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Outlander S2 Epi13 – Dragonfly in Amber

Directed by Philip John    Written by Toni Graphia & Matthew B. Roberts



This conversation is between Blacklanderz Vida, Michelle, and Tamisha; all have read the book. Edited by Vida.

It’s so emotional. It’s so amazing to see Claire kind of back in her time. Obviously production design did an amazing job, and it’s such a satisfying finale…It’s heartbreaking and emotional but so satisfying.

~ Maril Davis, ET Online


Vida: I am so glad they gave the finale 90 minutes. There is no way they could have covered so much material otherwise. I wasn’t sure how they would start it, but was glad the opening was with a television scene from The Avengers and Emma Peel (starring Diana Rigg – that’s Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones). Although Caitriona mentioned on Twitter that Claire was inspired by Anne Bancroft, I could see Emma Peel/Jackie-Oish all the way. But, I digressed. As I mention in the title analysis, overall, it was a battle royal for all: Culloden was happening that day because Jamie could not convince the Price otherwise; Jamie and Dougal’s conflict; Jamie wanting to get Claire, Fergus and the men of Lallybroch to safety and Claire and Bree over her parentage.

I also loved how the Outlander crew intertwined the 1960’s with the 1740’s, at times a little too jarring, and introduced Brianna and Roger right from the start. I also enjoyed the time-appropriate music of the 60s. All performed beautifully; but again, Caitriona hit it out of the park letting us see and feel  just how unhappy she has been for 20 years and how she missed and longed for Jamie. On that note, it was nice to end the season with her realization about Jamie. Can I tell you, though there was a missing piece, I loved the scene of Claire and Jamie at the stones, with that backwards waltz. Sam and Caitriona’s performances were outstanding! The cinematography was brilliant – with the sun rising behind/above the standing stones and shining off of Claire’s face, you could actually see a change in her face with a bit of happiness at the thought of her life being renewed!


Michelle: The 90-minute season finale of S2 of Outlander followed Claire as we explored her life in the 60’s with her now adult daughter, Brianna. Interspersed through the episode we see the events that led up the Claire’s heartbreaking separation from Jamie. The writers worked hard to surprise book readers, but also keep many of the quotes and scenes that we love. Caitriona is magnetic on the screen and her portrayal of a broken Claire was spot on. Sam does a phenomenal job, particularly with the material at the stones and we are finally introduced to Roger and Brianna. The feeling of loss and hopelessness are palpable, but we conclude on a note of joy with a possibility of a reunion.


Tami: This week is the ultimate season finale and we finally get introduced to Brianna and Roger! It was intense, heart-wrenching yet left the audience with a sense of hope. It took me years to finally prepare myself for this episode. Still, I was not ready for this. Shakespeare’s  parting is such great sorrow is so befitting for this episode.

I had the finale planned out pretty much at the beginning of the season. When we were talking about the beginning of season two, I just felt that right away, starting in 1968 wasn’t going to work on TV. It was too big of a leap to go from Claire and Jamie on the ship sailing off to France to suddenly go to 1968, with 20 years passed and Claire is now in the 20th century, she’s a doctor, she has a grown daughter, Jamie’s dead, Frank’s dead. It’s like, whoa. Too much for the audience to take in one big swallow. So I decided to start more chronologically in the premiere with Claire returning to the 20th century, which in and of itself is a huge leap. That’s an enormous thing just by itself so let’s do that. And so when would we get to the 1968 story that book readers are expecting? That’s how we decided to get to 1968 at the end of the season, way back at the very beginning of the season. And then I felt it would be powerful to intercut that with the last moves of the 18th century story so while you’re watching Brianna realize who her real father is, and Claire is realizing that maybe Jamie didn’t die after all, we’re cross cutting that with the 18th century story when they arrive at Culloden Moor with Jamie’s goodbyes to Claire and all that.

~ Ron D. Moore, The Hollywood Reporter

V: I loved that they started in 1968 with the old black and white television and the kids watching the 1960’s spy-fi British show, The Avengers. So appropriate that kids would be watching that show.

M: Well, I am going to show my age and say I didn’t know what show that was in the title card. I was told later that it was The Avengers.

T: For me, it’s a very different introduction than what I would have imagined.




M: Roger is looking pretty spiffy in his suit.

V: Yes, he is! And, it was obvious he needed to take a breather away from his guest.

T: I’m with you two. I loved that it opened with Roger. He really captured my attention and can I just say: Rik IS Roger!!


When you meet him, he’s just an Oxford professor. He’s a well‑educated, well‑brought up young man, who spent a lot of his early years growing up in the Highlands in Scotland before he moved off to be educated down south and then, you know, go on to be an academic. So, his experience of life is very different to the other characters that you’ve met in Outlander, especially the 18th-century characters. I wanted to make him as far removed from that world as I could, so you would think he is quite endearing and quite sweet. I have an amazing opportunity with Roger, of taking him on that journey through Voyager. He almost becomes like a hardened warrior himself. The things that he goes through in the following series!

 ~ Richard Rankin, EW

M: Oh Fiona – I always pictured someone different but she is a sweet lass. Wish we saw a bit more of her.

V: Yes, she seemed sweet at first, until she gave Bree a once over look. Then, I thought she was trying to block!


