Five reasons to be excited for Outlander’s new Roger Wakefield

Now that we are headed into the Outlander S2 finale next week, we thought we would provide a reminder of one of the reasons we are excited about what is to come!

LIKE I am sure many of you, I have spent the better part of the last year watching the rise of Scottish actor and human unicorn Richard Rankin. The announcement by Starz that he was cast in Season Two of Outlander as Roger Wakefield , foster son of the Reverend Wakefield, has not only propelled this actor into a spotlight that he is not likely to ever step out of again, but has also capped off a year of ever-expanding growth in his career that has longtime fans hand flailing like it’s a new energy source.

Personally, Roger Wakefield is the man of my dreams. I always loved Jamie for his love of Claire, but I loved Roger because to me, he is Claire in male form: thoughtful, emotional, sometimes silly and deeply, deeply rooted in those whom he loves. Roger grounds the new generations’ narrative in a way viewers have yet to experience, and I am SO excited for them to do so.

Despite being a regular on comedy improv show Burnistoun , Rankin first garnered my attention as dreamy surgeon Captain Thomas Gillian in the WWI drama The Crimson Field. Though the series was tragically canceled after its first season, it remains a lovely jewel box of his acting abilities. I very much recommend it. I immediately joined his fan group and began actively campaigning for him to get the part. In my mind there could be no better candidate for Roger Wakefield. I would say that I give him two thumbs up, but that is simply not enough thumbs. I would need to grow more thumbs.

Here are five reasons I think Rankin will be the perfect Roger Mac. Slight spoilers (nothing decisive, I swear) for the books.


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