Game of Thrones – History & Lore

While waiting for the Game of Thrones season finale, I’ve been watching the “History and Lore” videos, with the actors narrating, and had no idea these videos were out there. If you are fan of Game of Thrones, and haven’t read the books, these videos provide a lot of history not seen on the show! ~ Vida

“Histories & Lore” is a series of short animated videos included in Blu-ray release of each TV season of Game of Thrones.

Actual cast members, in-character, narrate the major events of the 12,000 year long history of Westeros. Each video lasts for about one to three minutes (sometimes slightly more), and the videos included in each season’s Blu-ray set have a combined running time of 60 minutes: thus each functionally constitutes a full-length “bonus episode” of sorts.

The S1 featurettes were written by staff “lore master” Bryan Cogman. After he was promoted to full staff writer, from S2 onwards they were written by his assistant Dave Hill (who was also later promoted to a full episode writer in S5), though Cogman still oversaw the scripts for them.

The goal is that viewers new to the TV series that are not familiar with author George R.R. Martin’s books are given within the space of an hour a thorough crash-course on all of the vital things one needs to know about the backstory of the world of Westeros. Read more >>>

Here are a few I thought were outstanding. Enjoy!

Game of Thrones: The Real History Behind Game of Thrones (Both Parts 1 & 2 Combined) (Documentary) ~ Video via Nisarg Thaker

Game Of Thrones – Histories & Lore: The Houses of Westeros ~ Video via Dariusz Sobotka

Game Of Thrones History & Lore of The North ~ Video via Wilburn Linn

Game of Thrones: Robert’s Rebellion & Battle of the Trident 283 AC ~ Video via BazBattles

Game of Thrones History and Lore S1 ~ Video via ScrivaTV

Game of Thrones History and Lore S2 ~ Video via ScrivaTV

Game Of Thrones S3 – History & Lore ~ Video via TheBlueEyedGiant

Game Of Thrones S4 – History & Lore ~ Video via TheBlueEyedGiant

Game of Thrones S4 Extras – History and Lore of Westeros – The Kingsguard (Jaime Lannister) ~ Video via Skogull

Game of Thrones S5 History & Lore: The Dance of Dragons Video via Little Finger

Game Of Thrones Season 5 – History & Lore ~ Video via TheBlueEyedGiant

Game of Thrones History and Lore S6 ~ Video via ScrivaTV


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures; no copyright infringement intended.


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