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Outlander S3 Epi3 – All Debts Paid

Directed by Brendan Maher      Written by Matthew B. Roberts


This conversation is between Blacklanderz Helina and Erica. Edited by Vida – she also interrupts here and there.


Helina: The art of compromise is not something so easily reached, especially when Claire and Frank cannot see eye to eye. Yet, for the sake of the love they once shared and now more so for the shared love of Bree, they are somehow making an awkward situation manageable.

This episode’s title, All Debts Paid, is truly a reflection of the conclusion of Frank’s commitment to Claire in raising Bree and Claire’s commitment in never speaking Jamie’s name; although his presence is felt constantly as Frank pointed out. It is also a great reflection of John Grey’s commitment of fully discharging what he thought of a debt of honor towards Jamie. But ultimately, what broke my heart was actually seeing the physical manifestation of Jamie paying his debt and almost losing himself with the process. But our director extraordinaire, as well as producers, would not leave us hanging and having Jamie look at where he will be sent to next – his new normal is almost as cathartic in a way that not even he could have imagined!


Erica: This installment of Outlander touches on many different topics. The discretion of a couple…the life of a prisoner and his governor…a goal realized and a somber farewell. Considering how much was covered in the book by way of flashback, this episode did a fantastic job portraying the lives of Claire, Frank and Jamie and the changes that they are going through.

H: This episode is about facing the consequences of choices made, having to pay back for actions taken and ultimately having to achieve compromises no matter what the cost.

Many people have marriages of convenience in some way, and, I think, that’s what Claire and Frank essentially have in the end. There is love there, there’s respect there for sure, and she admires the father that he is, the man that he is, but there’s no passion there. There’s no intimacy, really. They’ve forged this alliance which is, ‘We’re going to coexist, we’re going to support each other, and we’re going to raise this daughter the best that we can.’

~ Caitriona Balfe, Parade

E: I was a bit optimistic at the start of this episode. Frank cooking a traditional English breakfast…Claire enjoying and reminiscing of home in England…Claire making time for entertainment with Frank.

Essentially they’ve settled into something quite companionable. There’s a lot of affection and they work well as a team. They’re doing a great job raising Brianna. But no, a lot of that has burned away and he’s seeing other people. And you’ll see that explored further on the show. It’s a strange compromised marriage, quite modern in a way, but Frank is a realist. He isn’t delusional. He’d rather that, have Claire in his life and have Brianna. There’s a lot to be grateful for, but he’s not with a woman who loves him. Ultimately, when he does meet someone who can give him that, he goes for it.

~ Tobias Menzies, The Hollywood Reporter

E: Then the mic dropped . . . I saw those movies already.  Separate lives; I’m being discrete. I think she was trying. I wonder if he even asked her if she wanted to see those movies.

H: He probably didn’t. But watching her as she painstakingly attempts at salvaging whatever there is left of her relationship with Frank is quite . . . well, it just leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

E: It felt to me that he was, much like book Frank, holding it against her that she wanted more for her life than to sit home and be with him.

H: Yeah, I agree. But, it is also obvious that he resents her for her inability to love him as she once had. Even more so, her inability to forget that man who fathered “their” child.

E: That’s true. He clearly wants more out of a relationship. She clearly wants Jamie. What makes this painful is that due to his conditions (made to her in episode 201), she can’t even speak Jamie’s name. I think that if he allowed her to speak of him, she may have been more amenable toward him. Now, it’s a marriage for the sake of Bree. Nothing good will follow.

Brianna is a big new character that comes in, and when she arrives, it changes the whole dynamic. It actually draws Frank away, as Brianna replaces Claire in his affections. He discovers that love and it definitely changes Frank.

~ Tobias Menzies, Collider

E: Enter Lord John Grey magnificently played by David Berry.

You’d have heard of Jamie Fraser?

Of course, the man was notorious during the rioting.

Well, we have him here.

Prisoners treat him as their chief.

They call him Mac Dubh.

E: Who is Jamie talking to? None other than the best godfather in the world…Murtagh. Been there since Culloden so about seven years, but 10 years by the time we see him again. I half expected him to die in prison. Glad he didn’t. Perhaps we will see him in S4. We will see.

H: Although I was surprised, I was also verra happy to see Murtagh alive; albeit quite sickly. Watching him hold on to his tartan was also quite emotional. It meant that he along with the other prisoners were being forced to let go of their heritage. Something they held dear (wearing of tartans) later became outlawed.

