Outlander – Closer Look: Brianna’s Drawings Epi11

Kimberley Bright from the Art Department spent time developing Brianna’s drawing style, wanting her artwork to subtly evoke seventies style but, at the same time, not seem too incongruous in the eighteenth century. I started off making bright, colorful pastel drawings but, after much discussion, we ended up making them much darker and monochromatic to reflect her angst! The most anguished drawing features in Episode … Continue reading Outlander – Closer Look: Brianna’s Drawings Epi11

Outlander finally casts Brianna!

Newcomer Sophie Skelton has been cast to play Brianna in the series adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling books, EW has learned. For those who don’t know the character, Brianna is described as a striking, redheaded young woman who is strong-minded and intelligent beyond her years. Read more >> Continue reading Outlander finally casts Brianna!