Blacklanderz® Speak – Jessica H.! From NYCC 2019

Like Margot, this was my second comic con experience. I was so excited to return this year now that we knew the ropes. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a booth this year, although there was the advantage of avoiding long lines.

Another great thing this year was getting to meet up with people from Twitter! It is such a unique experience to meet someone online in real life, and especially when they are enthusiastic about the same thing. It was great to experience the panels together, and made after-show discussions even more exciting.

I really enjoyed the questions this year, and it was great to see the cast interact with each other. I think they also made great choices with the moderators, both were passionate about Outlander without being too fangirly. The questions were thoughtful and allowed the actors to show how deeply they understood their characters. It was also interesting to see the interplay between the author and the actors. It is great to see that Diana Gabaldon is happy with how her story has been portrayed, although things seemed to get a bit tense when Murtagh’s death was brought up.

Overall I really enjoyed this year’s Comic Con, and it was made even more special thanks to Blacklanderz! Follow Jessica H. on Twitter: @calypsomoon9.


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