Blacklanderz® Convos! From NYCC 2019 Outlander Panel


Several key cast members attended the panel: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Duncan Lacroix, and David Berry, Executive Producers Ronald D. Moore and Maril Davis, and Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander book series. series.

The panel was moderated by Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee.

Hulu Theater was crowded; every seat in the house was full of exciting Outlander fans. And, we were among them for the first time as a group! This conversation is between Blacklanderz Amanda, Jessica L. (JL), Vanita (Va), Margot, Cathy, Jessica H. (JH), Michelle and Vida (V).  Arranged and edited by Vida.

Before the panel began, fans were pleasantly surprised to receive three treats. 

Karaoke-style Game

V: I did not know what to expect when they first started, but each time, it became more fun! When they played a song, the first couple who knew it, had to sing it. Yes, it was a lot of fun because the audience sang along, and I knew most of the words in the songs.

However, I didn’t see what one couple did coming. They had other plans; well, the guy did, that is. He decided it was the perfect opportunity to propose to his girlfriend. He went down on one bended knee . . .and, she said, YES. The crowd went wild with cheers! Wow, that was incredible to witness, but the opportune place to do it. Imagine telling that story of how and where you got engaged!

A: I’m a comic conventions and NYCC veteran. This year marks my 12th year and every time something turns out to be a bit interesting. I’m very used to the pre-panel warm up acts before the large panels at MSG or the Main Stage inside Javits. This was definitely the first time I’ve seen a marriage proposal. I’m usually wary of public proposals, but it was clear that they met through a fandom and was very happy for them. Outlander, at its core, is all about a marriage lasting through thick, thin, and even space and time.

C: I had no idea what to expect; I had never been to a fandom convention of any kind ever.  I appreciated having ready access and good seats without long lines to contend with (thank you Vida). My first impression was that the seating process was more civilized than is usual for a passionate crowd of that size and the karaoke quiz game, for lack of a better title, was fun especially since I recognized all the songs, even when I couldn’t remember the words to them.

Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin (Video)

V: It was nice that they included them with the video greeting and that they answered questions from the fans. The best part was when Sophie mentioned they don’t have enough gems to just pop back through the stones for a night off and maybe if Roger bought Brianna more diamonds they would. Richard responding, with an English accent, “Roger ain’t got no moneys”, was hilarious.

A: Sophie and Rik were at NYCC last year and I’m sure they would have attended again if they were able to. The fans last year gave them a very warm reception and I know many people were disappointed the filming schedule did not cooperate. I had a hearty laugh at the line “Roger ain’t got no moneys” bit as well as I recall from the novels Bree and Roger had a tough time with adjusting culturally to the 18th century.

JL: Due to Sophie and Rik having to film in Scotland, I also appreciated that the production team decided to show this video. It was a nice alternative because of the significant role Roger and Bree play in the rest of the books and the fact that their stans were without them on the panel. I loved the questions that were chosen for them to answer; sometimes it can be cringeworthy when questions are asked by fans (e.g., the panel, but I will save that for later).

I truly enjoyed the video was glad they were included in some way. As a Sophie super fan, it warmed my heart to see her on the big screen. I would like to see more of Roger and Bree. I know there are some debates when it comes to these two, but their fans deserve more content from them.  Also, that wee Adso cameo was entirely too precious!

C: I love Rik Rankin and the ease in which he and Sophie interact. Having them read fan questions was a nice touch and personalized such a large event.  There was even a moment when Rik looked softly at Sophie for longer than would be natural in a conversation and I wondered if he was reflecting his feelings for Sophie, projecting Roger and his feelings for Bree, or a subtle way to work the shippers into a frenzy.

Outlander S5 Teaser

V: I was excited to see the tease, but it went by so quickly. Almost too quick to digest. Though I am pleased by the makeup/wigs and the aging process (they look convincingly older), I am always more fascinated with the costumes and set designs. Jon Gary Steele and crew ne-vah disappoint.  Jamie saying that Claire would be safer in her own time reminded me of when he sent her back through the stones in S2.

Bree and Roger’s tug-of-war as they contemplate whether they should go back or stay will be interesting to see unfold. It is too bad Jamie cannot travel through the stones. I think it would be quite entertaining to see Jamie in the 20th century. I know we will get more trailers, as it nears the premiere, but I found it interesting that there were no clips from the Clan Gathering. Did I miss it?