M: This opening is different from the book. We never saw the Reverend’s funeral. Claire came back after he passed. I really like the change, and thought I was a great idea to have them stay at the house.

V: I liked it too and made more sense for them to be there. Glad the writers changed it.

T: Yes, and here comes the first wave of sadness. Claire being haunted by ghosts and memories. The music is so beautiful!



T: Brianna resembles both her parents; it’s quite adorable. From the first moment Roger spots her, you see he’s captivated by her. They nailed their introductions! Claire is really rocking a 60s ensemble; especially her hair.

M: Yes he was. And, him trying to get to her was too cute. He is very charming.

V: I really liked that scene too. He couldn’t get to her fast enough. Yes, love Claire’s 60s look.



There’s been this buildup for so long. It’s a scary though because of things like the fact that Brianna’s from Boston, but we decided not to go with a Boston accent. We just assumed that given how she was raised in a private Catholic school in the ’60s, she sort of had any Boston drummed out of her and she’d be a standard American.

. . . There are things like the eye color. I think people are expecting [me to wear] contacts because Bree’s eyes are blue [in the novels]. Everybody will have a different view.

 ~ Sophie Skelton, International Business Times


T: Now he is offering them his hospitality. We all know it’s because he wants to spend time with Bree. Honestly, I think I prefer this storyline better…Claire and Bree staying with Roger. When reading the book, it crossed my mind too and I’m happy that they decided to go in that direction.

V: Yes, we all do know that. And, I have to agree with you, I also like this storyline better; makes more sense all the way around.

M: Claire looks stunning!!! I swear she can wear anything! I love how deep her voice is now and how different she carries herself. Even her eyes are different, they have lost their light. Caitriona is absolutely amazing!

V: I also think Caitriona did an incredible job in letting us know how Claire felt – sad and lonely without Jamie. I thought the same thing, very Jackie O-ish.



I loved the writing in this. It’s really great. It’s a very interesting journey for Claire. Going back is very powerful and very interesting. The finale, it’s a heartbreaker, but I’m really excited for people to see it, except that it means it’s the last one.

~ Caitriona Balfe, E! News

M: The music as Claire is discussing ghosts is very haunting. Bear as always knocks it out of the park.

T: Yes, and here comes the first wave of sadness. Claire being haunted by ghosts and memories. The music is so beautiful!

V: Yes, he does. I’ve always looked at the music as a character too.  He is a genius when it comes to just the right music at the right time to move along with the story. Adding in the vocals made it even more haunting, yet angelic.


Mrs. Graham had warned me not to spend my days chasing a ghost.  And so, I hadn’t. But now that I was here, the ghosts are starting to chase me.

M: The disconnect between Claire and Bree is quite jarring. You can tell they have a strained relationship. Even down to hearing Bree refer to Frank as ‘Daddy’ but Claire as ‘Mother’ rather than Mama like in the books. I don’t even think we even heard her address her in this episode.

V: Yes, these two played out the relationship perfectly. Bree so loved Frank and had much more affection for him. But then again, it’s because Claire was so distant toward her.

M: Where is Claire? Having a drink! Amazing! I love her night clothes.

T: I noticed how she’s always drinking and wonder if this was how she got through 20 years sans Jamie.

V: Of course she was. You two sound surprised that she is drinking. Really? This is the Claire we know and nothing has changed in 20 years. I am sure it helps her think of Jamie when she does.  She is truly rocking the 60s-look.


T: The interaction between Roger and Claire was beautifully executed. Roger is a real Scotsman in every way, especially his mannerisms! The way he reveals his real family name: Mackenzie. That question gave me chills, How do you do it? Finally, say goodbye to that one person you love the most. Claire’s answer is flawless and seasoned with emotion.

M: Isn’t he. I agree. The emotional chemistry between Claire and Roger in the scene is amazing. The sadness in both of their eyes for losing the ones they love. It is interesting that Roger thinks Claire is discussing Frank, but really it’s Jamie. *Sniffle* It’s all very tragic.

V: Yes, it was. I was thinking that it was ironic that Roger is talking about his recent loss and that of his ancestors from 200 years ago not realizing that Claire had just been with them only 20 years ago. Their conversation brought me to tears thinking of loved ones I’d lost. Performances were truly amazing.



V: I was wondering how they would transition back to the 1740s. And brilliantly, as they did in Epi1, they did it again! Loved it.

M: Yes, the transition from a sleeping Bree to Jamie was amazing.

T: This scene was exactly how I envisioned it would be. It’s a tender moment and quite frankly, one the few moments where we feel the connection between Claire and Brianna. I only wish that the camera had focused more on her smiling face. I love that they played with time. It’s Jamie’s head…it’s the same hair color!



And, so  . . . the battles begin.


M: All I have to say about BPC, is that I hate him! How dare he call Jamie Thomas.

V: I am right there with you. Enough already with the ‘mark mes’ and doubting Thomas. I hope it is apparent to Scottish people that he truly was NO HERO, but a delusional coward with daddy issues!

T: Poor man, meaning Jamie! He looks hungry and he’s cold. This Bonny Prince and his Christ complex. Our final: “Mark me!” Such a stubborn spoil brat. War has begun!

Picture 35 Picture35


The Battle of Culloden with happen . . . today!


