him? I still don’t know how to feel. Aww, looks like spawn’s feelings were hurt that Jamie didn’t act like he recognized him.

A: I appreciate that Jamie didn’t attempt to continue the ruse. He came clean. That’s a show of respect. Let’s see if it’s returned.

Do you still have the wooden snake I carved for you?

[Outlander S3 Epi4 ~”Of Lost Things”]

M: So, does he have the snake or nah?

I’m too old for toys, sir.

A: Margot, in my heart of hearts, I believe he does. Where is Young Ian?

M: Yeah, where is Ian? How about where is Brianna?!?!?

H: Young Ian went hunting with the Cherokee!

When we got the first script, it was maybe played a little bit heavier about this jealousy thing. But after conversations with Di Novi and the show’s writers, we found this lovely balance. Claire’s not threatened like Lord John, but she is a little bit like, ‘What are your motivations? Why are you here? Are you here to stir up trouble?’

~ Caitriona Balfe


Where is Isobel’s estate?

What are you doing so far from Virginia? That’s a long journey. Please say the word and tell him to LEAVE.

Lynchburg. . . .

A: Is that the ‘Red Dress’ from France? It looks better in the Colonies, I’m just saying. It’s rather stunning, like Claire accusing John of being a spy. I almost spilled my wine. Glad she’s bold and out with it. Like I wished Jamie would have been with his godfather this night.

Lynchburg is in Virginia, isn’t it?

Indeed it is. However, after I received a letter from Jamie
with news of the land grant in North Carolina, I thought
it wise to seek a trusted friend’s counsel on the
particulars of life in the Colonies.

Counsel for you – – or the Governor?

M: OMG, they have to sleep outside for their accommodations? WOW.

A: We can be thankful it’s only John and William and not the rest of the men he’s traveling with.

H: My brother and I grew up with giving up our rooms for our guests whenever it was needed. But, I cannot say it was easy! I can’t imagine how much more so having to go OUT of the house in less than uncomfortable lodging! Claire, you’re a good woman!

A: I can’t lie, my guest would get the best accommodation I could muster up, invited or not. But, I would let them know about it LOL! You will be texting ahead of time the next time.

M:He is very handsome,” such a lie. Well, perception is everything and I must not be seeing that same thing Claire is. I think it is quite nice that Jamie is remembering Willie and Claire is listening to it. It’s no one’s fault about what happened with Spawn’s mother. RIP Geneva.

Ian must be the BIGGEST third wheel ever. They must never get alone time with each other.

This scene was shot in a barn just outside of Falkland. Why not the studio? We covered two small scenes of Roger in “Inverness” that morning, but there wouldn’t be time for cast and crew to drive back to the stages and still finish our day. So, production had to relocate the lean-to from the studio to a nearby barn.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

A: Margot, you have me dying over here. He’s cuter with his hair tied back; not much, but some. Young Ian is known as ‘birth control‘ to me. Lord John Grey and William about to take over the spot though. This season’s focus on the domestic relationship between Claire and Jamie has been giving me life.

It is so special to have someone that you can unburden everything with, even complicated stuff like a surprise child, and feel supported. Their bond grows stronger and stronger day by day.

H: LOL at “BIGGEST” third wheel. Well, I guess Jamie and Claire knew what they signed up for when they let Young Ian stay with them. It just means that they gotta be more stealth or creative!

M: Murtagh and I need to sit and talk about how we don’t like the idea of John Grey being here. Perceptive huh? Murtagh really reasoned out who Spawn’s father is really quickly.

He’s right. If Jamie wasn’t his father, he wouldn’t have cared so much. Jamie really cares about his reputation, and I don’t want Spawn at Fraser’s Ridge any longer than he has to be. I like how Murtagh asked if Claire knew; that’s the important question.

A: Y’all going to stand by as slaves build that palace unpaid. How dare Jamie even hesitate telling Murtagh all? This man knows his wife is from the future and his daughter is alive in 1971. What, he can’t keep another secret?  Murtagh continues to prove he’s a great friend to both Jamie and Claire. No matter which writer’s turn it is, the Outlander writers do relationships justice.