A: You didn’t miss it, as they purposely avoided it. I had a feeling they were not going to shoe it because scenes like that fall under the category of “book spoilers”. Those type scenes also have the potential for more fandom controversy. Without giving too much away for people who didn’t read the books, there’s questions of racism and cultural insensitivity that arise from how the traditions of the clan gathering are depicted in the book.

Overall, I felt that the trailer did a very good job with prominently featuring how the approaching Revolutionary War was going to affect the Fraisers and Mackenzies as that was a huge part of the later novels. The story of the lead up to the Revolutionary War south of Philadelphia was very different from what many students learn in school, and this was one of the strengths of the later novels. I minored in Atlantic World History in college, so the tidbits of real colonial issues are what will definitely keep me excited for S5.

John Gary Steele definitely did his homework to recreate the frontier struggle between enforcing the crown policy and doing their own thing. I picked up a lot of hints about the Regulators, how the tensions would affect the enslaved and how the tribes would be forced to pick which side had their best interests in mind. Although I appreciate both references to where Jamie and Claire and Bree and Roger are emotionally, I’m more so interested in the way S5 is depicting the history.

JL: There are so many wonderful things to say about the S5 trailer! First, I must begin by saying I honestly got goosebumps when we were shown the trailer. The trailer was captivating and kept me wanting more. There was a mixture of intensity, love, sadness, and overall feeling of family. Those elements were vividly displayed in the trailer that was only about a minute long. Second, the trailer did a great job of showing just enough without ruining anything.

Yes, there are books that are out there and clearly can spoil things. Outlander does such a great job of giving the book readers intrigue, while avoiding spoilers for non-book readers. Watching the trailer, I got the old Outlander vibes. We all know there are some good and bad when it came to S4 of the show; it felt as if the show was different in some way. But when I was watching the S5 trailer, I got a feeling of nostalgia and felt like Outlander is truly back. I have faith in production to produce a great season and based upon what has been revealed so far, it will be quite the season. Is it February 16th yet?

Ma: I’m glad we got some content to fill the Droughtlander void somewhat. It is too early to be given a full episode like we were given last year so I knew that we would be getting a trailer. The trailer just left me wanting more. It looked amazing and it makes me excited for the new season. It’s so different watching it at home for the first time vs. watching it with the Outlander fandom in Hulu Theater.

C:  Everything moved so fast, I didn’t have a reaction to anything that was shown, and I don’t remember the books well enough to know what could be in the show.  However, it is clear the production quality has improved. I’m also happy to see they’ve stepped their wig game.

JH: It is so much more exciting to watch something in an arena full of people who love it as much as you do. Although it is also great to watch it again at half speed as soon as you get home! I think the trailer was well done; in that, it gave us glimpses of the themes of next season without giving away much of the plot. I am slowly working my way through the books so I can only guess what will happen next. It’s great knowing that the show writers have a wealth of starter material to draw from and possibly improve upon.

Like you, Vida, I was most drawn to the costumes – Outlander is probably the only show I can think of where historical accuracy is prioritized over revealing outfits. I especially loved the coat and gun belt ensemble we saw Claire wearing. Could there be a Fall/Winter Fraser 2020 collection in the works?

The Panel

V: I will admit, I did not know who Ginger Zee was. I don’t watch Good Morning America. However, with her being a newbie to Outlander, I was glad that she did not fawn all over Sam and ask silly questions like previous moderators have. When she mentioned her latest trip to Fraser’s Ridge, I honestly thought they were getting ready to show us some footage.

A: Last year’s moderator, Lola Olgunnaike, was an expert on Outlander. I haven’t heard of her before this panel; I am not a regular viewer of Good Morning America either. Coming into the panel, I had high expectations that she was going to avoid the drooling or silly questions as well.

JL: Moderators for Outlander panels are always either excellent or terrible. Ginger definitely falls into the excellent category. She was a true professional in the way she conducted the panel. She was prepared, had questions for all of those on the panel, maintained a levity and chill atmosphere that made the panel more enjoyable for us fans.