M: I found some of the back and forth to be a bit jarring.

V: Yes, at times it was, I wanted to stay in a certain moment and then it transitioned. That is why I decided to do our convo this way. Makes more sense in my head.

M: Okay, makes sense. Were you surprised that Claire and Jamie never talked about Colum’s death?

V: I couldn’t remember if that happened in the book. Yes, it was surprising because they tell each other everything.


T: The plotting continues…Somehow, I imagine it all took place at night. Jamie seriously contemplating murder. It just shows the length Claire and Jamie are willing to go through to spare the lives of thousands of Scots.


 You just see how desperate they’ve become that they would even consider something as horrific as this, but as Claire says, it’s take the life of one to save the lives of thousands.  It’s a really heartbreaking moment for Jamie because no matter what Dougal has done, he’s his uncle, he raised him for a lot of his life and trained him, and there was a very complicated love there, but there was some kind of love there.

~ Caitriona Balfe, Variety

T: Dougal, why are you eavesdropping? This won’t end well. I just keep thinking how things might have unraveled if Dougal never overheard and if their plan to kill the Prince worked.*Sigh*

M: Dougal literally became unhinged. Congrats to Graham for such a dynamic performance.


V: Makes you wonder sometimes. But I guess, that’s something that we will never know – could they have possibly prevented the war, or in all honestly, with all their plotting, did they exacerbate the situation. As for Dougal, he surely did come unhinged. That scene reminded me of him losing it in S1 after his wife died.

T: Dougal is mad I tell you. Calling Claire a whore? Did he forget he wanted to marry her? I was sitting at the edge of my seat. This isn’t going to end well. He injured Jamie, no! Yes, Claire got involved and hit him. I love that she isn’t your regular damsel in distress, who sits back and watch her man fight; she gets her hands messy! I can’t help but think about the quote Jamie said back in Faith when he said we carry it together. This is something they’re going to have to carry together. Phenomenal acting from all actors during these scenes, especially Jamie and Claire’ expression. They realized what they had just done and they instantly regret it. He whispers his apologies [*Tears*].


M: The couple that kills together…..I always say that Claire is the ultimate ride or die wife.


V: Like what, stays together? LOL Oh she is for sure a ride or die when it comes to Jamie. Gotta love her for that. I don’t think Dougal forgot he arranged the marriage. At this point, none of that mattered. Like he said, he gave his ALL to the cause and Jamie and Claire were trying to destroy it. I was surprised they changed this from the book. But when I read an interview from Sam and Ron, it made sense that they did it this way.

We decided that Claire should be involved in that and that isn’t in the books. I think it makes them both complicit in the murder of Dougal, it makes them both guilty. So they’re united in their desperation of trying to save everyone and everything, and in doing that they’ve had to kill Jamie’s uncle, which doesn’t sit well with him. It’s about trying to save Claire — she doesn’t quite know that until they get closer to the stones.

~ Sam Heughan, Variety



I’m sorry, Uncle.

The one thing we did change is that we had Claire participate a little bit more. The scene reads fine on the page, but when we came to dramatize it, we quickly realized that in the books, it literally just looks like Claire is standing and watching throughout the entire fight and Dougal’s death. That didn’t feel right, dramatically for our characters. We wanted to see Claire take part in it more and be more active in that scene. And also, seeing Claire and Jamie work as a team one more time before they split up, this was the perfect opportunity for that.

~ Ron D. Moore, The Hollywood Reporter

V: And, of all people to walk in afterwards . . . Rupert! Now, it’s on; Jamie is a dead man an all fronts. He just can never catch a damn break!

T: Rupert immediately changed from the gentle caring man to a man ready to avenge his chief’s death.


I’ll give you two hours. And then, I will damn your soul to the fiery pit.



M: Murtagh whistling past Jamie and Claire killing Dougal made me laugh. He is not surprised.  This whole scene with Fergus was one of the saddest scenes of the episode. His connection to Jamie and Claire (expanded in the TV show) is my favorite thing about this season. They love him so much and unlike in the books, I am so glad Claire got to say goodbye to him. The wee bow that Murtagh gave him, such a sign of respect. Murtagh is another  King of Men.

V: Was thinking the same thing, like okay what’s next – lets keep it moving. I so love Fergus and am glad they changed his relationship with Claire in the adaptation and added this scene. I agree, his character expansion and Murtagh’s were the best changes this season. That was really sweet that Jamie told him, I love you like a son, and Claire echoed with, like our own son. Murtagh’s bow made me tear up again.

T: Me too! The signing of that deed…more Kleenex! That explains why the scenes where they tell Fergus that he is like a son made me tear up. The addition of that is everything! I always felt like that was missing I books. The scene gave me some consolation.





One last look . . .



M: Murtagh is just the best person. Love his expansion in the adaptation.

V: I totally agree with you; he barely even spoke in the book. Love that he is ride or die too; always right next to Jamie and Claire at all times. God, I am going to hate to see him go, but glad it wasn’t in this season.

T: This was another tear-jerk  moment for me. Jamie and Murtagh confirming that the battle is a lost cause. We all search high and low for loyal companions like Murtagh.



I’ll not have my kin die for nothing.


I won’t be. I’m dying with you.