There were many debates about when and how Murtagh would find out about Jamie’s illegitimate son. They usually confide everything in each other, so it’s very possible that Jamie would have told Murtagh in-between episodes while they were hanging out at Fraser’s Ridge. In the end, we decided to let it play out on screen. In an earlier version, Jamie tells him the news about Willie.

We changed it later to have Jamie skirting around it and let Murtagh realize and say, “He’s yours, isna he?” Murtagh knows Jamie so well, we wanted him to figure it out. The Regulator movement is the first time Jamie and Murtagh have been on opposite sides, but they both harmonize on one thing: family comes first.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

H: Oh man, I just wanted to get up and hug Murtagh during this scene for so many reasons. His passion for justice is relentless and he appears to be a steady beam of light in uncharted territory. But once again, he shows his softer/kinder side; and like a father, there isn’t anything he would not do for Jamie. Does this make him grand-godfather to Willie?  

M: Okay I’m happy Jamie gets to play some chess. He likes that. WEAK, THE MAN (John) IS WEAK. He can’t hold his whisky. If you live in America and crave your food from home and have to have some weak substitute, take it and try to feel content.

It’s a very special friendship. I think those men know exactly what it is. John is not going to act upon it. Jamie obviously has no intention to act upon it. But, the relationship sort of transcends those romantic feelings. Jamie holds it as a special bond in his life that’s not as important as his relationship with Claire, but it’s up there.

And it certainly causes him to have feelings of conflict, and with Claire, and with his relationship to his own, the regulators, and his own people, and so far. And he’s having a relationship, [a] friendship with a Red Coat, and I think it goes to the heart of [John’s] character. He’s a very compassionate, selfless man. In spite of his feelings, he’s able to conduct himself to have this friendship that I think he feels is quite altruistic and is mentioned with Jamie, but I don’t think it’s in any way one-sided. I think Jamie gets a lot of it, too.

~ David Berry

Do you feel yourself content?

M: Jamie is happy where he is John; you don’t have to be concerned about that.

I have all that a man can want.
A home and honorable work. My wife at my side.

A: He’s showing he is a friend. He cares for Jamie’s happiness. I’m so happy Jamie gets to look upon one of his blood children. See him, touch him, watch him sleep. So important because he understands how the other is so out of reach to him.

Good friends. The knowledge that my son is safe
and well cared for.

H: You’re on point there, Margot! Grey is just pitifully fragile. I sometimes wondered how he managed to be a soldier, especially in the English Army! But, where does he get off asking if he is content! Of course he is, he is with his beloved Claire!

I want no more.

M: YAY, they’re leaving — What? DARN IT. He brought sickness into their home? That is how he thanks them? My gosh.

While you are all reading: VACCINATE YOUR KIDS FOLKS. HAVING MEASLES IS NOT FUN. That is my plug for today.

A: Their cabin is just to die for. Claire took out the 18th century version of anti-bacterial gel, alcohol. To add to the vaccination plug, wash your hands people!

M: WAIT! John better get well quick!!! What is Spawn going to do, if he dies?

A: Live with Jamie and Claire? No, I’m quite sure he would go to Hal.

H: For a moment there, I thought Grey was going to fall over as he bowed! Oh man, what a morbid thought. But, I agree with you, Ayana. If Grey were to die, Willie would probably go to live with Hal and Minnie until he became of age!

I’m not leaving!

A: What is that lining John’s cloak? Bear? I need to tweet at Terry Dresbach. [Update: Terry responded to me on Twitter; it’s real beaver.]

I can’t be the only one excited Jamie gets to spend more time with his kid, brattiness, bad hair and all.

H: No you’re not, Ayana! I was jubilant!

There’s definitely been an evolution in the costumes and it’s quite interesting to see in America how it’s quite relaxed. We’ve still got elements of our old costumes and our old lives, but taking on different cultures. It’s more about practicality and about what works. We’ve gone from Scotland to the French courts to here, so we’ve gotten to try everything.

~ Sam Heughan

You, sir . . . are a lout!

M: This is kind of funny; Jamie forcing him on the horse. ‘Tie your feet to the stirrups.’ Spawn is rude. ‘Lout’, what does that mean?

