Outlander S3 *Spoilers*

*Spoilers for Outlander S3*
If you don’t want to know, PLEASE stop here!
Last warning!

Let’s first go over what we know about Outlander Season 3 rumors thus far, specifically as it relates to this definitive battle: according to Cinema Blend, a bunch of people on both sides of the aisle will perish in the Battle of Culloden. If the books are anything to go by — and thus far, the show has been pretty faithful to the book series by Diana Galbadon — Outlander Season 3 will see Black Jack Randall perish on the battlefield, but will also see our favorite Scottish clansmen take their final bow, as well. Whether we’re talking about Rupert, or Horrocks, or even our beloved Murtagh (who has his own online fan group, Murtagh’s Maidens), the Frasers and the MacKenzies and everyone else we’ve come to know and love in Scotland is going to die (except, of course, for Jamie Fraser). And yes, it’s going to be sad — and yes, we’ll probably all haver and weep like we’re at the wake of one of our own dearly beloved relatives — and yes, Twitter will be ablaze with fan theories and ruminations and renditions of “My Heart Will Go On” delivered in a Scrooge McDuck-like brogue — but what’s most important about all of this is, the mass deaths of these characters in the Battle of Culloden is absolutely necessary if Outlander wishes to continue being successful.

Additional Outlander Season 3 rumors confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter indicate that Frank Randall — who is, at this point in the story, dead — may be featured in upcoming episodes in flashback form, raising Jamie’s daughter Brianna as his own despite him knowing of her true parentage. However, fans seem to be alright with the death of Frank, at this point in the story, because it’s implied — and understood — that his death was necessary in order to keep the ballad of Jamie and Claire going. It would have been a very different story if Frank was still blundering about, getting in Claire’s way, even though she was trying desperately to get back to her one true love. In fact, it would be less Outlander and more Jerry Springer, and who wants that headache?



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