M: THIS scene is one of my favorite. Claire’s desperation for Jamie. I’m so glad he told her about the baby. ‘You are my Home‘ . . . oh gosh.



It’s been two months.


You kept track?

V: It was one of mine too. My stomach was in knots with tears rolling down my face watching it in anticipation of what was to come.

T: Same here. When Jamie told Claire she’s pregnant, I was on Kleenex box #3. The tears in Claire’s eyes echoed mine.


This child … is all that will be left of me. EVER.

But now, we must go.

You promised me, if it came to this, you would go back through the stones, back home.


But, you are my home.


And, you are mine.


You must go back to a man who will take care of you both.


It’s just such a beautiful moment and just a horrible moment. He’s trying to say goodbye to the woman that he loves and, in some ways, it’s like you want to make it last forever — but you don’t want to prolong the agony at the same time. I think that scene really captured that.

~ Maril Davis, Entertainment Tonight


M: I couldn’t be happier to have seen these books lines in the series. I was worried they would come off as cheesy, but Sam did a phenomenal job!!!! His performance was so nuanced. I still wish they carved their hands though.


V: I was too. As for the carved initials, Diana wished for its inclusion too. It was still a beautiful scene. Once they reached the stones, it reminded me of S1 when he took her to the stones. Only this time, she really isn’t ready to leave.

T: I was a mess again. This is it. After 13 episodes, they’re saying goodbye. Jamie is a man, a very understanding man. This part also answered my ultimate question: could Jamie have just tried to see if he can travel too? The answer, based on what I just saw is, no. Like he said, It’s not my place.


How would I explain all of this? How can I go back?


To Frank. That, I leave to you. Tell him what you will about me . . .

Tell him I’m grateful. Tell him, I trust him.


I’ll find you. I promise.


If I must endure two hundred years of purgatory, two hundred years without you—then that is my punishment, which I have earned for my crimes. For I have lied, killed, stolen, betrayed and broken trust.


But when I stand before God, I’ll have one thing to say, to weigh against all the rest.


Lord, ye gave me a rare woman.


And God! I loved her well.


In the book it’s very different, because they stay overnight in a cottage and we were condensing the time and because we’d filmed things in Season 1 where there was no cottage, we couldn’t do that, so then there was a whole thing about ‘where do they have their last moments together? They have sex and where is that gonna be?  There was a lot of talk about up against a tree and I was like ‘no, not gonna happen that way! That’s so not romantic, it can’t be up against a tree, that’s not right!’ I was so adamant about it, and they were like ‘well, it’s gonna be cold and wet, are you gonna wanna be on the ground?’ I was like ‘I don’t care, I’ll be on the ground, it can’t be against a tree.’ It just seemed so wrong and so not beautiful.

~ Caitriona Balfe, Variety


Our wedding gift from Hugh Munro.

Keep it with you. Blood of my blood.

Bone of my bone.

As long as we both shall live.


T: Them reciting their wedding vows shattered me. Their performance was brilliant!


This belonged to my father. Give it to the bairn when he’s old enough.


I will name him Brian, after your father.

We were both very aware that this is the last time they’re together, so there is a pressure, but you also don’t want to pressurize yourself as an actor, otherwise you begin to tense up – we just wanted to see what happened, and out of it came this wonderful almost choreography, this moment where it’s almost like a dance, where Jamie’s guiding Claire with her back towards the stones so she’s staring at him… it seemed to work because we couldn’t work out how to get to Claire to the stones, because she doesn’t want to go.

~ Sam Heughan, Variety

V: It really was. I was just as mesmerized, as they were, staring into each others eye while Jamie danced Claire backwards to the stones. That was just brilliant.

T: It was beautifully executed. In a way, I knew she would have never crossed without Jamie forcing her. Jamie’s tear stained cheeks made everything even more touching.





Goodbye, Claire.


Claire would fight towards the end and she wouldn’t want to leave, so how do we get Jamie to take her to the stones and yet how do we get Claire to go, because I just felt like she just wouldn’t want to. I know she has to go to save her child, but she just wouldn’t want to,” she admits. “Somehow we came up with this beautiful almost like a dance, where they’re locked together and they’ve got their heads together and they’re looking in each other’s eyes and he sort of dances her to the stone and she’s just crying and telling him that she loves him and it’s so beautiful. When we were filming it, I feel like everyone got so swept up in the moment. It’s so sad. These characters are so much a part of us at this point, it was just heartbreaking – how do you let go, how do you say goodbye to someone? It was just awful. I think some of the crew were all misty-eyed, it was great.

~ Caitriona Balfe, Variety


M: The montage of Bree and Roger is sweet. He is really smitten with her.


T: Yes, he is. The music is phenomenal! Bree and Roger spent a lot of time alone time together.


V: I like how Richard is portraying him. In the book, it was love at first sight and we kind of get that from his performance. I also loved the scenery shots. I guess Matt et al were flying/rolling in the helicopter again to get them.



M: It’s also very clear that Bree really really loved Frank, but her and Claire are so distant. I’ve never wanted to know about Claire and Frank’s marriage, but I am curious on how the show will portray it.

V: That she was. I didn’t care for the story of their marriage either, but I am sure they will have flashbacks in S3. They have to have some in order to bring the story up to date.


He was. The kindest guy in the world.