One thing she did differently than other moderators was the drinking part. We all know moderators love loading our leads with nothing but whisky; but when they tend to do so, it is accompanied by terrible questions. She made the drinking aspect of the panel the panelists preference, thus making it fun. Lastly, she was a great choice to moderate the Outlander panel. She was professional, brought a calming and fun atmosphere, as well as making the panelist at ease in the way she approached handling the panel. I would love to see her moderate more panels and give us fun content from the cast and crew.

Ma: I thought Ginger was a great moderator; she asked thoughtful questions and had some funny segments. The section when they had to say lines in a New York accent was HILARIOUS. The lines she chose for the actors were perfection. She’s right, David Berry is all but perfect and the pictures she put on the screens at the end were adorable. I agree with you Vida, she didn’t fawn all over Sam and ask silly questions like other moderators do.

M: Similar to you, Vida, I wasn’t familiar with her, but thought she did pretty well, given she is newbie to Outlander. And I believe that she also solicited questions from twitter, which allowed for fans to feel a bit more included in the panel. I’m looking forward to seeing more from her set visit as well.

Va: I had not heard of her before her trip to the Outlander studio and sets. The clips she has released over the last few months have been intriguing and I look forward to seeing all her interviews as S5 begins. The way she conducted the panel was impressive and her questions were refreshing. She kept everyone engaged and encouraged the audience to express their enjoyment.

C: I think that given the amount of time and the number on the panel, she (who I hadn’t heard of) did a good job, especially given the low energy of those on the panel (except David Berry).  Of course, after finding out it was Cait’s birthday, they were probably hungover or sleep deprived, or both.

V: Again, with this being my first Comic Con, I did not know what to expect. With previous panels that I’ve watched, they rarely show the audience and it makes it hard to know how many people are really in attendance. But, wow! The number of people who were at the panel was incredible. These pictures just give you a little glimpse. It was packed!

A: I attended San Diego Comic Con in 2016 and Hall H, their biggest panel room is DOUBLE the size of the Hulu theater. The front section was packed but I am sure in the back there were some empty seats.

Ma:  Jess H. and I managed to move up and sit in the 4th row from the front on the left side. We sat on the same side last year. I heard the room capacity is 4,000? That’s insane.

C: I was very surprised that we were able to get seats in the second row of our section.  I thought for sure people would have camped out from the prior panel and kept the best ones.

JH: The theater was absolutely packed, but it seems like it was better organized this year. I remember last year there were people sitting and waiting for hours outside; but this time, I didn’t see any long lines.

V: I loved that Ginger called it a “journey” we are about to go on when describing S5. That is how I have felt since I discovered Outlander. It is a fantastic journey with each book bringing on multiple challenges and hurdles the characters have to overcome.

A: I also appreciated that metaphor as the concept of a physical or an emotional journey is at the heart of Outlander.

It’s no easy picnic being Jamie’s son in law.

V: I am glad Ron brought up Jamie and Roger’s relationship and the struggles of forming a relationship that will ensue. I can’t wait to see how Roger and Jamie’s characters develop a relationship after last season. That is one of the things I am looking forward to seeing. They are both headstrong in their own way. Sam and Richard are such good actors, this will be interesting to watch.

JL: Their relationship will go on quite a journey this upcoming season. When this was mentioned during the panel my mind wandered and I began picturing Rik and Sam act out these scenes. I think it will be a wee bit comical to see some disapproving looks from Jamie as Roger is kissing or touching Bree.

The dynamic of where these two men belong in Bree’s life will be interesting as well. On the one hand, Roger being her husband; and yet, they have gone through experiences and trying to reconnect with one another. On the other hand, there is Jamie, the father she is just getting to know. Overall, I am looking forward to seeing Roger and Jamie’s relationship play out this upcoming season.

It’s a complicated relationship that we’ll see throughout the season.

A: I’m hoping Jamie makes Roger prove he is indeed worthy of trust and support. Jamie and Claire are not the stereotypical “in-laws from hell” but there was too much unresolved emotional tension last season for there not to be conflict in future episodes.

Ma: So serious, I cannot wait to see how their relationship pans out next season. I have not read the books, so I’m clueless. I just know I’m going to be laughing a lot and cringing. I feel like Jamie, like any father should, will have some high standards for Roger that will just confuse everyone and make me want to keel over. CANNOT WAIT.