Most favorite godfather – Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

E: Let us not forget the White Witch. I saw hope in Jamie’s eyes at the thought of his beloved Claire. Then the same hope in Murtagh’s eyes.  As a matter of fact, every time he thinks of his beloved Claire, his demeanor gets better.  Keep doing that Jamie. She’s on her way.

I learnt a trick from . . . a lass . . . who knew a fair amount about healing.

E: LJG seems unsure of himself. Jamie has been there for three years already and in shackles for all of those years. You can see the irons wearing down on his wrists. Painful to see him like this.

H: He does and he was totally aghast when Jamie told him the prisoners actually eat the rats whenever they are able to catch them. OH LORD, JOHN GREY! You need to learn a thing or two.

Lord knows what you did to be sent here, but for your own sake,

 I hope you deserved it.

E: Paging Dr. Randall. Yeah!!! She has graduated. Quite the accomplishment. All of her colleagues are at her home celebrating.  All seems well with the world.  Frank is insisting that the reservation is for 6pm.  Claire says no its for 7pm.

H: YES!! Watching Claire and Joe celebrating their completion of medical school, at her house, was heart-warming. Being the ‘odd balls’ at an institution that did not value Black people or women yet overcoming the challenges and being pioneers for not only their race, but also gender was satisfying.

Claire realizes that she would never have been happy just being a stay-at-home mom. As much as she loves her daughter, it is just not enough for her. And then also because she has shut the door on this side of herself, her sexual passion and all of that, she needed a channel for all that energy that she has. I believe that the moment when the Dean puts her down in episode 1, that was the moment where she decided that she was going to go to medical school. And in this episode we see the manifestation of that decision and I love it. That’s such an important part of Claire’s personality. It’s so much of her identity, in her desire to heal and care for people. It’s also very telling of the time where her and Joe are both outcasts in the class. It’s nice to do those social commentaries without being preachy about them. We try and show it without commenting too much.

~ Caitriona Balfe, The Hollywood Reporter

In a way, how he’s viewed is a narrative structural thing. He didn’t feel tragic, doing it. He tries really hard to make it work, but he ultimately fails. There are times, in the first three episodes, where it’s possible they could make it work. It’s not a foregone conclusion. There’s hope, love, affection and goodwill, at various points along the way, but they constantly just miss each other. I wish we had more time. It would have been nice to have dug into it more, but you get a pretty strong sense of what they want. 

~ Tobias Menzies, Collider

Claire is channeling that Jackie-O vibe and we love it!

We are playing in two completely different worlds, and it makes for a very schizophrenic process for our department as we bounce back and forth between the two. And there are a lot of stunts and a lot of action, and a lot of going in water and people getting out of water, and getting shot and getting killed and so it’s a different kind of challenge.

Mad Men nailed it so beautifully, but they were on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. It’s like being in San Francisco where you would see cutting-edge. This is Boston. This is conservative, these are real people, and we are really striving on this show to stick with regular real people and to reflect that as opposed to a heightened, fashion-version of things.

~ Terry Dresbach, Collider

H: I was wondering why Frank was so concerned for Claire not to be late for her reservation at the restaurant, even disappointing Bree with the news that he would not be there since he had to ‘work’.

[Vida: Although the camera was focused on Frank, what could be missed is the out of focus Dr. Joe looking concerned for Claire after he witnesses Frank trying to get them to leave earlier for dinner than necessary.

 And when, at the appropriate time, he swoops in with a martini for her!]

[Vida: Wil’s performance of Dr. Joe was full of nuance. Just brilliant. He might be laughing, talking to others and making martini’s, but you see that he is also keeping his eyes on Claire.

Words are not needed to understand there is a strong bond between those two!]

E: Then ding-dong. Discrete my ass. Here she is. . . Sandy coming to pick Frank up since Claire was going to have the car. Really?!

H: Well, little did Claire know that Frankie boy had a surprise knocking on the door. Frank’s . . . work. Oh Frank, how could you!!

I can understand that he stayed in the marriage for Brianna’s sake, but bringing Candy…Sandy into the house, during Claire’s post-graduation celebration was low, even for him.

E: Embarrassment all around. Joe notices the drama, but no dialogue that we see from her friend to her.

H: Granted Frank thought that Claire would not be there, but it boiled my blood nonetheless.

E: Yeah and that Sandy was visibly uncomfortable at this turn of events and has the decency to hang her head in shame.


H: Oh at last, we get to meet Duncan Kerr in the middle of the road rambling in a deranged speech in both French and Gaelic.

I loved this particular part because when Grey asks him to translate for him Jamie replies “I’m a prisoner, not an interpreter.” But of course, Grey’s wits are always on point and when he tells Jamie what the trade off was, Jamie didn’t have to think twice.

