Outlander has made tartan the new black

Now, thanks in part to Outlander, tartan has spilled over to the fashion world.

The fantasy TV series has sparked a craze for all things Scottish on the catwalk and beyond. One of the biggest surprises emerging from Outlander, the hit cable TV series set in, of all places, Jacobite Scotland, is the rise of tartan as a major style trend.

Tartan recently rocked the runways in New York, Paris, Milan and London, where plaid appeared on everything from flirty spring dresses (Victoria Beckham), pleated knee-length skirts (Bottega Veneta), conical handbags (Stella McCartney), side slit knee-length skirts (Calvin Klein) and oversized cashmere military-style coats (Burberry).

Outlander has made tartan sexy, says Krista Dowson, a former National Ballet of Canada dancer-turned-designer whose upcoming line of dance leotards will be made of plaid material and trimmed with lace. I never would have worked with the pattern before – I associated it with lumberjacks – but Outlander has made it beautiful to me.



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