JH: We all know that Jamie is the king of husbands, but he seems to make an extremely intimidating father-in-law! It will also be interesting to see the parallels in the conflicts between the two couples – like Jamie, Roger is more old-fashioned than his wife, and both women are very headstrong. Hopefully, the grandparents will have some marital wisdom to pass down.

 We would not be here without our crew. They are there first thing; they’re the last to leave.

V: I appreciate Maril acknowledging their crew were the unsung heroes and how hard they work. Most often than not, they are the most important aspect of a show and the least acknowledged. But when she gave a shout-out to Jon Gary Steele and crew and mentioned the Big House, I found myself holding my breath. Serious! I have loved all of the sets of all the seasons. They put so much detail into everything they build. I just can’t imagine this season being any better, but I know it will be.

M: Yes, shout-out to him and his crew. One of the things that I continue to admire about this show is the attention to details in terms of the sets. It makes you want to fall into the world of Outlander even more. When this show wraps up, I would love to see an exhibit of the various rooms and structures they created. Such great work!

A: The challenge of recreating Colonial North Carolina in Scotland isn’t spoken about enough in fandom. I expect John Gary Steele will wow everyone with new recreations of colonial town and native settlements.

JH: I was getting major Little House on the Prairie vibes when they showed the Big House. There were plenty of snake bites on that show, so I guess we’ll see what happens!

C: I am, of course, excited to see how the show adapts especially since there is no Murtagh in future books.  But I am most excited about the sets. I wish Jon Gary Steele would put out an Outlander companion book about the sets he’s created.

V: Riddle me this: When Diana mentioned a favorite moment in S5 was when someone said, “fucking bastard snake,” why was everyone looking at each other oddly. Anyone else notice that?

A: It may be that not everyone who was there saw this scene or that it was in a script but not filmed yet. I have a sneaky feeling it’s a Jamie vs. a villain scene.

The best work I’ve done on the show; you’ll see this season.

Ma: Keeping Murtagh in the show was the best decision. He’s a fav character. He takes no BS, is loyal and he speaks his mind.

V: Ginger’s question to Duncan was interesting. She asked how he acts and finds his character without the guide of the book. Not trying to be snarky, but I was pleased he answered the way he did. There are several TV shows/movies that aren’t adaptations; and therefore, the characters depend on the script, as Duncan mentioned. End of story.

Va: I laughed at her question to Duncan about not having the books as a source for his character. That, to me, was her worst question but one some fans may also ponder. I forgave her since she is just starting to read the books and probably does not realize that Duncan’s Murtagh is quite different and so much more developed than he is in the books.

I am so talented, I could play any character.

V: I found David Berry the most pleasant with his responses. He was too funny for words and a breath of fresh air.

M: Agreed V! He brings a new energy to the group. Same with Maria actually. I really enjoyed hearing her responses and I wanted to hear more from her! I also adored her dress.

Ma: David Berry at the panel was something I never knew I needed. He was perfect, his energy is amazing; he’s hilarious. Him egging Cait and Sam on when Sam said his fav work was in S3 by himself and Cait asking ‘After 5 years really?’ was the best. I rewatched it on YouTube and laughed so hard. He plays Lord John so well that I forget he’s Australian sometimes. I definitely didn’t forget on Saturday. He seems like an incredible person to work with and I’m glad he’s a part of the Outlander fam.

C: David Berry is a nut.  A very attractive nut. I could watch and listen to him all day. He was by far the most playful and the most enjoyable to watch.

V: I knew it would not take too long before someone had to take a drink. But, then again, this is Outlander! Maria Doyle Kennedy really did try to give a response to a funny/cast moment from S5 and realized she just could not answer without giving something away. She was so poised and graciously gave in to the drink.

A: While I thought the game was a cute idea at first, it was clear that it was clearly used to distract from the fact many parts of S5 simply can’t be discussed. At this point, it’s not finished, and Starz is scared of spoilers.

Va:  She was especially gracious and such a good sport, I was left wanting to hear more from her.  Duncan was the voice of reason when the questions, from Ginger or the audience, were a bit quirky. David was hilarious as his usual pot-stirring self.

Ma: Maria is hilarious and watching all her interviews from that day trying to avoid being ‘Ms. Blooper’ was entertaining. She’s so cute.