A: Google says, a lout is ‘an uncouth and aggressive man or boy.’ Really tame, if you ask me. Wonder if it’s all bluster?

H:  I’m glad I was not the only one who had no idea what “lout” was. But, Jamie grabbing Willie by the scruff of the coat was very bear-like!

M: Listen well, Spawn, to what Jamie is saying to you… Did Willie just hear what he said? ‘Why are the savages permitted to remain on THEIR land?’ Oh okay, I turned on my subtitles, it was ‘the’ not ‘their’. Still a stupid question in my book.

Ye see those initials? Ye’ll find
similar markings all along this
area. They serve as a Treaty Line between
Indian land and the King’s land. Always stay
on this side of the marked trees.

A: I really hope William is paying attention too, Margot. That ‘savages’ talk hit me hard. I’m glad that Jamie is not only showing a deeper understanding of his place, but also explaining that to William. It’s a small way of doing something about it.

Have you ever seen such a glorious thing before, sir?

H: I normally don’t use subtitles. But when I do, it’s for Outlander and that’s because I don’t want to lose any important details. And yeah, I was very surprised and angry at Willie’s use of “savages!” Hate for what they didn’t know or understand was taught early! SMH!


M: Aw, you can tell Jamie is happy he thinks the site of the land is glorious.

M: I like how Claire likes calling John out on his BS.

She does not like him at all. He’s also rude for trying to hurt her feelings about her not having 20 years with Jamie. Let him know about Brianna. I can see how angry she is. I would be mad too.

A: Claire switched from nurse with a pleasant bedside manner to “OH, HELL NO!” really quick.

H: I also loved how she smoothly brought up Brianna! Marinate and stew on that Grey!

You’re envious of the time that
Jamie and I shared – together and
with William. . . you’re envious
of the fact that I’m raising Jamie’s
son, are you not?

There were many debates about the Claire and Lord John arc. There was concern about having three major scenes with John Grey sick in bed, limiting what can be done physically to keep the story energetic. Luckily, these characters have a rich history and many triggers that are exhilarating to explore on the page. Cait and David delivered these moments in spades. There were even a few tears from the crew on the day of shooting.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

We have a daughter. Her name is
Brianna. She’s grown up now, and
lives in Boston. We were robbed of
the opportunity to raise her together
because of Culloden.

M: You know it’s okay if he wanted to come to see Jamie, but he didn’t have to be so sneaky about it. Just say it loud, be proud and move on with your life. My emphasis on MOVE ON. Get better please so you can leave Fraser’s Ridge.

H: Grey is a little snake and he really thought he could “one up” Claire!

A: John came at her hella sideways. He’s lying in her bed, getting the absolute best possible care and bringing up ‘raising Jamie’s son’. Claire put him squarely in his place.

H: She definitely showed grace in the midst of his arrogance!

M: I like straightforward people. Hence, I like Claire.

[V: Me too, Margot.]

A: There is some give and take here though. Claire could have gone all in and walked out; instead, she stuck around and learned his motives. I think caring for her patient, but more so Jamie’s feeling played a big part here.

M: Willie is stubborn; it does not look like he will be growing on me anytime soon.

A: That’s home training. Jamie lied to him and they share genes, stubborn fits.

H: Like father like son, sometimes genetic traits are undeniable and Jamie sees his own reflected on Willie!

The trout tickling part of this scene was inspired by the first Outlander book. Seeing Jamie tickle his way into a wholesome dinner is something the writers have always loved and were thrilled to finally find a home for it.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community


M: Aww Jamie, catching that fish was cool, showed him a trick that he will never be able to do. He’s stubborn and does not want to learn. At least he is respectful in the sense that he calls Jamie ‘Sir’.

A: The callback to their time at Helwater was sweet. Jamie has some making up to do. Help Margot, he’s growing on me. I wanted to dislike his arrogant behind so much, but he’s making it hard to though.

M: Think about his mother, Ayana. Think about how it should be Brianna! Not him!

H: Awww ladies . . . If you think about it, Willie (as arrogant and stubborn as he is) really is as much a victim in this as Jamie is! Though I agree with you, at least he knows his sir, please and thank yous!

M: Are they going to use that shot of the deer for a future opening like that did in the others? I kind of miss it. It’s a pretty awesome shot.