H: Jamie’s altruism is a rare quality in a human being; particularly when the environment is not suited for him. Yet for his interpreting services, he was willing to bargain blankets for his men – in the very least for his kinsman Murtagh.

E: Frank comes home drunk what I presume is several hours later.  He implies that she has been an embarrassment to him at his work events.  I wonder if he was alluding to the office event while she was pregnant with Bree.

Wow, this entire exchange was hard to watch. I can’t imagine being in her position. Divorce is discussed but nothing further.

H:Green ain’t your color, Claire.” OH FRANK HOW COULD YOU… AND HERE I WAS FEELING SORRY FOR YOU. Apologies for screaming!

The white witch . . . She will come for you.

E: Awww, it’s Bree’s birthday! She turns 16. It was very subdued with only Claire and Frank there.  But I think here she – Bree – is starting to see something is amiss.

H: One of the bright spots of this episodes is when Bree is in the scenes. I particularly love the high school graduation when she looks back at her parents.

I wish we could know what became of her once you sent her through the stones.

But I think of her every now and then. And the wee bairn she was carrying.

H: Jamie with John Grey eating a pheasant is the first time where we see him somewhat relaxed. It brought me to tears when he gave his cell mates the account of the meal.

Vin de Bourgogne.

H: Jamie making his escape, while his cell mates were setting traps, was a great scene.

E: Yeah, that was pretty slick. His escape was flawless.  I loved it. I really wished the scene with him screaming Claire’s name was here. Perhaps as a flashback in a future episode . . . I hope.

H: But this scene was even better. When Jamie returns from the silkies, I loved how he surprised Grey just the same way Grey surprised him at Corrieyairack!

E: Wow . . . This time the tables are turned.  He has LJG by the neck.  Way to school the young man.  Jamie still wants to die.  Stay strong Jamie.  Claire is coming for you.

Yeah, that’s how it’s done . . . William Grey, second son of Viscount Melton.

[Vida: It never ceases to amaze me how many times Jamie wants someone to just kill him already and get it over with. What a horrible way for him to live day-in and day-out.]

I am not a murderer of unarmed prisoners.

H: This was kind of a sweet moment here from Gray.

E: Bree graduates from high school and again it is very subdued. You can tell how proud both Claire and Frank are of her accomplishment.

[Vida: Wow, I was amazed they covered 10 years in less than 40 minutes. The writing for this episode was simply incredible!]

E: This was one of my favorite book scene. Chess. A very pleasant conversation between the two.  Here they discuss their loves and their loss.

H: Wasn’t that one of the best scenes. “Some people you grieve over forever.” There are moments when I think that Jamie was kind of listening to Grey’s account of the friend he lost at Culloden, almost priest-like and I admit it was quite moving. But, I lost it when Jamie said “Her name was Claire.

E: Oh Lord! LJG takes leave of his mind and as Jamie is finished talking of Claire, he places his hand on Jamie’s. With a clear gaze and voice, “Take your hand off me or I will kill you.” Classic.

H: Lord, Grey’s sympathetic gesture of placing his hand on top of Jamie’s was at first accepted, but then he went too far. Once his thumb started stroking Jamie’s fist, Jamie’s expression of anger, disgust and pain was immediately apparent. I think it all was reminiscent of Wentworth Prison and his experience with Black Jack Randall.

Now, what I was screaming at the TV was: YOU TELL HIM JAMIE! YOU BELONG TO CLAIRE!

E: Claire is brooding over a surgery.  Frank comes home and after being supportive for all of 1-2 minutes, announces that he is going to England and taking Bree with him.  The nerve of him!

H: You know, I was not a fan of what he was trying to do either and with that Candy…er…Sandy. I knew the official time for them to permanently go their separate ways was approaching, but the audacity of him!

I would like to spend the rest of my life with a woman who truly loves me.

E: Claire, ever the dutiful wife, thinks he is talking about the whole family only to find out that he was only talking of him and Bree. He wants a divorce. Once the divorce is final, he and Sandy will marry.  All of this is madness Frank, just madness!

H: She was. But, I just think Frank felt his debt was paid, so now he feels as though he was entitled to take Bree with him. I must say when she said, Brianna is MY daughter! And you will not take her anywhere, I sighed deeply, not only for her…but for Jamie too. I’m sure he’d have a thing or two to say about Frank taking his child from Claire!

H: When Frank’s softer side came back and he asked Claire if she might have forgotten Jamie over time, I felt a pang because there was a time Claire did love him. Claire being her true self serve Frank with the last blow . . . that amount of time, doesn’t exist. That’s when she sealed the deal.

