Outlander S3: Four New Experienced Writers Join the Team

Four new writers have joined the team for Outlander S3. All the new members of the team are experienced writers, and they also have producing experience. Co-Executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts confirmed that the members in the writing room have read the books by Diana Gabaldon.

Roberts confirmed that Joy Blake, Karen Campbell, Shannon Goss and Luke Schelhaas have joined as writers this time around. Roberts is also a part of the group, along with Toni Graphia, Anne Kenney and Robert D. Moore.

Schelhaas has worked on popular TV series like “The Good Wife” and “Smallville.” With well over a decade of experience in writing, producing and a few acting gigs, Schelhaas may prove to be a valuable addition to the Starz team. Goss has worked on shows like “Revenge” and “Harry’s Law” and may prove to be equally useful. Blake is also a talented writer/producer who has worked on projects like “Ghost Whisperer,” “Matador” and “Outcast.”

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