Sera-Lys McArthur: Regina actor scores role on popular TV show Outlander

I’ve never been in something of this scale before.

A Regina actor says she’s relieved she can finally talk about her work on a hit TV series — something she’s been keeping a lid on for months.

Sera-Lys McArthur landed a role in the popular TV show Outlander — but she had to keep the details under wraps until her episode aired on Jan. 20.

“I’ve never been in something of this scale before and now I’m also in this age of social media,” she said. “The way things pop off is, like, very instant.”

McArthur was born in Regina, and grew up in and around the city, where she also began her acting career. She had a recurring role on CBC TV’s Arctic Air, and has also performed in theatre productions across the country.

Her episode of the Starz series — which centres around a World War II-era nurse who finds herself transported back in time — aired last Sunday.

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