Juanita | Official Trailer Netflix

This looks like this might be a good one! And, I love that there will also be some First Nation actors starring in the movie.



Fed up with her life, Juanita leaves her grown kids behind and hits the road in search of a fresh start. ~ Video via Netflix


Butte, Montana. The state is home to 7 Indian reservations. ~ Source: The Grapevine

There’s got to be something out there for me. ~ Juanita

Starring: Alfre Woodard, Adam Beach, Gil Birmingham, Ashlie Atkinson, and Blair Underwood

Directed by Clark Johnson, written by Roderick M. Spencer, and produced by Stephanie Allain Bray, Mel Jones, and Jason Berman

Stream on Netflix March 8th.


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Based on the book, Dancing on the Edge of the Roof, by Sheila Williams


At forty-one, Juanita Lewis is running away from home, courtesy of a one-way ticket to Montana, a place that seems about as far away from the violence and poverty of the Columbus, Ohio, projects as the moon. She wants adventure and excitement–if such things exist for a pre-menopausal African American woman with three grown, deadbeat children.

Juanita’s new life in Paper Moon, Montana, begins at a local diner where a culinary face-off with chef and owner Jess Gardiner finds Juanita in front of Jess’ s stove serving up home cookin’ that lures the townsfolk like a magic spell. And suddenly Juanita, who was just passin’ through, now has a job by popular demand.

Out here in this wide-open space, Juanita’s heart can no longer hide, especially when she sees herself through the eyes of the wonderful and eccentric people of this down-to-earth town. She’s happy in Paper Moon; she’s found a home, but can she stay? And then there’s Jess. She has always dreamed of romance, but she never planned on falling in love.

~ Source: Amazon



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