Secret chamber in King Tut’s tomb might contain Queen Nefertiti

Well, this is also pretty interesting. We love ALL things relating to Egypt, especially ancient Egypt. It will be interesting to learn what they find out, if any more. Some of us are excited about the discoveries; some wish people would leave these sacred grounds alone. Albeit a contradiction of sorts, how else would we know of the past if archaeologists didn’t continue with their work?

 Radar scans of King Tut’s tomb have revealed two hidden rooms behind a burial chamber that experts believe may contain the long-lost remains of Queen Nefertiti, Egyptian officials said Thursday.

Yes, we have some empty space, but not [entirely] empty, including some organic and metal material, said Egypt’s antiquities minister Mamdouh el-Damaty — adding that he was ’90 percent’ sure of the intriguing find, which he said could represent “the discovery of the century.”


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