JH: Spoiler culture has gotten so intense lately, but I think the actors all danced around giving anything away gracefully. I’m not sure I could handle the pressure of keeping my mouth shut in front of a live audience of 4,000 people, especially after the whiskey.

V: I bet that is fascinating and eye-opening being producers this season, as Cait said. There is a lot that goes into creating an episode, let alone multiple episodes. I guess with more cast members and story lines now is a good time to delve into other aspects of production. I can’t wait to see what kind of impact their involvement will have.

M: Yes, what an exciting move for them and I am curious if the audience will be able to feel their influence when the show airs.

A: I am always a fan of actors becoming producers, directors, or writers on a show in later seasons. They always bring a fresh perspective to the production. I can’t wait to see what feedback Cait and Sam have given the creative team and what they have worked on to make the show more of a success.

Ma: I’m so happy this question was asked, I actually put it on Twitter as a question to Leanna from Entertainment Tonight. I am interested to see how their roles as producers affect the show. Also, just to see their names in the credits as producers will be cool. Because they have been there from the beginning, they definitely own their characters in a way that no one else ever could. Therefore, progression to producer seemed natural.

Va:  I’m glad Caitriona emphasized that most of the work in the writer’s room had been completed, before she and Sam joined the producers. Their familiarity with the characters will still have an impact that I expect will be most positive. Then with all they will learn this season, we can expect incredible results for S6 and beyond.

JH: It was great news that Caitriona and Sam were producers – very few people must know their characters better than they do. I’m sure they had valuable insight to add as producers and it’s a great nugget to add to their resumes.

V: When Caitriona talked about Claire and Jamie’s love story, it hit me that this is probably the only show that allows characters to grow like this. It is not only growing in character development, but also growing as a character over decades. I bet this is a role of a lifetime in more ways than one. Sam was even serious when discussing their evolution and then . . . Sam got tongue tied, rattled in his mind or something!

JL: *Sigh* This was one of my favorite aspects of the panel. Jamie and Claire are the ultimate couple and their love is so strong. Thanks to our brilliant two leads, you just feel that sense that Claire was put on earth for Jamie and vice versa. The evolution of this iconic relationship is amazing to watch. No other show I have seen has given their audience a fully well-rounded look at the inner workings that make marriages work. From any fights to the passion to the pain or grief, Jamie and Claire’s love endures. Despite all the obstacles or outer forces trying to tear the couple apart, they remain and come out stronger. Also, I am looking forward to watching the scene that Sam considers, “making love without making love”.

Ma: I need to know what episode the “making love without making love” is. To be honest, I don’t think Sam thought about what he was saying when he said it. He seemed so tripped up after it when everyone swooned, and David Berry asked him if it was “like phone sex?” He clearly needed whisky after that one. It was my fav part of the panel. I like that Jamie and Claire’s relationship is not ‘Will they, won’t they?’ I hate inconsistency and I feel like relationships, such as that, were ones I gave attention to when I was a teenager. Sam and Caitriona portray these characters fabulously and we are so lucky to have them in the Outlander universe.

Here’s to making love, without making love.

A: Claire and Jamie’s relationship isn’t always my main focus when I’m watching the show, but I did appreciate that Sam’s answer indicates S5 will show that their relationship continues to grow.

Va: This decades-long love story is what makes Outlander, the show and books, unique. It is what has drawn so many of us to it and has brought us to a place where we meet and befriend people from around the world, with whom share the love and admiration of their story.

JH: This show mixes science fiction, romance, and period drama; and yet, it depicts relationships extremely realistically. It’s been said before, but few other shows have passionate love over fifty. I’m a little wary that there will be more emphasis on Briana/Roger than Claire/Jamie, but I’ve been falling in love with their story as well.

C: Maria’s answer about wanting to hear Billie sing live, was by far the most powerful statement of the night (along with Diana throwing shade). It says so much about her as a person and a performer (Diana too).

V: I agree you, Cathy, on this one. Her answer to time traveling was spot on. I just loved when she said being in NY made her want to travel back in time to hear Billie Holiday sing live. I would love that too. It reminded me of the stories my Dad used to tell us. He was a trained classical pianist, but self-taught jazz pianist. He would play in some of Harlem’s speakeasies, back in the day, to earn money for school. I would love to hear Billie Holiday and so many other profound intellects/artists from the Harlem Renaissance era.