A: Do you mean in the opening title that frames Caitriona Balfe’s name? That stag is still there, on the hill top with Scotland’s mountains behind him.

M: Why is he excusing himself, so Jamie can butcher the deer? Get back here and do it yourself. Come and learn.

A: This scene confused me the first time I watched it. It seemed like William wanted to give Jamie privacy as he prayed or whatever over the deer. Jamie took it as William wanting to get out of doing a servant’s work. Did I misread this?

[V: He was giving Jamie time to dress the deer, as his servant’s probably did/do at home. But Jamie clears it up for him with the quickness that they were not hunting for sport. And, if he didn’t prepare the gralloch, he wouldn’t eat!]

M: Okay good job; yes, it’s gross.

A: Nothing like a little parental manipulation to angle a child the way you want them to go. I want to know what Claire uses deer intestines for in her healing.

H: I’m not one for hunting, but I loved Jamie teaching him to have respect for his food! I think Willie is still somewhat of a sponge, so I’m sure he’s going to store that information for later use, maybe? Lol at “parental manipulation.”

A:  Once again, I’m reminded that William just lost his mother, and to him, possibly his father. That’s hard to take at any age. I need to plan a camping trip with my daughter soon. I miss it.

M: I was wondering why he was getting so emotional and everyone in the room had to remind me he lost his mom and could possibly lose John. So, I understand.

H: This scene had me in tears because I could relate to Willie’s repressed emotion of having lost a parent. It’s almost six years since my Dad died, and I still feel a sharp pain when I think of that, so just imagine a child!

M:I want to see my papa now.” My sister just responded, “You’re staring right at him.” I gave her a high five and nearly fell off my couch in laughter. Also, it really grinds my gears that Jamie calls him ‘My Lord’. I understand why, but it still annoys me. Willie uses arrogance and brattiness to cover up his emotional side. I give him a pass. I am also referring to him as Willie on purpose, even though he wanted to be called William because I still don’t care for him. I feel badly for him though; he’s lost a lot and that can make a great impact.

When we set out to break this episode, we knew we would be at the mercy of a young actor, many of whom find long passages of dialogue challenging to memorize. At first, we kept William’s dialogue to a bare minimum, but once we cast Oliver, we knew we had the freedom to give our talented actor more dialogue.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

A: LOL, progress!

H: On top of that, imagine leaving behind the comforts of the home you’re accustomed to, going to new land surrounded with imminent danger and, to top it off, possibly losing the other parent. Gosh, I’d be a brat too and don’t think I’d hear reason.

It’s almost like Jon is trapped, and Claire is his captor. He’s on the opposite end from where he usually is. He was a warden in a prison, and the measles kind of trapped him. It’s like [he and Claire] are bitter rivals, but they’re not.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

M: John has this headache because he was rude to Claire! Claire needs to heal him, so he can leave.

H: Claire’s homeopathic remedies are no match of 18th century measles!

A: Did she learn this from Yi Tien Cho? Wish there was a shout-out, if she had.

M: Confession? He felt nothing? What does he mean? I feel badly for Isobel. I mean she did love John, but still that sounds so sad.

H: I thought the same thing Margo. Grey is petty. I guess he figures, “Hey I may die soon, so I might as well confess my sins and then some!” Ugh!

What makes those scenes so dynamic is that a lot of people who read the books and loved Jamie are in that bed with John. [Laughs.] They’re talking to Claire and going, ‘I love him, too! I love him, too!’

~ Matthew B. Roberts

M: It’s hard watching you with him.” Then why did you come?

There’s never going to be a triangle among Claire, Jamie and Lord John. You feel this heartbreak for John, because he loves Jamie — like so many people who read the books love Jamie — and can never have him. Why people love [John] so much is because he’s damned, in a way.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

M: Oh, I could have had him.” Why would he use this in this conversation? WOW, HE IS PETTY.  P E T T Y.

A: I hope this is fever talking. There was no tact here, none at all. I would like to think, knowing what we know of his character, that he didn’t mean to strike a blow.

M: You should stop talking.’ This is the best line in the entire episode. Claire deserves all of the awards.

