Blacklanderz® Speak! From NYCC 2019

Brief Background:

I started this group four and a half years ago for two reasons. One, I wanted to learn how to create a website/blog and I loved Outlander. I figured if I was going to spend time building it and keeping it updated, I had to do it around something I loved to talk about. Two, I also wanted to create a platform from which Black people could not only discuss the show with each other, but also discuss it through a different lens than most fandoms. See About >>>

Once I completed the site and the other social media outlets, I looked through Twitter (really stalked) to see if there were other Black people who loved the show as much as I did.

And . . . Voilà . . .

Blacklanderz® was born!

For some of us, this Comic Con was the first one we had ever attended. Some of us had attended Comic Con before and met or already knew other members of the group. Although we speak to each other almost every day, experience life-challenges with each other, this was the first time most of us have met in person . . . after FOUR AND A HALF YEARS!

So, we thought we would create a post of our Comic Con experience. ~ Vida


I live in NYC, so this was my 12th New York Comic Con. Before Outlander existed, I attended NYCC for Doctor Who events or for seeing cosplay friends. I have gone to several official Outlander events in the city for S 1, 1b, and 2 where Starz would rent out a theater or hold a panel in conjunction with an established forum for pop culture promotion such as 92nd Y, BUILD, or The Paley Center.

I attended last year’s NYCC panel for Outlander and I felt a huge difference. There was more space if you brought your badge ahead and the event itself was less formal in attitude. I wasn’t given a side-eye for appearing in full Claire Fraser cosplay. I met Michelle last year at NYCC and ran into Vanita at another Outlander event, but this year was a whole new ballgame.

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Months before Outlander was announced attending NYCC, my friend talked me into buying badges. We hoped that our favorite show would be there and our dreams came true. I have previously visited NY a few times, so the idea of the big city was not daunting; but, the idea of attending a Comic Con was. I had never been to a Comic Con before, like any comic con, so I was nervous and excited.

The weekend started with my friends and I exploring the city. We went to the Met, Central Station, and other tourists’ places in NY. The day after, was the first time we went to the con! Sadly, Outlander did not have a booth this year, but we made the most of it. Walking the floor was an incredible experience.

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This was not my first con but it was my first Comic Con. It was much larger and seemed to be more organized than my previous experiences.  That was much appreciated. Only small gatherings, of two hundred or less and dedicated to Outlander, have been better.

Being in the midst of many fandoms does have a few advantages. The first for me is I see all the people in various costumes and the child in me starts having fun.  I forget normal behavior rules, like talking to stranger’s children and working service dogs. I feel like I do when I’m at one of the major theme parks. It becomes a happy place. Also, I get to experience other fandoms, some of which are of interest to me but not enough to travel and spend vacation time and money.

The most enjoyable part for me, however, was getting to meet Twitter and Facebook fellow Outlander fans, who have become friends. This time it was extra special because many of the friends with whom I met, were women of color, Black women.  No one in my family and only one of my long time friends like historical and period drama. Not very many of them care for science fiction and fantasy. That is why I sought acquaintances within the fandom. Without the people on FB and Twitter, there would be no one with whom I could discuss the show and books. At this NYCC, I met women who made it feel like attending a family reunion and meeting relatives for the first time. Follow Vanita on Twitter: @AtvmMountain.


One day during a Facebook exchange, a friend mentioned Outlander books knowing that I love to read books in sets.  She also mentioned that the books had been adapted into a show. I bought all eight books (and read them in under two months) and binge watched S1 & S2. I was overwhelmed and excited but had no one to share my excitement with – or so I thought.

I joined Twitter around that same time and started looking for other Outlander enthusiasts and, I admit, teared up a little when I discovered Blacklanderz. I could barely contain my excitement and appreciation. I was part of a fandom for the first time in my life.


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This was my second time at New York Comic Con that Jessica H. and I attended together. We went together in 2018 when Outlander made its debut at NYCC. Last year, I felt that Jess H. and I were just trying to fumble our way through, trying to navigate New York, make it to the convention center and see the Outlander Fraser’s Ridge booth and the panel. It was so much fun!

This year, we came prepared and knew exactly what we needed to do. It was a very different experience returning to Comic Con. Last year, we mostly kept to ourselves and just attended the panel and saw the booth. This year, we connected to our Blacklanderz clan and other mutuals on Twitter that, for me, elevated the experience of comic con more. 


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Like Margot, this was my second comic con experience. Now that we knew the ropes, I was so excited to return this year.  I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a panel this year, although there was advantage of avoiding long lines.

Another unique thing this year was getting to meet up with people from Twitter! It is such a unique experience to meet someone online in real life, and especially when they are enthusiastic about the same thing. It was great to experience the panels together, and made after-show discussions even more exciting.

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Like Jessica and Margot, this is the second year that I’ve been lucky enough to come to NYCC. From Star Trek to Nancy Drew, I was really excited to hear about all the fantastic stuff coming up this fall. NYCC is particularly amazing if you like to cosplay or just love to see all the stunning costumes. This year I did S3 Claire and Captain Marvel!

I didn’t really know that the Blacklanderz crew was coming until late, but it was certainly the highlight of the trip for me! From a quick hug with Jessica to drinks at the Algonquin, this is the best crew around!

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What an experience the NYCC Outlander Panel was for me. First, let me say that this was my FIRST Comic Con e-v-e-r! I had always said I wanted to attend, but I allowed other things to get in the way. Since Outlander premiered, I always said I wanted to attend a panel, but again, I allowed other things to get in the way. Well, this year was different, and it could be because I was meant to be there come hell or high waters.

Amanda and I worked to get Blacklanderz members VIP tickets to the panel. I sent an email request a little over a month ago. They responded and indicated they would be in touch. Mind you, I had not made any arrangements to attend this year. None, zero, zilch!

The Outlander Panel was on October 5th and I received a response from STARZ PR on October 1st. I was in a meeting that was about to start. When I reached for my phone to silence it, I saw I had a new email message. When I read the first line, I wanted to start screaming . . . O – M – G, GTFOOH!!

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