Your mother seems verra kind as well.


My mother . . . lives in another world.

V: At the mention of Fort William, my heart just sank.

T: How ironic, the first place they visit is Fort William. You see that Brianna has a connection to her father, getting chills where he was flogged and standing where Brian stood. That was a brilliant idea!

M: Verra. Seeing Bree next to the post where Jamie was flogged on gave me chills.

V: I felt the same way like that was another way of showing her connection to Jamie. Loved the connection to previous episodes.


This place gives me the chills.



V: Again, I have to say that I loved the scenery shots.


M: I agree. The loch they are sitting on was stunning. I’m glad we are seeing some more of Bonny Scotland.


M: I want to know what Bree meant when she said that Frank definitely had a temper but kept it under wraps. How did she know that? What had she seen? S3 will be very interesting I think. Nosy Bree, reminds me of Claire.

V: Wonder if she witnessed any outburst, or just heard about them. She is very inquisitive and does remind me of Claire too.


T: The music, yet another hit! I spot a familiar face! Isn’t she supposed to be dead?

V: Yes, and no. [*wink, wink*] I have to say I was also loving all the 60s music they were playing for Bree and Roger, especially The Four Tops.


Now if you feel that you can’t go on

Because all of your hope is gone

And your life is filled with much confusion

Until happiness is just an illusion

And your world around is crumblin’ down

Darling, reach out, come on girl, reach on out for me

Reach out, reach out for me

I’ll be there, with a love that will shelter you

I’ll be there, with a love that will see you through

~ Four Tops, Reach Out I’ll Be There

Now, if they had put in some Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, I would have just fallen flat out! These two came to mind: “Your Precious Love” and “If I Could Build My Whole World Around You.

Sidenote: We asked Bear if he had a theme song for Bree and Roger, below is his comment.


Sorry, I digressed . . .


M: Claire in a blue car – blue is used a lot with Claire. From the blue vase, to her blue coat – I wonder what the meaning is.

V: Yes, I noticed that. I think it relates to Claire being a healer. Remember Master Raymond said her aura was blue.


M: So is Claire going to bring those glasses with her next season???? *Wink*


V: I know, right. Loved them. Even sent a tweet about it during the show. Caitriona mentioned that she told Terry she wanted some glasses and Terry appeared with a box of them. She chose well.

T: Claire with glasses, she looks good! She’s at Lallybroch! It’s abandoned, not sure if it’s a good thing or bad. Here came another set of tears.


M: My heart was breaking for Claire seeing the place she once called home in ruins. To hear the voices and sounds of those she held dear was devastating.



V: Yes, it was heartbreaking – just look at her facial expressions! For once, I wasn’t annoyed with voice overs. I thought the way they used them, various characters from the past, was perfect. I couldn’t help but think of Adele’s song, Chasing Pavements, only in that I was thinking should she let go or hold on to the past. It was heartbreaking to watch her go through that and relive it all after 20 years.



M: And to see Jamie, oh gosh! 20 years of longing, slowly pouring out.

V: I know. I cried like a baby during that scene. So poignant and heartfelt. Masterfully done!


Come and let us live my Dear,
Let us love and never fear . . .


Then let amorous kisses dwell
On our lips, begin to tell
A Thousand, and a Hundred, score
A Hundred, and a Thousand more . . .


M: This scene reminded me of S1 Epi1 where she was standing next to the car.

V: Wow, you’re right. I hadn’t thought about that.

T: I’m not sure if I like all this sneaking around Claire is doing. I understand it but the seclusion is not cool!

V: I don’t look at it as her sneaking, just visiting different memorable places. I didn’t find that odd at all, especially with Bree out with Roger.


M: Claire just seems so contained and tightly wound in the 60’s.

V: She was surely a woman on a mission. On another note, it’s uncanny that she would recover a document that she signed 200 years ago.



V: I loved when Claire visited the Culloden Museum when the guy she was talking to didn’t have too much of a reaction to her saying Prince Charles was not that tall in real life . . . because she was there and knew him!



He wasn’t that tall in real life. He could have been great. He had the name, the cause and the support of good men willing to lay down their lives for him.


They’ve taken a fool and turned him into a hero.

And, my heart sank again when Claire looked at the artifacts left behind and saw . . .


M: Claire claiming she is a Fraser was amazing. She must have felt so good to finally say it out loud. I don’t think this scene is from the book, but it worked. Gave Claire an opportunity to clear her soul. The rest easy soldier line was a nice call back to the various time Claire has said it to Jamie.

T: This scene started the water works. While talking to the gravestone, Claire is trying to withhold the tears. The part where she says good-bye knocked the wind right out of me. So, I finished the first box of Kleenex and had to go to box #2.


Culloden marked the end of the clan; the Highlander way of life. ~ Frank


V: I don’t remember it in there either. I did enjoy hearing Frank’s voice over description of the area while we saw it on screen – completely flat! This was another tearful moment, very powerful. Just imagine, she hasn’t spoken to him for 20 years and she pours out all of the things he has missed with her. Yes, I love that part too, it was so appropriate for her to say that.


I swore I would never set foot in this horrid place; but, here I am.

And you are here too.


I have good news. You have a daughter . . .


Goodbye Jamie Fraser, my love.

Rest easy soldier.