M: ALSO… WHERE IS BRIANNA? She is the only living Fraser child I’m acknowledging today.

A: Margot, I have been wondering about the other “Blood of My Blood” this episode too. Where/when is Bree? I believe Adawehi meant literally here, as in right now.

H: Jamie is no spring chicken. Did anyone else find it amazing that he is still able to sleep sitting down, leaning on his musket like he did over 20 yrs ago? Now that’s a soldier! Where’s my fan!!!

[V: That’s remarkable to say the least.]


M: GOSH, where did this boy disappear to? John never taught him to not touch things that don’t belong to him?

H: Jeeez, does that kid ever listen? Where the heck did he go?

A: If he crossed the lines Jamie clearly laid out, I’m going to start calling him Spawn. A hard head makes a soft behind.


M: Ayana, I am so glad you have seen the light. Welcome to the dark side of calling him Spawn.


M: Look at my Highlander speaking Cherokee language. Jamie, I don’t think that cool knife trick is going to work again this time. It was dope back in Epi4, but today… looks like a no.


Gesdi dahnawa yogi yahlidoa.

We mean no harm.

A: He crossed the boundary and he called the Natives ‘savages’ again.

M: They don’t want the fish back. LOL.

Anitsalagihi atsutsa tsatsuhvsgei.
Giga gvdi dikwiyuhi.

M: Wait, they’re gonna kill one of them? Over a fish? A FISH?

H: I thought the same thing Margot…I know you’re not axing someone over no damn fish!

The boy fished Cherokee land.
The price is his blood.

We looked at mountain men and fur traders and the Native Americans. There was lots of trade between them at the time. We looked at how we could change the silhouette of men by using moccasins and leggings that the Native Americans wore and then mixing that with European and Western costume. That mix of cultures helped sell America as the New World [on the show visually] because it was melting pot of influences and cultures.

~ Nina Ayres

H: I loved when Jamie uttered, “The boy is my son! His blood is my blood”! Such a cathartic moment! I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins, heart beating fast and my fingers tickling!

Because this is a quiet episode, the writers’ room was challenged to create a climactic ending for Jamie and William’s story. We knew we were on the right track once the idea of Jamie having to admit William was his son in order to save his life was pitched.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

M: I jumped back when Jamie yelled that.

No! He’s not my father! He showed me
the boundaries, but I did not respect them.
I alone stole your fish!

M: Okay Willie, you have some guts. What? What are the Cherokee saying? I’m so mad I don’t know what they are saying. It’s hilarious that they chose not to translate.

A:  He showed real courage. I will put some respect on his name, Lord Spawn.

Asgaya Skatsi nole atsutsa
Sunadageyuhv iyuyeladi

H: I agree with y’all, Sp…. Willie definitely showed some backbone!

The Scots man and the boy are
brave. We will release them
because of the love they have
for each other.

H: What I hope is that, on their way back home, Jamie shared with Lord Spawn the story of how Fergus lost his hand to a savage Scottish Red Coat over a lesser infraction back in Scotland.

M: Does John regret what he said? Can’t take it back now. Oh John is envious that Claire is happy with Jamie. He’s mad he couldn’t do that for Isobel. I’m sad for him.

A: I’m glad he feels something. I appreciate John and Claire’s honesty.

That’s the nature of infatuation. I think it’s possible. … He’s certainly had a big therapy session with Claire, and it might help him get over his infatuation with Jamie. … But Claire does ask him toward the end of the episode, “Do you still have feelings for him?” And John says, “God help me, I do.” And I think that’s a burden and a thing that he’s willing to bear. He can live with his infatuation with Jamie, or his feelings for Jamie, but he may be able to find happiness in spite of those feelings.

~ David Berry

H: Margot, I don’t think John regrets what he said! I think he wanted to “jab” Claire and make her feel his pain. Besides Jamie, Hector was the only other person he truly loved and he lost him at Culloden. So, they both lost something and someone over 20 years ago; except that now, one of them (Claire) can make up for lost time!

M: Oh, we’re bringing up Frank now. Let me pull him from the darkest pits of my memories and remember him tonight. Frank did have a sad life though. RIP man, you actually deserved more.

