Why Outlander S3 is poised for the mainstream — and why that’s great

Judging from the way in which the Starz series is being promoted leading into the start of S3 premiering this fall, all signs point to this becoming the biggest hit in the network’s history.

This is a show that has received magazine covers, a huge display at San Diego Comic-Con, billboards in Hollywood, and even big premiere celebrations in both Los Angeles and New York on September 5th.

Clearly, the network believes that the show can expand beyond its recent ratings and pop-culture clout, and there are a number of different reasons to feel that way.

1. The timeslot – This is the first time that Outlander will air on Sunday night, and that’s huge. This move, which Starz actually initiated with Power season 3 last summer, is basically indicative of the network showing that they want to be big-time with HBO, Showtime, and some of the major broadcast networks. Having this show exist as NFL counter-programming is precisely where you want this show to be.

2. The hiatus – While in theory the Droughtlander may feel like a bad thing, the recent success of Game of Thrones shows that having longer than a year between seasons allows viewers a chance to catch up and get excited for what’s coming up. For more on that, take a look at Breaking Bad, a show that thanks to streaming and praise from the media, saw its ratings skyrocket after its own lengthy hiatus.



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