Outlander S3: Print Shop scene being filmed this week

*Spoilers – If you don’t want to know what happens, stop here!*

Oooh-wee. Okay people, one of our favorite scenes is coming to fruition! Since the cast and crew know how significant this scene is to the book and fans, I am sure they will do it justice.

In a recent interview, cast member Caitriona Balfe has confirmed that they will soon be filming the Print Shop scene for Outlander S3. They are almost half way through and once they complete this round of filming the production will shift to South Africa for the sea voyage and Jamaica scene.

The Print Shop scene appears to be featured in Epi6 or 7, which the team will start filming this week. Balfe confirmed that she has already filmed scenes with Sam Heughan (Jamie) from the later part of the story where they are together. She also confirmed that they have already filmed Epi8, so the two main characters may be together from this episode onwards.

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Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures. Photo credit: Vera Adxer Outlander Love & Art  on Facebook (Follow @Outlatins_art). No copyright infringement intended. 

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