Blacklanderz® Speak – Margot! From NYCC 2019

This was my second time at New York Comic Con that Jessica H. and I attended together. We went together in 2018 when Outlander made its debut at NYCC. Last year I felt that Jess H. and I were just trying to fumble our way through, trying to navigate New York, make it to the convention center and see the Outlander Fraser’s Ridge booth and the panel. It was so much fun!

This year, we came prepared and knew exactly what we needed to do. It was a very different experience returning to Comic Con. Last year, we mostly kept to ourselves and just attended the panel and saw the booth. This year, we connected to our Blacklanderz clan and other mutuals on Twitter that, for me, elevated the experience of comic con more.

Jess H. and I walked the floor and had some Italian food with members from our Blacklanderz clan. It’s comforting and exciting meeting other women of color that love the show as much as I do. We both share our love of the story and are not afraid to call out controversial matters that need to be discussed. After dinner, Jess H. and I went with Jess L. to meet other mutuals at the Highlands bar where I had a Scottish comfort drink. I felt like drinking whisky the night before the panel was a good way to celebrate.

Meeting people in person that I originally connected with on Twitter was a surreal experience. It was an exciting time meeting others with similar energy that I have about Outlander. I wish there was a booth this year, but I got to attend both the Syfy and Madison Square Garden panel.

Of course, it was amazing being in the same room with the actors again I re-watched the panel recently on YouTube and it is so different remembering the atmosphere of the room when the actors said funny things or when we got a first look at the teaser trailer. I am sorry that I did not have the chance to meet everyone from the Blacklanderz clan that weekend but I know a time will come when we will all be able to finally meet meet in person.

My biggest take away from this weekend is that it’s fun going to conventions and being with others that respect and love the same things that you do. We should continue to embrace each other. I hope that I will be able to attend other conventions in the future. Follow Margot on Twitter: @Margot94V.


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