‘Outlander’ Newcomer Maria Doyle Kennedy On Joining the Hit Series

Jamie Fraser’s aunt is a character Outlander fans have been desperate to see since the screen adaptation of the best-selling books launched in 2014. Culture Trip speaks to Maria Doyle Kennedy, the actor tasked with bringing the fearsome Jocasta Cameron to life in season 4.

Outlander Season 4 introduces the character of Jocasta Cameron, played by Maria Doyle Kennedy. Having left Scotland and set up home in America, Jamie Fraser’s aunt isn’t to be messed with.

She’s living in Carolina and is a formidable woman. She’s buried several husbands at this stage.

~ Doyle Kennedy

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2 thoughts on “‘Outlander’ Newcomer Maria Doyle Kennedy On Joining the Hit Series

  1. Maria Doyle Kennedy is one of my favorite actors. I really enjoyed her performances in the Showtimes -Tudors and the BBC/Orphan Black. Jacosta Cameron sounds like the kind of role she can sink her teeth into!


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