A: Like you Margot, I’m not only reminded of Frank, but also Lord John represents the Frank character in the 18th century. Both raising children not of their blood (well, not John) and loving people who love them back, but not in the way they need and want it. My heart hurts for them.

M: I don’t think anyone could ever really get over loving or having feelings for someone like Jamie. God help this man. Accept Willie John, that’s all you get. Be grateful.

A: I’m thinking back to the opening credits. A hand removing a snake from the privy hole. I really need that bit of levity right now. I appreciate the book nod though.

Mister Fraser. Do you remember the day you left Helwater?


M: Wow, I never realized Jamie not looking back at Willie had such a big impact on him; he was still so young. I knew it was hard for Jamie. The kid looks like he could be wise.

I ran to you, but you did not look back . . .
why did you not look back at me?

A: He digs for deeper answers, more meaning and understanding. He’s showing a little bit of Jamie in him and decent rearing from Lord John. A blessed kid that’s been through a lot. What point of the journey did his mom die? Did he travel the rest of the way alone? How many servants did he have with him? They are not with him now.

I didn’t look, because . . . I didna
want to give ye false hope. I
never expected to see ye again.

H: I think that one of the reasons why it impacted Willie that Jamie didn’t look back (apart from being the groom) is that Willie genuinely felt cared for by him. Jamie treated him differently than the other “workers” of the Dunsany household.

M: Finally, John is well! Time to eat, get some water and LEAVE. I love this outfit Claire has on.

H: I love how Jamie tried to hold Willie back before entering the house…his way of protecting him just in case Grey didn’t make it!

A: So happy he made it. Didn’t really want to go through seeing William lose, yet another parent. Outlander gives me enough heartache.

H: Grey embracing Willie as he rushed in was really tender! I’m sure it can’t be easy for Jamie, but knowing his son is truly loved eases some of the pain…or at least I hope so.

He knows that he has a piece of Jamie, and he has, in the sense that he’s got Jamie’s complete trust and confidence, and to raise his son, who is one of the most dear things in his life to him. There can be no greater affirmation of a friendship or of someone’s trust than to be the custodian of the thing that they hold most dear.

So, I think Lord John is very gracious of that, and very cognizant that’s something that Jamie has entrusted him with, and that means a great deal for his friendship.

~ David Berry

A: I, myself, love Lord John. He can’t have too many close, CLOSE friends, and he has that in Jamie and now Claire. Although he was petty AF, he did provide Jamie time with his son and learned that Jamie is happy and content.

A: I’m not sure it’s right to cover for William. I would let it be known what transpired in detail to the other parent, co-parenting 10; otherwise, children will manipulate the situation. Although I wouldn’t leave out his courage and bravery, his disobedience would also be put on blast.

Claire has a lot of compassion for him, because she can see how painful this love that he has for Jamie has been for him, that he’s had to pay a real price… And she can relate to that, because she’s spent so many years away from the love of her life. She knows how heavy a burden that is to carry.

~ Caitriona Balfe

A: Claire takes her position as a doctor very seriously. I like the bedside manner throughout the episode and especially the out-patient stuff. Oh and she adds on a little psychological help while she’s at it.

M:You too deserve to have the look of satisfaction on your face’ … Just not from my husband, and please don’t ever come back. I wanted her to add that line.

H: I don’t really think Claire thinks of Grey as a threat, so her wishing him well and hopes that he too can find satisfaction is second nature and not a stretch for her. But, let him try something sneaky, and she’ll have her Sgian Dubh ready! Elle est prête!!

I think it’s a very good point that through this shared trauma, that this very intimate experience they both go through — John is on the brink of death and Claire nursing him back to his health — and John being very concessional in that moment. This is unusual for him because he’s someone who always plays his cards extremely close to his chest, I think.

What they go through is a catalyst for [John and Claire] to have that very sweet intimacy at the end of the episode, where they both have an admiration for each other, I think, and a deep mutual respect. Claire leaves John with that parting gift of saying, “You deserve the look of satisfaction on your face,” which is basically, you deserve happiness in your life, which is something John has always been yearning to hear.

~ David Berry

Willie, at least, has manners; I’ll give him that. Maybe, he’ll grow out of his brattiness.

A pleasure, Mistress Fraser.

