TV Review: OUTLANDER: S4 Epi3: The False Bride

This is a really good review of the episode.

Watching Brianna make all of “the moves” on Roger during The False Bride is entertaining. What Brianna couldn’t know is that each act bolsters Roger’s resolve and confidence in his eventual proposal to her. By the time he asks his monumental question, he is virtually assured of the answer. The answer that he receives is so perplexing, given Brianna’s physical signals, Roger is flabbergasted. Brianna has been signaling her willingness to participate in a ceremony of sorts, but one completely out of Roger’s scope of martial imagination.

Starz’s Outlander: Season 4, Episode 3: The False Bride is a transition episode not only between past and present but between situations and relationships as well.

The shifting between past and present landscapes in The False Bride is beautiful. The viewer is able to see the untouched landscape and how it is eventually industrialized and inhabited by descendants of Scotsmen that settle that area two hundred years earlier. The untouched frost is a remarkable sight when one keeps in mind the dichotomy between that and the land’s semi-treed future.

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