Va: That’s what I meant about her bringing freshness! She truly thinks about her responses and I think she answers from her heart. She has the heart of an artist whose passion is in many fields.

A: She chose an excellent answer and that question is also a reminder to people that the books were clearly inspired, at least in part, by another famous time traveling story: Doctor Who.

V: I did think Diana was throwing shade with her answer, when I kill them, they stay dead. The question was, “Who would you bring back, if you could.” Yes, I know . . .  she is the author; this is her story – yadda, yadda, yadda – but damn, I wonder how Duncan felt at that moment.

JL: I do think she was throwing shade at production for choosing to leave Murtagh alive. I know she has said in the past that she wished she didn’t kill Murtagh, but she couldn’t help herself. She didn’t just throw a little shade, she threw a whole damn tree.

A: I also got the sense she is not completely happy with the show changes and I feel bad for Duncan for having to hear her throw shade while he’s there. I have a feeling we’ll hear in April when S5 wraps she convinced production to not change a plot featured in the novel.

Va:  Not only did Diana say they stay dead, after saying no offense to Murtagh or Duncan, she looked past Maril and Ron, at Duncan and said you should have stayed dead. Then she gave a wink and a thumbs up to the audience. I’d say that’s major shade. When Diana said that she regretted killing off Murtagh, the show had not yet made that change. I think she may be surprised how well it worked out.

C: Keeping Murtagh was a brilliant adaptation.  I love the books, but I’m not a purist.  I’d love to see them expand LJG to as many episodes as possible. By the time many of these comments were made, I was looking around the audience and not paying really close attention.

I get to do lots of different operations this season and it’s quite cool.

A: Although I am interested a lot in Claire’s medical discoveries and her efforts to reconcile modern medicine with 18th Century situations, I am nervous that these plots may turn too much into Claire being blamed for unnecessary meddling, an excuse for misogynistic men to treat her badly, or for making political tensions worse. The “you are playing God” quote from the trailer seems to be aiming toward that angle, even though we don’t know yet the context.

Ma: I am HERE for the medical stuff this season. I think it’s so cool she learned how to be a doctor in Boston just as I am doing now. I discovered Outlander during a time that was so hard for me when I was applying to medical school. I got accepted into my first-choice school around the time I discovered it, so I think that Outlander has a special place in my heart for this reason. Jess H. was the first person I got into the show after my binge and I am so glad we have the same energy towards this series. Luv ya, gurl!

UGH! I still remember that episode last season where she repaired that guy’s hernia (4×08) and we were learning about hernias around that time too. Just leave me here to be a nerd people!

Va:  There are several medical emergencies and surgeries in book five, so I’m not surprised that Claire, the healer, will play a major part. Also, it’s the first time she has a proper (18th century) surgery. With a good space, more equipment, and her daughter’s ingenious devices, she becomes Dr. Claire again.

JH: Claire’s character has been such an inspiration to many women – I remember someone in the Q&A session said her story is the reason why she became a trauma nurse. Claire’s healing knowledge has been one of her biggest assets over her journey. It has allowed her to garner respect in an era when women were considered property. Women in medicine have always been heroes and I’m so happy to watch my friend become one. Luv ya too, Margot!

C: Even though I’m a doctor, I don’t feel the medical aspect of Claire’s character is all that interesting. Maybe because she wields it with such arrogance (in the show) – so unusual for a doctor. ‘-)

He’s a politician; he’s a Laird of sorts, so he’s grown up.

    He’s become less tempestuous at times, less impulsive…

    but he’s still got that Fraser fire.

A: I was expecting Sam to discuss more about Jamie’s balancing act between protecting his family and complying with what the colonial authorities want from his as a landowner.

V: Yeah, me too. He explained how his character has grown up and his responsibilities, but nothing beyond that. I think it would be hard to speak on a panel, while shooting is still going on, and be comfortable speaking about what is to come in the episode. I often wondered if actors ever think about what sort of questions they might receive, and how they would answer it.

Va:  Surely, they give much thought and discuss what they are allowed to say. We got an out of focus peek at a talking points paper.