The pleasure was mine.

This scene is a callback to the time that Jamie had to say goodbye to Young William at Helwater. It was an emotional ending to Episode 304, “Of Lost Things.” This was one of the first scenes we discussed in the writers’ room. The tone for the entire Jamie/William story was driven by how we wanted to end it.

~ Shaina Fewell, Outlander Community

Aww, he looked back…meaning we’re going to see him again. Ugh!

Slan leat.

A: My heart grew three times larger when he turned around and look back at Jamie. He may not understand the actual relationship he has with Jamie, but he hopes to see Mac again. For that, he gets respect put on his name.


H: The pained look on Jamie’s face as he watched his son leave was heartbreaking! That man has some strong shoulders and he carries his burdens well!

M: YAAASSS, THE BATHTUB SCENE. This entire episode walked, so this scene could RUN. Finally, Jamie and Claire have some time alone. No Ian, no Murtagh (still my homie), no Rollo, no John Grey, no Spawn, and no man bear! Just them.

Those are the moments we see Jamie and Claire really still in love and just enjoying each other’s company, and we don’t always get to show that. I think it’s important. I think the fans will love those moments. And it’s also a time for everyone to breathe and just enjoy watching Jamie and Claire together without them being, you know, attacked or trying to fight some wild animals. It’s a really beautiful moment.

~ Sam Heughan

M: They are so cute together. I am forever a stan.

So often I’ve burned for ye . . . but
this water on yer skin, caressing
ye – –

it’s enough to make me
jealous of the rain itself.

[V: This reminded me of Sting’s, I Burn for You! You’re welcome.]

What I love is that Claire’s not insecure about her love for Jamie or Jamie’s love for her. These other people may come in, and they may, in some way, claim ownership or whatever that might be, but it doesn’t make Claire insecure. She may feel pain, or it may not be easy to hear, but it never undermines her belief that they’re soulmates to each other. At the end of that, for Jamie to give her this ring, it restated the fact that they’re in sync with each other and that no one can really ever come between them again.

~ Caitriona Balfe

M: This wedding ring 2.0 is AMAZING.

A: It took me five or six viewings to really appreciate this ring. I love this scene, don’t get me wrong.


Oh I thought it was very clever how they did it. It worked in extremely well with the plot that they had going, how they had worked that particular bit. I assumed it to be kind of their way of apologizing to the readers who were upset about the first ring, by giving them a ring that more closely resembled what they might have had in mind.

~ Diana Gabaldon

A: I tweeted my happiness with the “N” Nudity at the top of this Outlander episode and glad it was saved to the end. I just really miss her Lallybroch key wedding ring.

M: Now you tell me: What guy takes his mother’s silver candlestick… gets his LEGENDARY Godfather to forge it into this intricate ring for you, WITH ENGRAVING? Only Jamie. I’m stepping out of the room. I cannot. These two are too much. I love them.

H: I love Claire’s practicality, sense of security and simplicity. She knows Jamie loves her beyond measure and doesn’t need anything, no ring or earthly possession to prove it. But, I love how she melts when he does give her the new ring! She knew it was a labor of love and one that connected her with Jamie, his mother Ellen and Murtagh, who forged it!

De mi basia mille

A: What I did appreciate is how the cast and crew really care about the book series and its fans. I’m one of those and I appreciate that they didn’t just buy a book cover and title. I also enjoy the changes (Murtagh, hello!).


Give me a thousand kisses.

M: Call back to S2 finale when Claire went back to Lallybroch. That voice over. That’s so adorable. Aww, Claire is so into this with Jamie she forgot how to count. “1, 2, 3… 5”?!!? I AM DEAD.

A: Claire using Core Math to count; is she from the future? Oh and I want those towels!

Episode Rating (1-5 Shots)

We give this episode – 4 shots. The writers really know how to bring things full circle and we are sure diehard fans, like us, really appreciate it. They continue to capture the essence of the books and have a remarkable vision in executing the show. However, some of us wondered why Willie got an entire episode dedicated to him? It was nice to be introduced to Oliver Finnegan. And though some of us don’t particularly like his character, the actor played his role well. With that said, we did appreciate the call back to that poem from S2 Epi13 and the scene from S3 Epi4 used in this episode, especially with Willie looking back at Jamie as he left. So, we figured this was the bridge to tie up any loose ends before the steam really starts rolling.

