20+ Outlander Fun Facts and Trivia You’ll Want to Know Before the Season 5 Finale

re you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the season five finale of Outlander? Scroll through these fun facts and trivia about the show to bide your time.

There are eight books in the franchise—a ninth is in the works— with the first five novels (OutlanderDragonfly in AmberVoyagerDrums of Autumn and The Fiery Cross) having been turned into one of Starz’s most successful series to date, with season six already in the works.

Did Outlander drive tourism in Scotland?

Yep! Tourism in Scotland went up 67% thanks to the Outlander books and shows. To show its appreciation, VisitScotland gave author Diana Gabaldon an award for International Contribution to Scottish Tourism at its 2019 Thistle Awards.

What does Diana Gabaldon call unplanned characters?

Mushroom is Gabaldon’s word for characters she doesn’t plan. “I have no idea where they come from; they just pop up out of nowhere, and they walk off with any scene that they’re in,” she says. “Lord John [the English soldier] just popped up out of nowhere to try to cut Jamie’s throat. I was thinking, Who are you?! Other mushrooms include Geillis Duncan, Master Raymond and Fergus.

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