H: My heart broke during this scene. The prisoners’ are being moved to the colonies for the next 14 years as indentured servants and this could  very well be the last time Jamie sees Murtagh. But having the knowledge that his health is restored is a comforting feeling.

H: We begin to see the much softer side of Lord Grey when he explains why Jamie is not being sent with the other prisoners, but instead taken to Helwater where he will serve out his time.  In essence, this is his way of paying his debt-although not being able to release him. This is the next best thing.

But, I suspect a reason to come and visit him every quarter is more of the reason than that of receiving royal approval to send him to the colonies.

E: Of course, Claire finds out from Joe that Frank has died in a car accident. I loved the way the writers and producers handled Frank’s death. The perfect way to do it, especially for people who have not read the books…though I can’t imagine who hasn’t at this point. LOL

H: Well, it was sad that like her parents, Frank was involved in a car accident and died. I don’t know; good pont.

E: Well, touching as that was when she told Frank she really did love him and that he was her first love, he is certainly not her last and forever love. You know, this made me wonder . . . if Frank had not died, what would be Bree’s (S2 Epi13) feelings about the turn of events?

Goodbye Frank Randall . . . may you now be able to RIP.

 Episode Rating (1-5): 4.5- Shots give this episode 4.5-shots. This episode touched all of the emotional points and allowed the characters to show their resilience to live beyond the constant pain and to emerge stronger because of it. Claire with putting up with Frank’s affairs not to mention her new job as a physician. Jamie with providing a shoulder for all the other prisoners to lean on and for being their spokesperson to get them care and better conditions.

Again, this episode highlighted the beautiful scenery, a different set design of the prison and its surroundings, as well as Claire and Frank’s home now fully decorated. Bear McCreary’s choice of modern day music was appropriately pitched, sweet yet mournful at times. It is amazing how Terry and crew can switch so easily between the eras with the costumes. We noticed how tattered Jamie’s clothes had become since they were the same as when he was arrested. Claire’s coiffed hair and Jackie-O style of clothing, all the way down to the gloves. The attention to details is superb.

We also like that the episode covered a lot of material and Matthew B. Roberts and writers handled it beautifully. We were introduced to new characters with Lord John Grey. The writers took their time to provide the crux of the relationship between Jamie and Lord John Grey; we are interested in seeing how this relationship develops more fully. I was even a nice touch to provide a flashback of Jamie and John Grey’s first meeting.

We also bid farewell to Frank Randall. Tobias Menzies is a helluva, versatile actor who brought out in the character of Frank something that was missing – how he really felt about the arrangement he made with Claire all those years ago. It was a tragic end, just when he thought he was about to be able to live the rest of his life with love in it, his life was no more. Hopefully in future episodes, we will have flashbacks that show a little bit more of his life with Claire when Bree was growing up.

However, this episode did not get an overall score of 5-shots because of its handling of Dr. Joe Abernathy and Claire’s relationship. Though we know the writers have to cover 20 years relatively quickly, it would have been nice if their relationship had unfolded like Lord Grey and Jamie’s did. If you did not read the book, you would have no idea of their strong bond – though Wil Johnson delivered an excellent performance that showed his concern of Claire’s well-being the way he watched her and was close by her. Hopefully, in future episodes, they will show more of Claire and him developing the lasting relationship they form.


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Helina: I am looking forward to seeing Jamie not only free of shackles and ropes, but also to see him doing what he used to do when we first meet him – being one with nature, the animals and most importantly, be able to have time to himself where he can enjoy his own thoughts.

Erica: Since we got a glimpse of the research to find Jamie, I am hopeful that the next episode will pick up where we left off and not take us back to angry Bree.

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While serving as a groomsman at Helwater, Jamie is pulled into the intrigue British family. In 1968, Claire, Brianna and Roger struggle to trace Jamie’s whereabouts, leaving Claire to wonder if they will ever find him.


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures; all are from Starz and Outlander GIFS-Giphy.  No copyright infringement intended.


4 thoughts on “Blacklanderz® Convos! Outlander S3 Epi3

  1. I gave this episode 4 shots, they covered many years in 1 hour, what a gifted group of writers! Your review is great and the aspect of Frank dying in a car accident and her parents. I wonder if that was done by someone to keep Bree with Claire? I’m patiently waiting for episode 4!


    1. It is incredible how much the cover in a short amount of time. It is not an easy feat to adapt a book, let alone one as dense as Diana’s. Not sure about the car accident. I think it was just showing the parallel of the two accidents. Look, Bree wasn’t going any where without Claire; Claire would not have allowed it!


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