V: They brought this episode full circle with all of her ghost, with one being very much alive – Geillis.


M: They really did. So, Greg Edgers is super cute!

T: Oh, Mr. Dun- I mean Edgars. Yes, he is. At least Geillis can say she married a handsome man – once.


V: Yes, he is and seemed utterly distraught that his wife, of whom he loves, totally ignored him and their marriage, and spent up all his money and left him.


M: Look at Claire stealing things!


V: Hell, I don’t blame her for taking them. She knows she is either already gone or going soon. So, she might as well try to find out as much as possible how this time-traveling thing works.


M: The looks of devastation on Claire’s face when Bree mentions Fort William. So sad. I hate Black Jack!!

V: Me too. I felt the same as Claire did with that look of shock and horror on her face.



M: Literally Bree and Claire are a room apart.

V: Just goes to show how strained their relationship is and the fact that children pick up on things adults don’t think they do.

T: Brianna seems really distant and a bit rude, if you ask me. Yes, your mother seems like her mind is elsewhere, but Claire is trying and I feel like Brianna shuts her down. It hurts me to see that. In the book, they have a few moments together and she isn’t so cut and dry with her mom. She even refers to her mother as ‘Mama.’


M: I know that voice! Geillis! ‘So, why are you here?‘ The same question that Geillis asked Claire when they first met.


V: And yes, she’s back! She also asked her that during the witch trial.

T: I’m happy to see Geillis. Another talented actress! Given that Geillis is supposed to be platinum blond and blue eyes, Lottie is Geillis. It’s a great addition to add that storyline of Geillis being an activist. The exchange between Brianna and Geillis was smart.


I am Bonnie Prince Charles.

You are Bonnie Prince Charles.

M: The rat satire in the book never worked for me, but I really like it here! Roger is super adorable! I also love that Roger found his toy plane. I think this was the nod back to episode 1 that Matt Roberts was talking about.

V: I liked the TV version of the satire much better too. He was too cute singing it. He really has a nice voice. Ahh, I think you’re right about the nod.

T: I was thinking . . . be careful what you look for guys. On another note: Did I mention that I love Roger? His rat satire was original.



M: It was an interesting choice to change the story from Claire bringing Bree to Scotland, telling her about Jamie to Bree discovering the truth of her parentage.

V: Being that she is a history major, I liked that change as well. It was very plausible that she would research the Reverend’s old files, dairy and documents to glean more information about Claire and Frank and their time in Scotland in the 1940s.



Kidnapped by the Fairies?


Three years later. Mysteriously found wandering , dressed in rages, disoriented, incoherent . . .


M: Bree is so rude! I can’t believe it! And even more, I was shocked that Claire allowed it. Another reminder that she hasn’t been herself (or maybe she was feeling so guilty, she let it slide). I was waiting for a Laoghaire-sized slap.

V: Too funny you should say that. I just knew Claire was going to haul off and slap the crap out of her. But, I guess the way she angrily spewed what she and Jamie really had was the equivalent. Bree looked shocked at her demeanor.

T: This is not how I wanted her to find out. Now that Claire is opening up to her, she’s purposely being hurtful. The look in Brianna’s face when Claire told her that Jamie loved her very much. . .


Did you see my father? The man you were with for three years?

M: Roger is amazing! He is so awkward during this scene, I loved it.

T: Roger walking in made me laugh a little. I think we all experience in our lives, walking in on something awkward.

V: Yes, we do. Roger was so funny at times and provided the comic relief we needed. He didn’t know what to do at that point. Love Richard and Sophie for these characters; they are excellent.



I also noticed the clock ticking in the background – guess that indicated it was time to tell Bree the truth. And, I have to say that Caitriona and Sophie did an outstanding job in this episode.



M: She went 20 years without speaking Jamie’s name – my heart hurts to her.

V: I can’t even imagine that, but mine was hurting for her too. She was finally able to talk about him and all her raw emotions came bubbling out. I can’t blame here there. But again, adding a slap would have been perfect.

M: I also loved that Roger turned into the voice of reason for Bree.

V: Me too. I noticed how he rubbed her hand, either to calm her down, let her know it was going to be okay, or to reassure her he was there with her. Either way, it was a verra sweet gesture.




My real father is a 6′ 3″, red-headed guy in a kilt from the 18th century?

Just admit it; that you are not a perfect person. Own up to the fact that you f&*ked someone else when you were married to Daddy, just like a million other bored housewives.


I was not bored and what Jamie and I had was a helluva lot more than f&*king.




T: Okay, Brianna’s outburst is warranted, but a tad overboard. I felt Claire’s pain when she proclaimed that Jamie was the love of her life. Brianna never should have said that she wished her mother was dead. She went too far. You’re upset, everyone understands, but to wish death your mother…no. I would alter that part and have Brianna burst out with a tantrum or break something.

V: Yeah, that part stung me a little when she said that to Claire.

M: I see Bree has the same love for whiskey as her mother! This is a great book change!



V: You know I was wondering about that. I didn’t remember her drinking in the book, but it does stand to reason being Jamie and Claire’s child.

M: Did you notice how Claire’s face completely changes when she talks about Jamie. I love that at the end of this scene they are no longer a room apart, progress! Also the faint hint of Scottish music in the background is amazing.

