The Best Love Story on ‘Game of Thrones’

We absolutely ‘luvbs’ us some them. So glad they FINALLY got together!

*Spoiler Alert* If you haven’t seen Epi 2, stop here!

On Sunday they finally overcame their obstacles to intimacy, at least for one night. After Missandei confronted Grey Worm about not saying goodbye before his mission to Casterly Rock, he admitted his fears and kissed her. She then disrobed herself and him, and the two found a way to be together, much as Jon Snow and Ygritte did in the cave.
The New York Times spoke to Anderson and Emmanuel earlier this month in Los Angeles about their characters’ relationship, now consummated. Following are edited excerpts from that conversation.

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Here are a few pictures pf the two together.

Image result for Grey WOrm and missandei gifs



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