As Outlander prepares for UK television debut, what are implications?

Station More4 is going to broadcast the show weekly starting with the first season, and this will give some viewers a chance to check out the Caitriona Balfe – Sam Heughan series without having to go to Amazon to make it happen.

As we await this big premiere, there is one primary question to wonder: What are the implications here? What does this airing mean for the show both in the UK and the rest of the world?

The business side – For any show, money makes the world go round. It helps the studio feel encouraged that they’ve got a great thing on their hands, which makes them want to continue to make more of it. For Outlander, these UK airings mean more money for Sony Pictures TV as it looks to continue the series. This could mean a continued effort to create ambitious and authentic sets, and help to give it a longer life. While we weren’t concerned about the future of Outlander before the More4 pickup, the show having more financial support via licensing never hurt anyone.

The joy of discovery – Many people who read our Outlander coverage (we are certainly grateful to all of you, by the way) are already diehard fans of the show and would purchase it / watch it anywhere. The More4 move seems designed more to bring on board new fans who may have heard about the show but declined to spend extra money on it. If these viewers all get hooked, that’s more people in the community and that’s never a bad thing.



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