V: Yes, I did. It was much like she was with Mrs. Graham in Epi1 when she talked about Jamie. That was the only time she smiled.

T: The least that Bree could have said was sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean it. Yet again, you see Claire trying to get close to Brianna. She starts to pull away from her mother. At least, Claire admitted she did not intend to fall in love. Don’t worry Claire, we felt the love through our TV screens.




M: ‘I looked up your family history.’ Oh Claire, always so nosy.

V: Yes, she is. But, at least she realizes now that she shouldn’t be messing around with trying to change things again.


T: Claire is a good friend, she wants to try to warn Gillian/Geillis.


I can see it in Roger’s eyes, he believes Claire. He is so respectful and understanding.

V: I guess since he grew up around the Scottish culture/traditions  and folklore, he is open to the possibilities. I am so glad Roger has a steady head and is perfect for Bree’s strong-hotheadedness.

M: Yes, I can see why Bree and Roger complement each other. He is the voice of reason for her.


What if Gillian is as crazy as she is?

What if she thinks you can actually travel through a stone into the past?

Well then, maybe we’ll all get to watch her slam her head into a five ton slab of granite.

M: Gillian/Geillis is hard core! I had forgotten she burned her husband!

V: I hadn’t, but I wasn’t sure they would show it. Glad they did. She was all about the cause, as in a fanatic. Loved this scene.





What’s that smell?

Smells like a f&*king barbecue.


V: Gillian was ruthless.




And, just like that . . . poof, she was gone.


I really liked the cinematography of this scene and that Bree and Roger were so taken aback that she actually went through the stone.

T: I know, right. Roger and Bree finally sees what Claire was talking about! 1-0 Claire.


V: But then, there was this . . .


Can you hear that . . . that, buzzing?

Aye. It’s getting louder.


Everything you said was true.


I believe you. I don’t understand it, but I believe you. No more lies.

From now on, I only want the truth between you and me.

M: Bree saying she believes Claire felt similar to when Jamie said that to Claire after the witch trial.

V: I know, I remembered that too. Claire even mentioned it when she told Bree, Oh you are so like your father. Loved it!

T: Finally, Brianna believes Claire’s story. I also love that she used Jamie’s same words. Yes, honesty is a solid foundation for any relationship. Brianna has finally dropped the attitude and is quite kind.


V: And then . . .


Roger, tell her what you found.


After the Battle at Culloden, a few Jacobite soldiers who were seriously wounded took refuge in an old house for two days; then, they were taken out to be shot.

But one of them, a Fraser of the Master of Lovat’s regiment, escaped execution.


James Fraser, my father.

M: I swear Claire’s face got younger when she heard that Jamie was alive. Can I say that this episode could have ended for me when she said, He survived.


Jamie. He didn’t die at Culloden.


He survived.

V: She really did. Hell, if I were Claire, I wouldn’t have hesitated and would have run to the stones at that moment. Yes, I know she couldn’t just leave Bree like that, but damn, for 20 years she was thinking Jamie died and he hadn’t. The scenery was once again beautiful with Claire’s blue hue and that final one was just stunningly breathtaking.


T: Brianna and Roger’s gift to Claire: James Fraser is alive! I thought it was beautiful and that they shared the news as the sun was rising. A new beginning; a new dawn.


If that’s true, then  . . .




I have to go back.


On to Voyager . . .


Episode Rating (1-5): 5 – Shots

We are ending S2 Blacklanderz Convos! giving this episode five (5) shots; Tami even threw in a kilt!

This episode did not disappoint – from the script,  written by Toni Graphia and Matt Roberts and directed by Philip John delivering on every front to the breathtaking performance from Caitriona and Sam. It was intensely emotional and included everything high fantasy offers, especially with them addressing time travel with Geillis and Claire both going through the stones in the same episode. Though it was initially a bit jarring, by the end, the intertwining of the 18th-century with the 20th-century worked. The episode carefully balanced changes made earlier this season, while hitting the most important points for book readers. Not one scene was out of place.

This is one of our favorite episodes this season because it was mostly character driven. There was some plot too, which is important, but the characters are who we care about and what keeps us connected to the story. Caitriona was absolutely stunning in the 60s, but it was her performance, once again, that shows her range of emotion has no bounds and she really took the audience on an emotional journey. We are invested in Jamie, Claire, Fergus, Murtagh, the MacKenzie and Fraser men and their stake in the war. This episode did that for us; some of us have been missing that feeling all season. We have watched this episode numerous times, let’s just say more than three times, and we can see ourselves watching again.

We were also introduced to Brianna and Roger, which was a brilliant way to bring them into the story. Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton hit their characters out of the park. It seemed as though they had always been a part of the show and we can’t wait to see them in future episodes. And, we were glad that Lotte Verbeek was back as Gillian/Geillis and they showed us what happened to her at the stones. However, it was heartbreaking to see all those goodbyes. We can’t say enough about Cait and Sam’s performances throughout, but especially at the stones – just phenomenal! Graham McTavish was an excellent Dougal and played the complex character masterfully. We loved that Romann Berrux brought us the wee Fergus we had hoped we would get. And, Murtagh . . . there isn’t anything else to say but . . . . BEST GODFATHER IN THE WORLD!

