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We are all excited for the upcoming season of Outlander, as is evident by all the social media conversations about the books/TV series every day on social media. Since it is almost time, April 9th is right around the corner, we decided to create this Blacklanderz™ Conversations page to let you know what we were looking forward to seeing in the new season. Since most of us have not read the books, this is a spoiler free page.

Please join us and let us know in the comments section what you are looking forward to in Season 2. Again, no spoilers.


I am so excited for the upcoming season of Outlander. Now, I have read the next book, but will give no spoilers here. There are several things I am waiting to see.

One, it will be interesting to see Jamie and Claire’s transition from Scotland to France. Equally, I am excited to see Terry Dresbach’s costumes on the screen. I’ve seen several ‘tidbits’ she and her crew have provided on social media; however, it will be totally different to see them in action. Two, I am interested in seeing Sam and Caitriona grow even more so as actors. If Season 1 is any indication, we will see a whole new range of their acting abilities in S2.

Three, I can’t imagine having gone through such a traumatic, devastating ordeal as Jamie did in Wentworth prison or as Claire did when getting him back. Sam and Caitriona gave masterful performances. It will be interesting to see how the event carries over to the next season, as well as how Jamie and Claire renew their bond and repair their relationship. I can imagine this will be a long and hard journey for them; however, their love for one another will get them through these tough times.

Last, since they showed Claire returning to her time and Frank in the trailer, I wonder how all that will play out and where Roger and Brianna will fit in the season. It seems like a lot of time jumping will occur.

~ Vida – Houston, TX


Claire announcing her pregnancy at the end of S1 one took me by surprise. In S2, I’m interested to see the development of Claire and Jamie’s daughter, Brianna.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Jamie’s assault will affect his relationship with Claire. My initial thought was the incident wouldn’t be discussed and they would continue with their lives. But something tells me Claire and Jaime will have to deal with this in season two. In season one, there was such resistance from outside forces against their relationship. So, I’m mostly looking forward to seeing the two of them together, as a couple.

~ Kristal – Houston, TX


I started watching Outlander on Starz the first episode of the first season after seeing the previews. It was so intriguing that I couldn’t wait for the next episode. So, I read the books afterwards. Now, I will not give any spoilers; so, what I am looking forward to is seeing how Claire and Jamie’s relationship works on screen after Wentworth.

~ Lorinda – Houston, TX


I am looking forward to Claire and Jamie’s journey in France. Hopefully, they will be able to change history because I have grown to like the MacKenzie Clan, and I don’t want anything to happen to them.

~ Naj – New Orleans, LA


I really want to see where their sea voyage takes them, what their journey will be like. And, I want to know more about the search for Claire back home, if there is any.

~ Edwin – Long Branch, NJ


What I am most looking forward to in S2 is the one thing that made me fall in love with the show and kept me wanting even more of S1 . . .  is the LOVE STORY between  Jamie and Claire.  Since I haven’t read the book, I’m very curious to see how the author, showrunner and writers will continue to develop their relationship.

Will it be as intense, beautiful and innocent as it was in S1, or will Jaime become distant and withdrawn from Claire because of his nightmares of Wentworth prison and  Black Jack?

Will the memory of Black Jack’s heinous crime create tension between the two of them, or will their love for one another be strong enough for them to adapt and overcome?

There are many other things that could possibly strain their relationship as they embark on their new life together in Paris. However, I won’t dare let my mind drift into that realm of possibility as I would be totally heartbroken and devastated if their love story does not survive.

~ Dianne – Atlanta, GA


I am looking forward to seeing all of the French costumes and seeing Jamie with his ponytail!

~ Nicol – Jacksonville, FL



I am most looking forward to meeting new characters this season. DIA was the hardest book for me to read but it introduced me to some characters that hold a special place in my heart. As to avoid spoilers I’ll just say there’s a wee boy I can’t wait to meet! *wink wink*

Also, I am looking forward to how this production team will portray Claire and Jamie’s life in France. I’m also looking forward to seeing the progression of their marriage and how they adjust to new challenges as a team. Caitriona’s performance I am sure will gut me to my core – and I am so ready for it. Come on April 9th!

~ Michelle – Washington, DC


In S2, we are anxious to see if the relationship between Jamie and Claire changes once they arrive in France.

We would also like to see if they are able to travel back to Scotland without being captured by the British.

Additionally, it will be interesting to see if Claire runs into anyone else from modern times who traveled back to the past.

~Blyss & Hugh – Houston, TX



I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful scenery of France. It’s such a romantic country that I am certain Jamie and Claire will look stunning with France as their  backdrop. I am also curious to see what troubles will follow them there and new conflicts that will test their love.

Is Claire’s present day husband still searching for her?

Last but not least I am looking forward to seeing that hot, hot, hot Jamie.  Did I mention he is hot?

~Melanie – Phoenix, AZ


I’ve seen every episode thus far and have read all the books!

If there’s one thing from S2 I’m looking forward to it’s the look on a certain person’s face when he is reunited with his love after 20 yrs and when he sees the picture of his bairn for the first time!

I also want to see whether Frank will discover his inner Captain Black Jack Randall when Claire returns through the stones preggo!

Those are two brilliant emotional moments from the novel that I can’t wait to visually affirm with the characters I love!

~ Jean D. – Sugarland, TX


I did not read the books, so, I am looking forward to seeing how Claire and Jaime change history and how it impacts the future.

As for Clare and Frank, I want to see how she will manage her relationship with him after having dealt with his ancestor, Black Jack. If it were me, I’d want to kill Frank!

~ Iris – Philadelphia, PA


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