Confined Because of Covid-19? Here Are Some Outlander Blogs/Vlogs/Videos

Since AB-Outlanders created this list of Outlander Blogs she likes to read, I wanted to share it with you too. I also added to it. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives an indication of the different Outlander blogs/vlogs/videos out there.

Outlander After Show – AfterBuzzTV Leigh and Crew have a discussion after each episode. It is a very intellectual discussion between these ladies. Love getting their perspective on the characters, themes, and the rationale for why characters do what they do.

Melissa’s Observations Melissa and her husband, Richard, love Outlander. Her blog is designed to make you laugh, think and get through the scary parts! Her memes are hilarious!

King FireMan He makes the most fabulous videos about Outlander, and other TV shows. They are very thoughtfully and professionally created. One of my favorites is this one! Outlander || History Be Damned (Season 5)

Here are the other Outlander Blogs she listed!

Outcandour gives a brilliant, deep dive into the episodes. There is always something about the way she dissects the episode that resonates with me. I don’t tap into the same spaces she does, I end up reading them twice. I ALWAYS end up watching the episode after reading her blog, I then read it again after watching. It’s like a loop! So if I seem dizzy, blame it on T. 😘

Beth’s recaps/reflections are very different from my ‘not recaps and I love them because of that. So well written and I adore how she explains her views, helpful for those who see things from other perspectives. To me, that is the point of sharing our thoughts, not to be an echo chamber for people who agree with us but to help one another stretch a little.  Not necessarily to change people’s opinions but to have them see things from another person’s lens. I get to do that a lot with Beth and I admire her.

Erin from Three if by Space covers so many great shows so Three if by Space will keep you busy if you want busy. It’s her reviews of Outlander that I read most of course. I don’t read many reviews bc as you all know, I’m a happy finder. I want happy happy happy, even though Erin doesn’t pull any punches in her reviews, she writes with integrity. I don’t always see eye to eye with her (not just cuz she’s tiny…she IS tiny) but that isn’t the point. She expresses herself with honesty and isn’t a dick about it. I really enjoy smart people. So…I enjoy Erin, very much.

Blacklanderz Vida puts together some wicked conversations, in print, between members of the Blacklanderz community. I find them fascinating. Not only do I see things from more than one perspective but I often learn things. I don’t claim to be anything other than who I am. I am a middle class, privileged, white woman. That is the lens I see through. Do I try my damned best to listen and be an ally to POC? Yes. Do I always get it right? Nope! Sitting with the community that Vida has created here, is pretty damned impressive.

Courtney and Company, from Outlander BTS. Oh, they make me smile.  They are another group of really friggen smart women that get together to talk about the episodes. I don’t always agree with them but holy shit, do I respect them. The beauty of their video discussion is they don’t always agree with each other and like the adults they are they keep the discussion going. I’m not relegating anyone here…Courtney has the most adorable dimples to go with her delightful brain, you just get the best of all the goodness.

If you have more, please add them.


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures.  No copyright infringement intended. 


2 thoughts on “Confined Because of Covid-19? Here Are Some Outlander Blogs/Vlogs/Videos

  1. Oh, thank you so much for posting this! There are a couple I’m not familiar with and always happy to see something new. Kimber


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