Terry Dresbach and crew did an outstanding job transitioning the characters to the 1960s. We loved Claire’s Emma Peel/Jackie-O fashion, of course, down to her purse and night clothes. We also loved the authenticity of the set design down to the black and white television and television show – thanks, Jon Gary Steele and team. It was all perfect. The directing by Philip John and the cinematography, at times, were spectacular from the aerial shots of Bree and Roger on their sightseeing venture and Claire driving to locations of her past memories to the last few shots at Craigh na Dun. We cannot say enough about Bear McCreary, who is clearly a genius! The music selection for the finale was spot on with the 60s music and that of the musical score that was mournful and haunting at times, yet angelic when the vocals were added.

What are your thoughts on the finale?

Let us know in the comments section.

LOOKING FORWARD – Outlander S3  – Voyager

It would be great to do the ships. I’m a big ship person. I mean, my company name is Tall Ship Productions. It would be fun to get to do rigged ships and go on sea voyages and go to Jamaica. It will be a big blast to do this new chapter in the saga.

~ Ron D. Moore, The Hollywood Reporter

Actually, we’re really excited about Voyager. It’s going to be a bit easier — but when I say “easy” I put that in quotes. Outlander, for us, was a fairly easy job of kind of adapting it because I think we all were very comfortable with the story. I think Dragonfly [in Amber] was very difficult for us and tough for the writers because a lot of stuff happens off-screen and Claire is talking about it, but you don’t see it happening. This second book was definitely a challenge for us, and Voyager for us is kind of like a homecoming. The stories lay out so much easier — we see what they are, we see what the conflicts are and the dramatic moments. So far, I’m really enjoying what we’re doing, but the back half will be more challenging. They go to Jamaica, there’s stuff that happens on ships, and the production challenges of that will also test our abilities, but I would say so far I’m really excited about what we’re doing and coming up with.

~ Maril Davis, ET Online

[Jamie] knows he’s going to die, but at least she is going to be safe, and his unborn child, who will be Bree. We won’t actually see what happens to Jamie after she’s gone through the stones until the next season – for me that’s a really big question and something that will be really interesting to look at: who is Jamie without Claire, why is he still surviving or what has he got to live for when he’s lost the woman that he loves? She will eventually return, but they’re both older, so who is the man he’s become age-wise, physically? I think that’s the joy of the show, it’s never the same thing, it’s constantly moving, so next season should be quite an adventure.

~ Sam Heughan, Variety

Now that we’ve lived with these characters for so long, I feel I have a pretty strong grasp on Claire’s inner emotional life. It’s easy enough for me to go back to that. I always start by reading the novel so right now I’m doing my prep with Voyager and immersing myself in that world. So much of what I need to know is in that. But once I get the scripts, it comes back pretty quickly. It won’t be a shock to the system by the time I get back to set to film season three. And people who know the books know that a lot happens between book two and book three, and I’m very excited about the reunion of Claire and Jamie that’s coming.

~ Caitriona Balfe, The Hollywood Reporter

Michelle: Oh boy! There is so much. Voyager has some of my favorite scenes. As to not spoil it for others, I am excited to see what happened to many of our S1 and S2 characters after the Battle of Culloden. I’m curious to see how this production chooses to portal Claire’s marriage to Frank, as well as Jamie’s life. Will they integrate any material from the Scottish Prisoner? I’m crossing my fingers that she goes back sooner than later. We also will be doing a bit of sailing, which should be fun. Voyager also touches on some touchy subjects and I’m curious to see how they will or if they portray them

Tami: Droughtlander has begun! Grab your whiskey and your books. Before you know it, S3 will begin. I do look forward to S3; Jamie and Claire’s reunion. Slàinte!!

Vida: I am looking forward to the journey of S3. I remember feeling seasick, like someone else we know, when I read the book. Hope that doesn’t happen while I am watching the show. I am also looking forward to new characters, set designs and costumes. That is one thing that I like about Diana’s books. Each is in a different location and you get to meet the inhabitants of that country, town, or island; they never stay too long in one place – always something new to experience. There are several scenes I can’t wait to see on scene; but most of all, I am looking forward to Claire going back through the stones to find Jamie. I just hope we don’t have to wait too long for it.

This shouldn’t be a spoiler for anybody.

Voyager ~ via Amazon description

(Getta reading Sassenachs, if you haven’t already. It will help you get through Droughtlander.)

Their passionate encounter happened long ago by whatever measurement Claire Randall took. Two decades before, she had traveled back in time and into the arms of a gallant eighteenth-century Scot named Jamie Fraser. Then she returned to her own century to bear his child, believing him dead in the tragic battle of Culloden. Yet his memory has never lessened its hold on her… and her body still cries out for him in her dreams.

Then Claire discovers that Jamie survived. Torn between returning to him and staying with their daughter in her own era, Claire must choose her destiny. And as time and space come full circle, she must find the courage to face the passion and pain awaiting her…the deadly intrigues raging in a divided Scotland… and the daring voyage into the dark unknown that can reunite—or forever doom—her timeless love.



Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures; all are from Starz.  No copyright infringement intended.


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  1. Excellent Convo ladies! I agree this episode was incredible. They did a great job of pulling everything together. I give it 5 shots, Droughtlander begins and I have to impatiently wait for S3.

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