Outlander producer on print shop scene

In recent weeks, I’ve spoken with some Blackanderz members and other Outlander fans; some are worried and have wondered if the writers would be true to the Voyager book. After seeing what they did in S1 and S2, I knew there would be changes. Basically, all of a book version do not translate over to a TV scene. So yea, some things do have to … Continue reading Outlander producer on print shop scene

Blacklanderz™ Conversations

We are all excited for the upcoming season of Outlander, as is evident by all the social media conversations about the books/TV series every day on social media. Since it is almost time, April 9th is right around the corner, we decided to create this Blacklanderz™ Conversations page to let you know what we were looking forward to seeing in the new season. Since most … Continue reading Blacklanderz™ Conversations