Inside | Outlander S3 Epi5

Working with Terry, we had racks of clothes, and I felt like I was in the best vintage store ever, which was really fun…The sixties is one of my favorite eras. What I love about Claire is that, you know, she’s a professional woman. She’s stylish without being a victim to the fashion of the time. She’s within the period, but it feels very real and it feels very lived in. It’s not a magazine versions of the sixties. Terry loves finding very practical character based looks.

We have some beautiful pieces. There’s a beautiful coat dress that echoes some of my more equestrian-style outfits from Paris. It’s kind of nice that there’s always shades of who Claire is in any century, throughout her wardrobe.

Look at all these clothes.

‘Luvbs’ Claire’s coat, hat and purse!!


Was so glad to see more of the apartment in the episode. Look at all those books. Luvbs it!

As apartment goes from 1958 to 1968, you have to make choices. When did they buy a new refrigerator? When did they repaint the hall? When did they change the sofa? It’s a domestic home, so, you’re going see everything in there that you would see in a domestic home in 1968. The differences are, of course, is it a black and white TV? Or is it color TV? We make a choice. We said actually, by now, even though there was a moon landing that was broadcast in black and white, this time color, had come in.

The research is always fascinating for us and it’s always something that the departments go into with great depth and with great tenacity to make those choices. So, they’ll be everything you’d expect in a domestic home. But it’s the quality of them and what period of time we are. What new technologies have come about? Was there a new refrigerator that’d come in, which didn’t have a big lump of vibrating steel on the top of it, but it was more integrated and maybe had an ice box? Our wonderful departments really give us the crisp delineation of the period and are evocative for the audience.

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