Another question we had: Where is Brianna? We were disappointed we did not see her at all in this episode. It would have been an overload, but somehow poignant to have the other “Blood of My Blood’ present in some way. We saw snippets of her in every other episode and now she’s walking around 18th century Scotland and we have no idea what she is doing. We are also wondering how she will locate her parents. Inquiring minds would like to know.

This episode presented numerous conflicts between Murtagh and Lord John Grey, Murtagh and Jamie, Lord John Grey and Claire, Jamie and William and the two of them with the Native Americans. For once, this episode was full of character development rather than solely focused on the plot. It was a nice change of pace that allowed us time with each of these characters to understand their motives, innermost thoughts and feelings. David Berry’s performance of Lord John Grey being in need of assistance was interesting. Though Grey came partly for his own selfish needs, he learned quite a bit from the Frasers and it clearly showed in his expressions! He has the most expressive facial features…and eyebrows!

Terry mentioned on Twitter how they always research the clothing from the era and location and it shows in each episode. She and her crew outdid themselves with the men’s costumes this episode, particularly Jamie and Lord Grey’s coats and Willie’s outfit. We also loved how Claire mixed her articles of clothing each day. Again, we marveled at the inside of their cabin. Jon Gary Steele and team built an incredible set. And, we cannot leave out Gina Cromwell and her team with their set decorations that would make any modern-day decorators take note.

How did you rate the episode and why? Let us know in the comments section.


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Helina: I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where Brianna ends up. We’ve seen from previous episodes that there may be different points of entry as well as time, so I can only hope that she reaches her intended destination. I don’t like that Bonnet is in the preview for the next episode…nothing good could come out of any situation with him. I’m also wondering why Fiona is headed towards the stone circle. I mean, we know that her granny, Ms. Graham, was the caller. I take it ,she passed down the family business to her; but, is she planning on going with Roger?! But wait…she is married…what is her husband going to do? Ugh…so many questions! Follow Helina on Twitter: @helinazewdu.

Margot: BRIANNA. That is what I am looking forward to seeing in the next episode. When is the meeting with Jamie going to take place? Where does she go first when she passes through? She’s smart; so, I know it’s going to be great. Also, I knew Stephen Bonnet was due for an appearance. I hear so many crazy things about this man and I am SCARED. Something tells me the season is about to pick up now. It could very well be a wild ride. I’m ready. I do hope we get a good amount of Jamie and Claire in the next episode though. I also wonder if Roger is going to attempt to go through the stones in this next episode. Oh Roger, I still don’t really know how to feel about you yet. Follow Margot on Twitter: @Margot94V.

Ayana: I hope we have an entire episode dedicated to Brianna and Roger. It seems she’s made it back in time. I just hope it’s the right time and in time! Why is Fiona at the stones? Is she going back too? Bonnet is back, why am I worried? Follow Ayana on Twitter: @Ayana80Smith.


Outlander S4 Epi7 – Down the Rabbit Hole ~ Video via STARZ

Written by Shannon Gross | Directed by Jennifer Getzinger


Brianna follows in her mother’s footsteps and travels through the stones back in time to 18th century Scotland where she struggles to make her way to the Colonies to find her parents, Jamie and Claire. Meanwhile, Roger follows Brianna into the past and embarks on a harrowing sea journey.
Time is not a reality, it is a concept or a measure.


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures.  No copyright infringement intended. 


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  1. “He’s William Clarence Henry George Ransom, Ninth Earl of Ellesmere, Viscount Ashness and a whole bunch of other stuff.” *snort*

    Another enjoyable sit down with you all 😘 Oh and to answer your question, Claire would use the intestines for surgical thread. “Catgut” sutures pretty much can be made from any intestines.


  2. Great job lassies! I’m amazed at what others see and bring to life through these convos. When Jamie told John he could stay, I was thinking. . . really Jami,e you didn’t check with Claire first? Willie is growing on me. I’m hoping he and Jamie can have a good relationship. Keep doing what you do Blacklanderz; this is awesome.


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