Outlander S3 Spoilers Major Changes and Challenges in Jamie and Claire’s Relationship

While Outlander fans await news on when S3 will begin, bits of news about what we can expect have begun slipping out, including recent news that filming has begun! We have also heard that the new episodes will come to our screens sooner than last year’s April premiere. No firm date yet, but at least we know it will be before April.

In recent interviews, Outlander’s Sam Heughan and showrunner Ronald D. Moore have also indicated that Season 3 will be much different from the previous two seasons. Many are the result of a 20-year gap between the end of Season 2 of Outlander, when Claire left Jamie just before the Battle of Culloden and when she returns to the love of her life. Others reflect the Outlander book series upon which the Starz show is based. It’s all fascinating and sure to make great TV.

 At the end of Outlander S2, Claire learned that Jamie did not die in the Battle of Culloden and decided that she must go back to him. She will return in S3, but it will be 20 years later than when she left. That means, of course, that Jamie is 20 years older. Sam Heughan joked about the appearance of Jamie when he’s 20 years older in S3 of Outlander in a tweet earlier this week.


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