JH: I think Jamie has a unique historical perspective – he has visceral experience of the violence of colonization in Scotland, but now he is complicit in it as a landowner in the Carolinas. It will be interesting to see how he wrestles with that conflict this season.

C: When I look back at S1, I’m amazed by how young Jamie looks.  I’m even more amazed that he is now a convincing 50-year-old. The make-up artists deserve a lot of praise, but so does Sam for being able to pull it off.

As in all things Outlander, the panel ended with a toast!

Slàinte Mhath! 

Here’s 5-shots for S5!

Notable Quotes from the Panel

What S5 Jamie would say to S1 Jamie.

Don’t go near her… your life is going to be a mess…he knows that he would do anything for her, he would die for her.

~ Sam Heughan

The love between Claire and Jamie

It’s wonderful to play a relationship that keeps growing and deepening. It’s something you really see evidence of this season.

~ Caitriona Balfe

The pieces of wardrobe that get them into character.

It used to be the kilt, but now it’s the boots.

It’s got to be the boots for me.

~ Sam Heughan and Duncan Lacroix

What fans can look forward to this season.

When you live your life to the fullest and with passion, like the passion that she found with Jamie…with her career, you become a really whole version of yourself.

~ Maria Doyle Kennedy

How Claire has changed since she stepped out of the car in Inverness.

That the love lasts…that’s what we see this season.

~ Caitriona Balfe


A: Although I appreciated hearing from the cast about S5, I believe the panel may have been better if we saw at least a clip from the episode as we saw the whole episode last year. The moderator could have had more insight questions that Maril and Ron could answer. It also didn’t help that the trailer didn’t focus enough on Jocasta, Lord John Grey and Murtagh so there was less time for Maria, David, and Duncan to weigh in on the panel.

I believe the moderator questions and the fan questions would have elicited better responses from the audience if we saw more than 30 seconds. I’m still very grateful that we had the opportunity to attend because seeing new releases before everyone else sees is an awesome experience. There’s nothing quite like feeling the collective joy in a room with hundreds of fellow fans and that’s what makes Outlander events at NYCC and at other cons so much fun!

V: Since this was my first panel, I loved everything about it, particularly being there live! But, you know, if they had shown any more than they did in the tease, the fans would want even more. The clip had shots of them, but nothing to elicit answers. I did wish Ginger had more questions for them; however, for what they were asked, I loved the responses. I just thoroughly enjoyed being there, in person, with all the fans and all of you. It has been a long time coming and a Bucket List item fulfilled. I am still on Cloud 9!

Ma: This was a fun panel! I agree with Amanda, seeing a clip would have been amazing since we got the first episode last year. Personally, I wish there was less time for fan questions because some of them were a bit unnecessary and made the room feel awkward. I heard comments from some fans behind me about this. Alas, it is 130-odd days before Droughtlander ends, so I didn’t expect much in terms of content. Overall, it was a fun experience meeting mutual fans and seeing the actors in person. I am an easily starstruck person; so, it’s always a, ‘Wow, I can’t believe they’re real’, reaction for me. Can’t wait until my next comic con!

Va:  The times an entire episode was shown at a Comic Con, the wait until premier was only 2-4 weeks. I was amazed and proud of the fans for staying quiet about what they saw then. With four months to go, I didn’t expect STARZ to make the first episode available. Plus, as Vida said, they’ve not finished filming the season. That probably means they’ve not yet completed the extra work that must be done before the episode is ready for viewing. This was my first Comic Con, but not my first Outlander Panel. I agree with Amanda. To experience the actors and producers live, with thousands of like-minded fans, is truly so much fun!

C: This was my first comic con, first panel, and first-time meeting so many fellow Outlander enthusiasts that I already knew for social media.  Other than Duncan, I had never seen anyone else on the panel in person. The panel structure seemed like an odd mix of production and actors, and the discussion was too short and the open mic fan questions, too long, but I still can’t imagine a fan-filled weekend being any better. That won’t stop me from trying to create one though. Where are we going next, Ladies?

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Don’t forget to catch up with our Blacklanderz™ Convos! from S4.

We will be back! Stay tuned.


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures. No copyright infringement intended. Official Photos by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ. Some photos are from Blacklanderz Michelle (@blerdymj).

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