Tiffany Haddish, Hollywood’s New Comedy Queen, Has One Crazy Story to Tell

Hop aboard a boozy cross-country trip as the riotous rising star first opens up about new projects (a Judd Apatow film, her own TV show, ‘Girls Trip 2’), then the time she hit on Leonardo DiCaprio, got blown off by Roseanne Barr (“She been racist, why’d you all give her a TV show?”) and, yes, who really bit Beyonce.

We’ve just reached cruising altitude when Tiffany Haddish orders her first drink. “Vodka,” she says, batting her long, thick lashes, “on the rocks.”

If we were to stop here and get technical, it isn’t actually Haddish’s first drink. Her cocktail of choice — a few ice cubes, fruit if you’ve got it — has been flowing freely since we hit the first-class lounge ahead of our flight from San Francisco (where she was performing stand-up) to New York (where she’s shooting a movie). But Haddish, the hottest comedy star in Hollywood thanks to her breakout role in 2017’s Girls Trip, isn’t the type for whom you’d want to get technical. Doing so would surely take the fun out of hanging with her, which can be a test of one’s composure as she dances, flirts and heckles her way through every encounter. In preparing for my weekend with her, Girls Trip‘s producer Will Packer offered only: “Buckle up.”

Before that gut-busting turn in Girls Trip, before she parlayed the buzz into a Saturday Night Live hosting gig, a best-selling memoir, a popular stand-up special, the cover of Time 100 and a series of lucrative pacts with practically every major outlet, from Netflix to HBO, Haddish was just a girl from South Central Los Angeles with lofty goals and little means.

At 38, Haddish is doing celebrity on her own terms, unselfconsciously and filter-free. At times, you may wonder if maybe she didn’t get her copy of the Celebrity Rule Book — but it’s far more likely she did and never bothered to crack it open. She famously repeats red carpet looks — expect her white Alexander McQueen gown to resurface when she hosts the MTV Movie & TV Awards on June 18 — and surfs from talk show couch to talk show couch dishing on adventures with her growing roster of A-list friends. Toss out any famous name, and there’s a decent chance Haddish has a good story.

With more than five hours ahead of us, I decide to make a game of it. I start easy by asking about Leonardo DiCaprio, since I had heard her joke before about wanting to have his baby.

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